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HarperCollins Publishers UK has a consumer rating of 2.57 stars from 7 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. HarperCollins Publishers UK ranks 155th among Writing Other sites.

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Top Positive Review

“Michael Bowman”

Angela B.

Michael Bowman, Poems touches The Heart, Reading them has gave me great Pleasure, They say Excately what I feel. Thank you. Angela Beggs Northern Ireland.

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Top Critical Review

“Agree with anomymous”

Helen T.

Yes, on this lovely "community site" you get to be called things like f__k_g as_h_le, c___t, maligned, discredited, and relentlessly bullied by a gang if you dare to disagree with their leader. He and his group of 4 or 5 will follow every post you make with slander and lies until they hound you off the site.

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1 review
8 helpful votes
April 30th, 2015

Yes, on this lovely "community site" you get to be called things like f__k_g as_h_le, c___t, maligned, discredited, and relentlessly bullied by a gang if you dare to disagree with their leader. He and his group of 4 or 5 will follow every post you make with slander and lies until they hound you off the site.

1 review
0 helpful votes
May 21st, 2015

Michael Bowman, Poems touches The Heart, Reading them has gave me great Pleasure, They say Excately what I feel. Thank you. Angela Beggs Northern Ireland.

2 reviews
6 helpful votes
September 5th, 2015

I joined Authonomy late last winter in the hope of meeting and learning from other mature writers. At first, everyone was welcoming. But I made the apparent mistake of posting a thread on the Forum about the subject of fanfiction (I've written three stories in that genre, in addition to my "original" fiction and non-fiction stories).

I just wanted others' opinions on it. I had no "agenda", as one writer claimed, nor was I being sneaky or in some way campaigning to have fanfiction included on the site, as others said. I already do very well on fanfiction.net. I'm a very straightforward person with nothing to hide, and was not some other person on the board hiding behind another name, as others ridiculously asserted. I don't play those kind of silly games.

A few writers admitted to writing fanfiction themselves at various times in their lives, and were quite supportive. But the majority were, unexpectedly, very negative, and it soon became abusive. Fanfic writers were labelled lazy, unimaginative, childish, and stupid. When I and others attempted to defend this particular avenue of writing, the bullying intensified. I was openly mocked and ridiculed. It got so bad that I finally decided to withdraw my account and leave.

After I did, my thread was completely taken over by the same band of bullies, who continued their abuse of me. I was called a thief, a cow, and a troll. One said she hoped I'd "trip over my cat and break my f--ing ankle", even though she knew that I am disabled. Another said I'd "probably go off and commit suicide now." I can't tell you how horrible it all was. I e-mailed the parent company repeatedly to have my thread deleted to stop the cruelty and the slander. After about a week, and at least four e-mails, I finally got a response, and the thread was deleted.

Authonomy will soon be closing. Some members will be going to other sites. Good riddance to them. I met with a handful of friendly fellow writers, but the majority were shockingly hateful and juvenile. I'll stick with the writer's site I'm currently on. The mods of that site do not allow such behavior, and will kick off people who break the rules (after fair warning) Authonomy had written rules, too, but people repeatedly broke them and were never brought up short by the mods. Very sad.

1 review
2 helpful votes
January 2nd, 2014

I don't do forums so can't express an opinion on them, but I have received good advice on SPAG and content to the point I keep going back to the site. Do I rely on this site for everything? No. But I feel it's worth the time as a lot of writers are very willing to help.

12 reviews
61 helpful votes
January 23rd, 2011

Forums can be a little crazy and mostly unmoderated, but for the most part everyone is really supportive and with the exception of a select few (Every site has them) the members all know how to discuss and interact in a positive, supportive, and educational way. I find that when it comes to debate (again, minus a select few) the members here can even handle their disagreements with more maturity than seen on most other writing sites.

Authonomy.com is a great place to get general feedback on your novel and writing, as well as to enjoy reading the works of others. You can support books you like by putting them on your shelf, and the books that land on the most shelves for the longest amount of time in any given month have a shot at making the Editor's Desk and receiving a review from Harper Collins.

Overall, a very positive site. Has more technical bugs than some other sites I've used, and sometimes a bit outdated in their software, but for managing thousands of users I think they do a pretty good job.

1 review
12 helpful votes
April 21st, 2014

A small group of like-minded individuals use their writing skills to pursue, harrass, slander, malign, and bully countless individuals on this site. They dominate the forums with hate-threads, lies, abuse, defamation of character, slander and reconstructions of past history to excuse their behavior.

You, (readers) will have to make up your own minds about this site, but this is a warning and a suggestion. If you are serious about writing, I suggest you take your manuscripts to a professional writers site and forget Authonomy - for your own future. If you are fortunate enough to be published, they will threaten attacks against your book as well as you.

If you enjoy participating in abusive chat groups of the type this site has become, then this is the place for you.

Know that the individuals who perpetuate the abuse will circuitously retreat to a much more positive, benevolent - and even helpful- stance until the site calms down and you will be given some excellent reviews, but this won't endure and, if you do not show what the abusers consider to be proper admiration, you may be their next target. If you remain, be aware of this, of the potential threats to your book, and the emotional damage that can be done.

25 reviews
189 helpful votes
March 1st, 2012

It is a writer site. Authonomy supposedly prides itself on being good for writers. If you avoid the forums you'll be fine. If you go to the forums, then you need to beware of a few posters and their friends. I have a list of who to avoid and you'll be fine. There are a group of people that call themselves the Period Collective (and no they are not made up of women) who go around claiming there's no rules in writing, while telling people how they need to write.

The owners of the site suck worse than any site I've ever been on. If they wanted to allow the site to be ruled by a mob, then they should be honest about it instead of deceiving those who decide to post. They allow those who hate being disagreed with to decide who should be kicked off the site. And that was proven when a Scott Summers posted on that site for several weeks without being banned and he posted terrible things.

The Period Collective stated that they would ignore Scott, but apparently Scott got under their skin and proved they didn't know what ignore meant. Scott didn't offer any help to anyone on their writing. All he did was post obnoxious things. They allowed it in hopes it would die down. The point is that they ignored him (to a pathetic point). But they couldn't do the same with me (J_Jammer). They needed me to agree and when I didn't, they had to get rid of me. I commented no people's writing. Offered help. Gave comments that were far more helpful than anything they've ever offered anyone on that entire site.

The site owners defaulted to the flag idea and thought that those who flag would do so out of need instead out of want. The site owners and mods are morons and probably cannot write. Normally those who mod suck at the forum's topic they're modding. Don't bother with this site. Ever.

What could be a great site turns into one sucky site due to how they handle arguments. They side with people that are published. It doesn't matter if the published writer treats anyone like trash, they are never wrong. And that is always wrong.

Where are the sites that care about writers? I don't think it exists.

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