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LaptopsDirect UK has a consumer rating of 1.14 stars from 24 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about LaptopsDirect UK most frequently mention customer service problems. LaptopsDirect UK ranks 85th among Laptops sites.

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Positive reviews (last 12 months): 11.1%
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  • Customer service didn't give a monkeys, poor service and definitely won't use again!
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Top Positive Review

“Not perfect, but trustworthy”

David O.

I ordered a refurbished Asus Vivobook and had a free named day delivery code. DPD messaged me with a one hour delivery slot on the day and it arrived on time. Initially I was delighted as the laptop seemed brand new, but after loading software I realised they'd delivered the wrong laptop with a lower spec. I called customer service and they arranged to collect free of charge the next day. It then took 2 days for laptop to be received at their centre and two more days to be inspected. They then contacted me to apologise for a warehouse error and allowed me to cancel the original order as I'd now found a new version of my desired laptop on sale elsewhere for only £20 more than my refurbished one. Money back in my account within 2 hours.

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Top Critical Review

“Buyitdirect... just not from them”

Michael V.

Bought a monitor online (Lenovo ThinkVision) from Buyitdirect which was delivered within days. This is where the bang stops. The webcam was faulty. Asked for the unit to be picked up and it only took their courier "service" x3 attempts to actually do so, as they couldn't locate an address in W1 (sic!)... 2 weeks later and without even consulting me, they just sent me a refund (- shipping cost) when I had clearly asked them to fix the issue and ship back the unit. Pathetic from start to finish.

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customer service (5)
1 review
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September 17th, 2021

Bought a monitor online (Lenovo ThinkVision) from Buyitdirect which was delivered within days. This is where the bang stops. The webcam was faulty. Asked for the unit to be picked up and it only took their courier "service" x3 attempts to actually do so, as they couldn't locate an address in W1 (sic!)... 2 weeks later and without even consulting me, they just sent me a refund (- shipping cost) when I had clearly asked them to fix the issue and ship back the unit. Pathetic from start to finish.

1 review
0 helpful votes
January 11th, 2022

I ordered a phone from this company and paid extra to have it delivered next day, I received a padded envelope containing an empty box. After an exchange of E. Mails with what I think is an automated system asking somewhat irrelevant questions and sending stock answers they agreed to send replacement. Two weeks later I am still waiting and their website no longer recognises my Email address or password so I can not track the package, if they even dispatched it. Fortunately It was only a cheap phone so I will put it down
To experience and never have any dealings with the direct group in future.

1 review
0 helpful votes
August 4th, 2021
Verified purchase

I would suggest you don't buy anything from this company! A laptop we bought had a screen failure after 2 hours of use and they refused to refund as they said it was a ‘user error'! Absolute charlatans! Avoid this company at all costs!

Tip for consumers:
Don’t buy from then

Products used:

1 review
2 helpful votes
April 24th, 2020

I ordered a hp envy x360 laptop for over 800 and they sent me a broken laptop that would shut down after 30 seconds. I sent it back and they didn't refund me. AVOID! I'm still trying to get my money back. I sent them back the product as they asked and now they send me emails telling a courier will collect the product, even though they told me I would have to send it back. I've been lied to and stolen from.

0 reviews
0 helpful votes
January 18th, 2022

Only but from this company of you can afford to lose your money,
They did not deliver and won't rectify issue either. Terrible customer services spend a little extra money from a reputable company,

Tip for consumers:
I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone

Products used:

1 review
1 helpful vote
December 30th, 2021

Tried to buy a gaming monitor from these payed for next day delivery. Nothing turnd up still waiting for my money back now 3 weeks later. Can't get in contact with anyone keep getting pasted about from department. Just gunna give it up as a bad job. Reported them to trading standards. Just keep clear save your money

1 review
1 helpful vote
December 29th, 2021
Verified purchase

Bought 2 laptops from this company and both packed up after less than 6 months. Contacted them and they could not care less. First time I got a refund from the manufacturer but the second I was told it was user damage when clearly it was faulty equipment. They are not interested. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY.

1 review
1 helpful vote
October 26th, 2020

It turns out that the poor reviews you can find absolutely everywhere online about Laptops Direct really are true, and you would be wise to do everything you can to avoid buying from them. In my case sadly, I read after them after ordering and not before, although in fairness, I'm sure that if there had not been a problem, my review might include more stars - ordering was pretty painless and it was delivered on time.

The problem for me started because of an issue with the product actually received. The details of my case are dull and boring, suffice to say that the many, many times I spent on hold waiting to be connected have amounted in total to the best part of a working day, and the outcome is that I will have to involve my credit card company in dealing with the legal work to recover my money.

Make doubly sure that you have read every last letter of the technical spec of the product you wish to buy, do not be misled by the photos they use to illustrate the product since it turns out they don't necessarily bear any relevance to what you think you're actually getting, and then having done all that, buy it somewhere else, preferably from a retailer who understands that misrepresentation is an offence.

Fortunately for me, I recorded the last phone conversation I had (for training purposes, obviously) so I imagine there's a slightly nervous "customer service" operator at the moment, and yes, she was made fully aware that the call was being recorded.

1 review
0 helpful votes
July 7th, 2021

I ordered a refurbished Asus Vivobook and had a free named day delivery code. DPD messaged me with a one hour delivery slot on the day and it arrived on time. Initially I was delighted as the laptop seemed brand new, but after loading software I realised they'd delivered the wrong laptop with a lower spec. I called customer service and they arranged to collect free of charge the next day. It then took 2 days for laptop to be received at their centre and two more days to be inspected. They then contacted me to apologise for a warehouse error and allowed me to cancel the original order as I'd now found a new version of my desired laptop on sale elsewhere for only £20 more than my refurbished one. Money back in my account within 2 hours.

Products used:

1 review
1 helpful vote
December 18th, 2020

The worst experience I have endured from any company. Do not buy, they don't give a damn.

Ordered a laptop which arrived 2 days later without the product key, called and advised it would have to be collected and taken back. Fed up with the fact they could not merely send on the Key, I informed them I would want a refund. I was told the laptop would need to be collected and verified before the refund process would begin. And that a courier City Air Express would collect Monday.
Waited all day Monday, nothing
Called Monday evening, got lots of apologies and told they forgot to confirm the collection and it would be sorted, called Tuesday evening as nothing had been done, another agent,, more apologies and a guarantee it would be collected Thursday, I was emailed a confirmation. Thursday comes and goes and nothing. Called Thursday evening g, more apologies and a " managers have gone home, nothing we can do now" message.
Told i would be called Fri morning, I get an email Friday morning saying they tried to call me, ZERO missed calls and I should contact them. No telephone number left, so back through the main number, each call remember I am advised I am calling on premium rate.
Told again no refund until the get back the laptop which they are continually declining to collect.
I bought from this company several years ago and thought they could be trusted. I was so very wrong. Avoid.

1 review
1 helpful vote
October 10th, 2021

The refurbished laptop I bought was faulty on first use. It was returned to get 'fixed' then sent back to me. The previous owner's details, emails and content kept popping up. It became faulty again after the third use. They never responded after MANY emails! Complete waste of money! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!

Tip for consumers:

Products used:
Dell refurbished laptop

1 review
0 helpful votes
August 9th, 2021

I looked at buying a laptop from this shower. Splashed across model I was interested in was a sign saying free delivery. Not so as soon quasi entered the delivery address they suddenly wanted 19.99. Because apparently I live in the highlands. Not true. I live in north east Scotland which is miles away from the highlands.
They claim the remoteness of my location is the reason. My location is actually closer to the oil capital of Europe, Aberdeen than it is from the highlands. Obviously geography is nota strong point at laptops direct.
They seen to have no problem delivering free of charge to remove parts of England.
I posted a critical review of them on trustpilot and they have been crying and snivelling to trustpilot claiming my review was false.
Since reading reviews of this company I have come to the conclusion that I have had a lucky scape. My advice is to avoid them and shop elsewhere

Tip for consumers:
Check out companies thoroughly

Products used:
Did not purchase as their free delivery suddenly became £19.99

1 review
2 helpful votes
December 12th, 2019


1 review
2 helpful votes
September 17th, 2020

Laptops Direct are, without doubt, the worst company I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. I ordered a laptop on Saturday and was told it would arrive on Monday. This kept getting changed to later in the week so that it was scheduled to arrive on Friday. I was worried about this as I was leaving the country on Sunday and needed the laptop before then. I rang them twice and said that if it wasn't delivered by Saturday it would need to be cancelled. It didn't arrive on Friday. I rang them on a premium number on Saturday to attempt to cancel the laptop. I was hung up on and not called back. I messaged them on Facebook messenger to cancel the order. I messaged them via the order form to cancel the order. I hoped that they had cancelled the order. I was not contacted back. The Wednesday after I had left the country and was in quarantine in Shanghai I was told by a friend that the laptop was in a bush outside my house. The delivery company claimed that the order had been signed for which was impossible as we had left the country. I still have not received any contact from Laptops Direct. I have reported them to Paypal and also to BBC Watchdog. I have never been subjected to such appalling customer service in my life. Please avoid this company at all costs if you want to save yourself time, money and distress.

1 review
1 helpful vote
December 30th, 2020

I bought a monitor from this company in November 2020 and paid using Paypal. They send the monitor to a wrong address and refuse to take responsibility for their mistake. I am £140 out of pocket I do not have the monitor I paid for and Laptop Direct refuses to correct their mistake. I even went to the address they claim they have sent the monitor to but IT IS AN EMPTY PROPERTY, NOBODY LIVES THERE, where they delivered my monitor I do not know but certainly not to my address or any other address. This was the first time I purchased an item from this company and will be the lost. I think paying a few extra pound and buying whatever you need from a reputable company would be a better option. I WILL NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY WHATSOEVER. KEEP YOUIR MONEY SAFE AND SPEND IT SOMEWHERE ELS.

Tip for consumers:

Products used:
I bought a monitor but I never received it.

1 review
1 helpful vote
September 15th, 2020

Issues from start to finish.
1 - i was informed ordered laptop was not available once ordered (24/07/2020)
2 replacement offered arrived very poorly packed and had zero battery - and the frame was distorted
- i was offered £25 to purchase a new battery - though no offer to supply a new battery.
I returned the item
3 - initially denied the item had arrived despite sending registered post and having been informed it had been received by the courier.
4 - i was offered the item i had originally ordered - only to find it was not in stock and being a reconditioned item - no indication of when it may be in stock
5 - requested refund this was agreed ( approx 15/08/2020 - though have not checked this date) - it was also agreed that the return postage would be refunded - though this was later denied.
6 I am still waiting fo the refund - 15/09/2020
I have had numerous guarantees that the paymetn has been made including being sent a credit note though no dates of these coincided with the requests for verification of bank details for the refund.

At present I receive a stock answer saying - apologies for delay but the refund has been nmade - to date this has not arrived in bank.

I have received a sum equating to the post and thus had assumed that they had decided to make the refund of the postage as an act of good faith in light of the litany of errors.
I do not know if this is the case or this is related to the refund - it does not coincide with any notifications i have received of the alleged refund.
No clarification is being offered.

I would not recommend this company or any of their subsidiaries and will being actively discouraging anyone to use them.

A shame as i did find the intial sales exec very helpful with all.
The after sales service/ customer service team was wholly another matter

1 review
2 helpful votes
December 17th, 2018

Cancelled my order as they claim they ran out of stock. Checked the website and its available at a higher price! I had to call them numerous times to find out what was going on. They lied about the real reason, it was an error, they lied about calling me back, they lied about the refund. Refunded immediately once I called Amazon payments. Trading standards are now involved. Avoid this cowboy company at all costs. You have been warned

1 review
1 helpful vote
December 19th, 2018

My husband called this company twice about his phone which was faulty. We were charged £3.00 the first time and almost £6.00 the second time for something that was their fault. What a ripped off! The phone might not have cost too much and my husband is pleased with it now it is fixed but charging. 13p a minute to contact them is awful particularly as it was a fault. BEWARE!

1 review
3 helpful votes
August 26th, 2020

I paid for an Xbox on the 30th of March at the cost of £329.26 for my father to keep him entertained due to the lockdown.
I have CCTV around the outside of my house and I waited for it eagerly for my father so as we could enjoy some gaming together.
After 3 days, I get an email asking how they have done... Not so well considering that it had not arrived but afterall, it was only 3 days.

After 11 days on the 10th of April, I decided to contact them having given ample time for it to arrive and checking the CCTV footage from around the house in case I missed it.

Finally after another 11 days on the 21st of April, I get an automated email and then someone also emailed me with the following:
"We do apologise for the inconveniences caused here, we are still currently investigating this with DPD, and are due to conclude within 24 to 72 hours from now. We will be in touch to resolve this matter. Can you advise at this stage if you are still wanting the item? Or a refund?"

By this point, I had already shelled out more money just buying one from a local retailer as both myself and my father were getting pretty bored in the house. So I requested a refund and again checked the CCTV - No sign of DPD except for a parcel that was no bigger than a book, turns out, my father ordered a tablet for himself instead. Still no Xbox

This went back and forth from this point where the typical response from them was "we are investigating with DPD"

After multiple emails, I decided to use all of the details I could find to find someone higher up the chain to deal with as I was clearly getting nowhere. Eventually I got a response as below:

"We're really sorry that you've had to send through an email regarding your experience with us.
I've got a dedicated team on hand to help our customers where there's an issue we haven't been able to resolve. One of my team will be in touch within the next 72 hours and they will be your single point of contact and try and help resolve any issues you're experiencing.
My apologies again that it's got to this point but rest assured we'll look into this further for you.
Kind Regards
Paul Sims
Head of Customer Service"

And then I also get this from someone else:

"Thank you for taking the time to email me. My sincere apologies that you have got to a point where you're having to send this email.
I'll be working with my team and Head of Customer Service to further investigate the issues you've had with us. We'll get back in touch once our investigation is complete to let you know how we can help.
Kind Regards
James Rigg
Customer Service Director"

The next day, on the 23rd of April... 24 DAYS after I had ordered the damn thing I am given "I will aim to be in touch with you within the next 2-3 working days" SERIOUSLY? From the email address: *******@buyitdirect.co.uk YET the email was signed by a "Katrina Shaw"?

I also got promised a call from a case manager by 11AM the next day which never happened.
After waiting another 3 days for the promised call, I contacted YET AGAIN on the 27th and was met by the response on the 28th of April:

"I am truly sorry for the delay and any inconvenience this has caused.
I have tried to call you this morning and left a voicemail.
DPD have advised us they have chased this investigation up and can see that all of there checkes show this parcel was delivered to the correct address.
Due to this, our investigation is now closed."

WHAT THE ACTUAL F**K? I checked, no call, no voicemail, nothing and DPD still maintain that they delivered it apparently? Despite there only being one appearance by them, with one parcel, for an android tablet completely unrelated, recorded on CCTV.

DPD did call me however on the 28th and ask me if it had been delivered, to which my response was the obvious, no, where is it? "Ah right, we'll continue to look into it"... then nothing

At this point, I replied to Laptops Indirect with:
"One of their checks was to ring me and ask me if it Was delivered!
It hardly takes a month! Where is the xbox or where is the money?
I have no choice but to call my bank and do a charge back. This is ridiculous and I'm furious.
Over £300 I'm out and all you have is this?!"

On the 29th of April, I get this:
"I hope you are well!
I am really sorry to hear of the issues raised here.
Please be aware as we had no contact from you DPD closed the investigation down.
Please can you provide a denial statement on paper along with proof of your signature, once we have this we will pass over to senior management to review and advise within 48 hours."

A denial statement... ARE YOU SERIOUS?! The whole damn email chain is a denial statement! Where is my money or my Xbox?! Either one will do at this point!

Nothing... They have since disputed the chargeback with my bank and now my bank has locked my account. I cannot withdraw money and have had to borrow to stock the cupboards.
An absolute audacious disgrace!

1 review
2 helpful votes
February 16th, 2016

I tried to return a laptop having read "no quibble returns" only to find the no quibble was going to cost me 10% plus up to £20 postage as I had ordered it under a company name and they would have to open it to make sure it was OK even though it was still sealed!
No quibble taking it back but be prepared to get stung!
Customer service didn't give a monkeys, poor service and definitely won't use again!

2 reviews
8 helpful votes
December 29th, 2016

Ordered a laptop, headphones and a bag on the 24th December.

Got email on 27th, package is on way and another today (28th) package will be delivered between 8am and 6pm.

Waited in all day then package arrives, no laptop in package.

Phoned the *******081 number (13p per min) to be connected to never ending dance music, with no indication of how long connection to an agent may take.

I actually think they deliberately create problems for the customer so they are forced to dial their extortionate numbers to seek assistance.

Why else would a retailer charge 13p per min to assist their customers? Clearly they are profiting from leaving customers hanging on for as long as possible on their lines.

1 review
3 helpful votes
February 17th, 2015

If you're a business user, don't touch Laptopsdirect.co.uk with a barge pole. I placed my order for 8GB of RAM for my MacBook Pro and immediately realised I'd made a mistake upon receipt of the goods. Rather than two 4GB sticks, I'd accidentally ordered 1 8GB stick. An innocent error...

But upon calling their 10p a minute 'customer service' helpline (which, in itself should be done for trades descriptions), I was told with complete disinterest that they would not accept the return or exchange of my incorrect order as I was a business... They couldn't care less about retaining a happy, satisfied customer. Nope. They had my money - and a little extra for calling their premium rate phone line and that was good enough for them.

So now, as a sole trader who works extremely hard for his money, I'm left with a useless stick of expensive Ram memory that I'll have to try and peddle myself on Ebay.

Companies who operate like this do not deserve your trade. Go elsewhere.

So, after posting this review, and later seeing further negative reviews had appeared online, I noted I had not received the stock reply here from 'Liam' as others had, however, I had received the same reply from him via my message to LaptopsDirect on their Facebook page... I had replied there and been ignored until I messaged again today asking if it was lip service or if they actually escalated these matters...

Well, to my surprise, I have just received a phone call from a slightly nervous sounding gentlemen with regard to my order. Who initially asked me if it was still sealed in it's packaging, which I explained it was. Completely unopened and untouched, resalable quite easily... Then I got the story of how it was now discontinued by them and how they had purchased it directly from their supplier and how they themselves would not be able to get a credit note for it. And how they didn't want their business (which boasts over 1,000,000 customers on their website) wouldn't want to be out of pocket just as I - a sole trader - wouldn't wish to be out of pocket.

I suppose I should show some sympathy for a company with so many customers (about 10% of whom also experience lousy service going by the statistics on this page) and who would rather leave me out of pocket and more than a little disenfranchised than possibly risk maintaining a happy customer, who spends a fair amount of money on hardware each year... Good move there LTD!

I'm not entirely sure what the point of their phone call was to me today. If it was to rub salt in the wound, it was successful. I am no longer disgruntled, I am now outright fuming.

So, I repeat. And shall continue to repeat on each and every review website I can find online;


Tip for consumers:

1 review
4 helpful votes
November 11th, 2010

The following applies. Order placed 18th October - payment including express delivery processed - Order acknowledged and stock confirmed - Advised that laptop was despatched. After nine days was informed that there was no stock and no equivalent offer was possible. Refund of £388.58 agreed. TWENTY TWO DAYS later in spite of various promises NO REFUND APPLICABLE. Non response to calls and e messages have left me totally disgusted. Ethics of this company questionable.

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