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I am an internet geek, I work from home most of the time so I am always coming across so much websites and sitejabber have actually saved me from being scammed. I just want to give back to he community!


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I cant believe I didnt check the reviews first, what was I thinking? I am trying to build a social network and after a quick search I came across this website. It looked reasonable and I paid for their premuim package, everything looked alright and smooth until after I paid then all of a sudden their "client log in" is down and not responding? Their support is mysteriously down too?

I am glad I paid with Paypal just incase I need to get a refund. I DO NOT GET SCAMMED BY NO ONE! I rule that this is a fraud and any of their workers that want to contact me please do, I would gladly provide you with my order number and whatever you need to know! STOP SCAMMING PEOPLE!


I used their services to get more social followers for my brand new Facebook fanpage. They did such a great job at getting me real fans that could easily turn into good paying customers. I do recommend then, they are the real deal and won't disappoint you!


We needed our lawn taken care of because we were having a party that weekend and I got the best deal there was around! After ordering from LawnMowingOnline a worker actually showed up on our scheduled time, he was very respectful and he did such a great job that I had to personally tip him for a being so hardworking. I definitely would be using them again!


I so love this website! There are so many fake shopping sites online that I always breathe a sigh of relief when I receive my items in my mailbox and they are high quality! Crystal Place has the cheapest and highest quality Swarovski Pendant Necklace around and even sell chandelier parts. If you love the bling bling (Am not talking about diamonds lol) then this is a website you MUST visit!


I just received what I ordered for my son on this website. I would be honest with you after reading the bad reviews on here, I was becoming scared that I was probably scammed finally(and I pride myself for being smart when shopping online) but today I actually received my package in the mail! The product was intact and of really great quality.

I guess I can now add their site to my "Buy With Confidence" list. Oh thing I must add is that their shipping might take a while, but luckily for me I read the websites FAQ so I was aware of that aside from that I had a great experience.


Ok, I just came across this website recently and I must say that I LOVE it! So you must be wondering, why? Well, not only do you get the recent unbiased news and stories (That's why I so dislike Yahoo news) but you also get more information on a bit about everything else Fashion, music, you name it!


Craigslist gets a 5 star in my book. I have never been scammed but have scammers tried to scam me? A million and one times! But if you are streetwise you would do just fine! I have bought and sold stuffs on craigslist successfully, I have hired temp assistants, that turned out to actually work good.

But most of the job offers on there are fake. Don't bother about going to their forum, they are just a bunch of horny guys with nothing to do (sorry for being so outspoken)


I am surprised this website just has one review so far! Mac is like my go to makeup for foundations, face powders and lip gloss. Oooh I love their makeup brushes, I avoid going to their shop in Macy's because when I do I end up spending over $500 bucks on stuffs just because I think they are cute like the limited edition Hello Kitty mascara they had.

I am not the biggest fan of their eyeshadows, I don't know why but I fell in love with Smashbox eye makeup products so I cheat on Mac with Smashbox and vice versa.


Ok their products might be very cheap but the quality is 0%. I bought some bulk orders from this website for resale and was seriously disappointed! The clothes didn't last even one wash and the shoes were so cheaply made they cameapart with 2 days!

Yes, you would be tempted to buy their items but trust me when I say that it is not worth your money.


What? AmiClubWear? Now I understand what they mean by do not believe everything you read online. No one shops cheap deals like I do and AmiClubWear is a great deal website! I spend just $60 the last time and got like 15 pairs of shoes, free shipping NO tax. And get this the shoes where all brand name. Charlotte Russe, qupid and even Dollhouse.

I accept that their customer services is crappy and they tend to put stuffs online when it's out of stock which is sort of annoying because you see a shoe you love but when you add it to the cart it says product unavailable but besides that their items are 100% quality. I just ordered some shoes and tops from them, but was searching for more websites like amiclubwear when I saw this reviews. I always write reviews on SiteJabber myself so I had to set this straight. Come on people where can you find brand names for such cheap prices?

You want a crappy website?, now their clothing did not last a single wash and their shoes fell apart right when I was heading for an important meeting. The shoes didn't even last 48 hours! Sadly, I bought them in bulk to resell, but I couldn't ruin my store name selling that crap. Which reminds me, I have to leave a review for them.


Honestly, I am surprised at the negative reviews on here. It makes me wonder? My family have used YouWalkAway before and they were immensely helpful. My sister had some foreclosure problems and YouWalkAway was there to guide her through the whole process with the nasty lenders and cronies as well!

Now she feels like some weight have been lifted up her shoulders and I feel the same way too because she is my sister and her problems are mine as well.

PS: I agree with Jeff, their customer services was wonderful!


I heart SiteJabber! You know why? Because they saved me from a big scam, that's why! I was on a website where claimed that they would buy your used laptop for cash, all you have to do was mail it to them and they would send you check. The offer was so good to be true, but I was kinda apprehensive so I decided to check out the website reviews first.

I found sitejabber, and saw the website had ONLY negative one star reviews! Other customers confirmed they were a scam and I was saved! I would probably have never heard from them once they got my laptop!

Thanks Sitejabber and keep up the good work! I try to come on here as much as possible to review websites I have visited.


Fiverr is pretty cool, I mean, I use it once in a while when I need some work done on my website and I have no problems so far!


The LocalBlox is a pretty great local social networking website where by you can connect with neighbors in your local area. Let's say, you are in Florida, and want to check out a local restaurant, Local Blox has people from your area that would probably have been there or you could get some awesome recommendations!


I shop online a whole lot and I believe that high quality products and a very friendly customer support makes a great website. And Fidarsi has it both and more! With so much furniture to choose from at great prices, I can proudly say they are the deal!


Paypal just limited my account again! They had this coming, I sell on ebay and I even have only 100% positive feedback, my customers love me but yet yesterday my account was limited because "A customer complained that they did not receive their item". I called and told them that all of my customers had already left positive feedback, they told me that they would look into it.

I don't get PayPal, I mean they are cool sometimes because it is easy to get paid through them but they give you headaches! This is the third time they are blocking my account for no just reason. The last time, they foolishly charged my bank account twice for an eBay fee that I had already paid. They make too much mistakes for a company that handles people's money.


This website is super cool especially if you love great deals and live in the South Florida area. I got a 50% deal on our favorite restaurant, we went out has a family and had a really nice time!


This is the website to check out if you want the best music gear. I got 1 drum set and an acoustic guitar for my son at a great price using their compare price. Good stuff!


Don't waste your precious time, If they told me earlier I would not waste my time on there. You would never get your money out. I am still yet to see anyone that actually got a check from inbox dollars


Pretty cool website for girls who want the latest beauty and skin care tips. I recently started seeing to wrinkles and lines on my face, I am not that old yet! Lol but am now trying to get rid of them. Oh, they also have some great links to skin care products with risk free trial offers if you wanna.

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