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I am a Journalist(aiming for the Pulitzer Prize), Atheist, Trained SKYWARN Spotter, & Blogger. I love Anime, Japan, NASCAR, Twitter, Weather & Stargazing.

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I will alert people of websites to avoid and websites they need to know about. All my reviews are unbiased and truthful. I want to keep people safe while using the internet.


anime, japan, nascar, ect...

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This is the China of the Internet. The level of censorship is very high here. And if the moderators don't like what you said, they will edit your post and make it look like you said something stupid. I know this, I had it happen and it was highly embarassing since I couldn't do anything about it. You are not allowed to cuss, which is crap. They act like if someone cusses then all 7 levels of unholy hell will break lose and fissures will open up in the earth, swallowing cars, buildings, and people whole whilst simultaneously causing children to start dying in droves, and bodies will start blocking out the sun as disease spreads faster than an STD at a condom-free sex party.


This website is a blog. The owner is quite nice but can be an $#*! at times. At most ecchi images will be shown maybe a hentai at times. There is a lot of cussing and can be seen as highly offensive but all and all its a-ok!


This website allows you to report kiddy porn websites. I guess it's legit.
This site has been awarded the:

1) Associations Advance America 2005 Honor Roll Presented by the American Society of Associations Executives
2) Associations Advance America 2008 Honor Roll Presented by the American Society of Associations Executives
3) City Of Los Angeles Certificate Of Recognition Presented by Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa
4) Overall Winner U.S./Developed Nations Category 2008 Associations Make a Better 5) World Award Presented by the American Society of Association Executives
6) City Of Redondo Beach Mayor's Commendation Presented by Mayor Michael A. Gin
7) U.S. House Of Representatives Congressional Commendation Presented by Congresswoman Jane Harman
8) The City Of West Hollywood City Proclamation Presented by Mayor Jeffrey Prang
9) The City Of San Diego City Proclamation Presented by Mayor Jerry Sanders
10) California State Assembly Certificate Of Recognition Presented to Joan Irvine by Assemblymember Ted W. Lieu
11) California State Assembly Certificate Of Recognition Presented to ASACP by Assemblymember Ted W. Lieu

Do I really need to say more?


GREAT website. I check in on it everyday. I basically give you space weather related info for the day, like Asteroid threats, Solar Flare Alerts, Aurora notices, etc. It has 3 good graphics. 2 of the sun and one of the earth. If their is a big weather story, this site will be there to tell you.


The Japan Times is an English language newspaper published in Japan. It is NOT affiliated with a Japanese media organization. It's been around since 1897. I highly recommend this website.


The Officer Down Memorial Page (ODMP) honors law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty in the US, Canada, Central Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. I visit this website whenever another officer is killed and pay my respects. The ODMP has been active since 1996. The website received economic support from the Bureau of Justice Assistance(U.S. Department of Justice) in 2010. I love this site, but it's really sad to view.


This is a HIGHLY useful website. It tells people of the Near Earth Object threats. Like Asteroids and Meteors that may impact the earth. Currently there are 2 listed. Anything in color(excluding white and light blue) are NEO's that pose a threat to the earth with in the next 100 years. So to sum it up its: White/Blue: No issue. Green: Go about your day but be aware. Yellow: Stay tune. Orange: Start to worry. Red: Say your goodbyes and do what you always wanted to do, because WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE! I'm hoping for a Red.


This website is basically USGS meets the National Weather Service in Japan. That's right. It's the official website of the Japanese Meteorological Agency(Kishōchō). Aside from weather, it is also responsible for observation and warning of earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions. Anyway, I love the website. It's not as advanced as the NHC or USGS or NWS, but it's a good site none the less.


You see, the problems with this site is that: One, you can't edit your profile online. You got to download the ICQ Program. Next, there are spammers and scammers on the chatroom and all over ICQ like no website I ever used before. And finally the Chat Staff are Politically Correct Totalitarian Dictators. I can't really see one thing good about ICQ at all. Sorry, I just can't.


This website is legal and approved by several anime companies. It supports itself and the companies in which the videos came from though Premium Membership, Donations, and Ads. Only flaw is that there are few dubs.


This website is a-ok. UIt is very good, I have so far had no issues with them, and to top it all off, they offer things at a discount and make it cheaper to buy a domain. So I say, BUY BUY BUY a domain at this website. You will not regret it.




Its like myanimelist.net. I use both this and MAL. I love both


Safe and informal. Not much more to say about this website.


This site is very safe and useful. Live incar camera's, multi camera views, driver radio, ect... all for free. Plus Up-to-date news on the IRL, its drivers, and the season. All and all this site ROCKS!


This website may have potential but it is a HELL of a long way from being Myspace or Facebook. You see, the biggest complain I have about this website is that it is NOT Moderated ANWHERE! It has Children on this website, but yet, with easy you can find pornographic pictures of both real and anime depictions. I found an image of a persons pecker, I've seen Futa(alot), Anime Rape, ect... I spoke to several minors on this website and 87% of them reported being approached on by an adult who was being sexual to them. A 13 year old reported this happening. PARENTS DONT LET YOUR KIDS USE THIS SITE!


This website is VERY kickass. 3-D Radar, Near Rea ltime Lightning tracking, NEXRAD Radar, High Quality Imaging, Historical Tornado History, the list goes on and on. Aside from the fact the website is named after an Domestic Terrorist Organization, then this site is pretty goddamn great.


This forum is a forum used for one reason only. Trading and Displaying of Japanese Child Erotica. The Age of the Girls in the Pictures is 3 years old and up. I kid you not. U15 is the correct terminology i believe. "U" meaning UNDER. This is know in Japan as "Junior Idol" (ジュニアアイドル). Now as sick as it is, It is Legal in Japan. Its NOT Legal in the USA from what I know. In Adding to that, the UN has demanded Japan ban this material. Japan has refused. The Children Depicted in are not in danger. I know this because the children are Nationally known J-Pop Singers and Child Actors. The site says its hosted in Germany, Obviously its not.

I have made several attempts to have Law Enforcement, of both Local and Federal Level, take the site down but... they have yet to do so. Maybe Im Just being impatient. Nonetheless, avoid this site. If need be, the LDTF will use Extreme Countermeasures to take this site down... thats all I can say.

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