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The smart software with ugly service, trying to make consumers to write support letters according to its desires. They are described nowhere. Buy only Pro version and only with full combination of conditions:
1. You need to scan films in big numbers. Especially of bad quality. There is a lot of software for text scanning with normal support Paperscan is free.
2. There are no drivers or comfortable software for your scanner and for your OS and it is not supported by Silverfast. Their support is not better. But it is cheaper.
3. You can afford 100 dollars, knowing about bad service. The software is functional but such support…
4. You have no free license.
5. You are against piracy. Pirates are robbers, but sometimes they really help in technical issues.

That is my situation.

Support writes to the consumer - Again, I have no memory of our past emails. The "drivers" means nothing to me. Stop writing to me, this is waste of time." "Wonderful "


The Vuescan is installed both on real Windows 10 machine and physical machine with Windows XP.
All found full texts of emails with Hamrick software and log are enclosed.
I use its Vuescan software to scan films with Hewlett Packard Scanjet 4600 scanner.
There are no official Support of the device from Hewlett Packard, when the scanner is installed on Windows XP. So, I spend a lot of time and money to select software, study descriptions on the Vuescan site of all the scanners to find all the film scanners, supported by software. I need those which allow to scan films without cutting. That is why, I looked all descriptions on and info on other sites. They are very rare in my country. Then, bought one. So buy and install Windows XP, on computer imitation (look Vmware software to know or google "virtual machine"). There is some error on the XP. I can not understand its reason. May be, I was asked to send a log. I sent it to Hamrick,. Read it contents in the file enclosed. The support asked to install the driver. It was installed by me on both locations. Nothing changed and I have written about it. And what is the answer: "Again, I have no memory of our past emails. The "drivers" means nothing to me. Stop writing to me, this is waste of time." There is the essence of my claim:
I have a problem with software. I have installed virtual machine to use it, found and bought and OS a scanner to use it, now I have errors. As normal customer I have made support log which is necessary, copied this log to real machine. May be even made a video somebody to understand, what happens and enclosed it. I waited 2 or three days for the answers. I did not insist, I simply reminded. I was instructed to install drivers. Ok installed. Everything repeats. What are the further actions? I was interested in my actions. And was ready to wait. And now, when the issue is not solved. I am written, I was wasting time. By the way my letters were short. And you write word "regards". Really there are no regards, and no respect in such approach. Hamrick priced software at 100 dollars. Where is 100 dollars service? NOT. THANK IS WHY I THINK, THAT NOW 2 USUAL FREE KEYS, AND SOLVING THJE ISSUE WILL BE NOT COMPLETE BUT FAIR DECISION. IT is Hamrick happiness, I am not in USA. FOR ME WORDS AND PHRASES THE DRIVER, YOU WRITTEN, ERROR REPEATS HAVE MEANING. AND THEY SHOULD HAVE MEANING FOR NORMAL SUPPORT FOR 100 DOLLARS SOFTWARE.

Posting on Facebook was useless and my access to the page was blocked by Hamrick Software. It will be good, if they get for this also. Read emails and log file here:!AtHhzwIdYhz7h6U0X7jebV-LVrC-Ng?e=ZxbVrD

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