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A lot of hype about a technology that they haven't mastered. Freezes up, locks up, skips, jumps and pixelates on both live and on-demand services. At least once a week we have to unplug the whole system and let it re-boot. I don't think Jon Bon Jovi was singing about that in all those ads for this $#itty service.

And the worst thing is that here in Tex-ass where they think they have big government sooooo under control, they have allowed monopolies to exist for these cable services, so even if we wanted to switch, we can't. Whole geographic areas are limited to just one cable company. And in this one where we are, all we get is Comcast.


When you fill out the application form online the monthly/annual membership option is designed to look like you're signing up for $14.99 per month, billed monthly. I too got a charge of $149.00 annually. I immediately contacted them, canceled and they refunded my credit card. They need to make their membership page a lot easier to navigate.


I just bought a website template on Envato and it was falsely advertised, half of the files were from an old previous version that had problems, which were not resolved. When I discovered this I created a chargeback in PayPal and Envato swiftly blocked my account and I received this email:

"Your Envato Market account has been automatically locked as the result of a payment dispute or chargeback.
Access to your account and items will be locked as a security precaution until the matter is resolved.

If you are the legitimate owner of the PayPal account please contact the Help Team ( so we can assist you.
Please be aware, this dispute or chargeback will need to be closed before your account can be unlocked, so you may like to do this first.

Envato Market Team"""

I can understand them not wanting people to steal their products, but this is robbery.


They have you sign up, add a credit card and fund your account before they let you post content for advertising. That's when you find out they have a $100/day minimum!
I've asked for a refund and haven't heard anything yet.


This site isn't a dating site, and it's not another dating advice site. It's a community for TALKING to each other about the dating sites, and the scammers they spot on them. You can post your dating experiences and post screen names of anyone who has scammed you or is an outright fake or liar. And the datings sites are full of them!

There's also services for getting your photos corrected and made more professional looking by a Photoshop expert, a background check system that also goes into the datings sites and a service where you can have Mandys List look for your match in seven different most popular dating sites. Very cool beans! Message board is free.

Tip for consumers:
If you're seriously searching, get the three services bundled and have Mandy's do your searching and vetting for you on all 7 sites.


I've created campaigns in Twitter, Google, FB and others and never saw a worse interface or lousier UX than this site.


1. Upon signing up, I didn't see the fine print that my card would have a $100 reserve placed on it.
2. I was not able to design and create my own ads. Instead info/images were taken from my designated URLs and ads were generated by their software program. A 600 pixel-wide square was snatched out of the middle of two of the 1700 pixel-wide images on the two URLs so the ads didn't make any sense and looked very stupid.
3. And yet the ads went live even though all I could see was a "PENDING" notice on my dashboard.
4. My site was supposedly reviewed and while in "PENDING" mode it ran anyway and the vast majority of impressions and clicks the first day were from China and India.
5. There is no feature to see what an ad looks like on a browser before or after it goes live.
6. When reviewing the sites I wanted blocked, I could not see what the actual URL was, so I had to look each URL up and see where my ads were going. Some of these were very difficult to discern.

I think Outbrain might be a better choice.


I ordered a folding table online. About an hour later I needed to cancel the order. Can't find the cancellation info anywhere on the site or the link to my order online. So I had to use their chat system:

"""Sasha: I have checked with that Anna I do see that the order has been moved to the warehouse so that is the reason you couldnt cancel it from your end
You: OK, can you please cancel. I just ordered it an hour ago.
Sasha: Since it has been moved from the modify stage and moved to the warehouse I will request our support team to cancel the order for you from their end
Sasha: May I know the best way to contact you please?
You: (my pho number) The order page says "Processing" so please contact them and give me a cancellation number, please.
Sasha: Thank you for the information
Sasha: Please hold on a moment
Sasha: Successfully I have processed it from my end Anna & this is your Request# 9803894. Have it for your future reference.
Sasha: Our support team will get back you with in 4 business hours shortly and will get you the confirmation""

Four hours later I called them back and got a cancellation number.

The next day I get an email saying my order has shipped.

I called then AGAIN and complained.

I was told to refuse the order when UPS arrived. I told the nitwit that UPS will leave the order at the door and it's not my responsibility to chase a driver down and refuse delivery.

After going into crazy $#*! mode, which always works, I got a full refund.

This is why I always buy from Amazon. No hassle, and easy cancellation of an order.


My internet service started going down slowly THREE evenings ago and by 8:00pm gone. It's up the next morning after around 9:00am

I have called and talked to Comcast on two occasions about this and they blame it on my first inquiring about a disconnection a few weeks ago. The second time they blame it on my modem and line that comes into my office.

ALL LIES. They are having the problem with very old equipment that they don't want to replace. I'm switching to Verizon because they have to install the fiber optics. Comcast made a deal where they don't do upgrades after taking over a local independent ISP, which happened here a few years ago.

Tip for consumers:
I wish I had a tip. The only thing I can think of is this monopoly on ISP needs to be busted up much like Ma Bell was many years ago. The only other choice in this area is a Dish (which sucks when it snows) and Verizon. They suck too.


And I got it next day. I tried to order this same product, ground golden flaxseed, on Amazon but the delivery wasn't for two weeks and no option except a shipping fee of $6.95! And I'm an Amazon Prime member. What? So I googled this same brand and came across who had it in stock, free shipping.

Maybe they had a rough start but definitely my first purchase was perfect.


Same prices as our local grocery stores and sometimes lower. Order and get same day delivery! Everything is packaged properly with refrigerated and frozen foods packed in coolers with dry ice. Website is easy to use, wide selection, all good! If you're a Prime member it's a great way to convert your membership to saving time and gasoline for the very mundane task of grocery shopping.


And then of course they start spamming your mail box. So I've had to unsubscribe already. But the women's clothing looked like a lot of gunny sacks in different colors. What's the deal with this site?


First time ever had an iMac slow down and act like a virus or malware was in it. I found Flux Computer Repair online, saw that they had a 5-star ranking on Yelp and called them. They have an app you download which is used to access your computer, wherever you are.

Jason was really fast in solving my problem. It was the Avast Anti-Virus s/w VPN that was clogging this machine down. Now it's zippadeedoodah again!

Highly recommend, he remotely fixes PCs, too.


If you like your politics served up deep-fried, evangelical and racist, you'll love USMB. Don't even try if you're a centrist either, the yellow-bellied rednecks will still come out and call you names you've never even heard (unless your birth certificate says "City: some holler" and "Father's name: Bubba").

The board moderates are chosen by level of bias. The more extreme, the better. Liberals are in the minority, probably constitute about 5% of the postings. The other 95% are sock-puppets for Fox Noise, Alex Jones and whatever drips down the chin of Rush Limbaugh after he's swallowed enough Oxycodone to kill an ox.

Make sure you go see for yourself, don't count on finding these neanderthals anywhere else. They like their cozy echo chamber and meme/cartoon postings of Hillary. They are obsessed with her. So if you really want to draw cyber-fire, join and post a thread in praise of the Clintons or Sanders or Obama. Then prepare to stand back from your computer and keyboard... at least 4 feet away. The blowback will be severe, damage to your hard drive could result. You have been warned.

See my screenshots attached to this review. You can't make this stuff up.

Tip for consumers:
If you are offended by people who are highly prejudiced against minorities, do not go. They are racist and proud of it.


Their clothes look great on their site and their sizing chart is very accurate, but the actual articles of clothing are made from very thin, cheap fabrics.

I've tried ordering many things from them and it seems like a few years ago I kept my purchases. But this year I've had bad luck, sending things back without even trying them on because the material was so thin, sometimes semiopaque, and often the patterns looked cheaply printed compared to the online version.

Tip for consumers:
I ordered what I thought was a winter poncho and when I held it up I could almost see my hand through it.


Dr. Weil has been around for about or over 30 years now. He's a Harvard M. D. who believes in holistic healing and health, with a great balance: "If I'm in a car accident I don't want EMS to take me to a health food store".

His site has always been a source of great information for natural health and healing. Highly recommend.


You are actually booking through when you bid on, so after the purchase any support you need comes from them. That's not necessarily a bad thing but when I was on the road and made a reservation through my iPhone, it didn't show as confirmed, even though the system bills your credit card immediately for the full amount.

When I called Priceline they said sorry, we can't do anything and gave me the number for The CSR who answered my call said she didn't know what I should do or if my reservation had gone through, she couldn't see it in her system. So I should check with my credit card company and see what they said. That's a LOT of hassle when you're on a highway in a car, or anywhere for that matter.

The reservation did go through, it just didn't show in their system. I called the hotel I had bid on and thankfully, they had the reservation as confirmed. But, Priceline and Booking need to get their act together. It got to be too much trouble and don't use Priceline anymore.


There's nothing to trust about this site. Their base program is to sell a buyer reviews from the buyer's "customers". You can get 300 reviews in just one day! I suspect but have not verified that they probably do this by email. So if you have 15 gmail addresses and 20 yahoo addresses and 10 accounts on AOL, there's 45 positive reviews right there.

Go to the homepage and click on the "Get Started" link. See the pitch. They have 8-9+ out of 10 reviews for some of the worst sites on the web such as Outsource and UpWork.

Tip for consumers:
Research the selling side of their site to see what they are really doing. Buying and selling reviews. Amazon is suing freelancers who are taking on these jobs of writing fake reviews.


Only takes a few minutes to find what you are looking for such as an obscure battery for an 8 year old camera or ink cartridges for your Canon printer that you bought two years ago. Go to a store and things like this won't be on the shelves, just the newer lines and accessories. Click and your order is at your front door in 1 or 2 days, even on Sunday.

No driving, no parking, no lines, no self-check out register that can't read your bar code and tells you that an attendant is on the way.

Returns are just as easy and I've never been denied a refund. I think that the merchant experience on Amazon is not nearly as good as the customer. I know it's not and so I hope Jeff Bezos, CEO, will work on that, too.

Tip for consumers:
Sign up for the Prime account and get free shipping for a year.


I fly SWA twice a month and they are the best, given the way seating and lines and full flights has become the norm.

My only complaint is the gate agents, sometimes they just don't handle a problem very well.

Flight crews are always up, happy and extremely good at managing very crowded conditions on these airplanes.

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