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Just take a look on Amazon! You can see a very few of the negative comments, (though I don't know why Amazon is allowing this. I had spoken to them and let them know how I was scammed. But yet they would not allow me to post my comment warning people on their site.)

* You can see there are people who had been taken for $500.oo and so on because they do not pay attention to their accounts.

If they have absolutely no regards for peoples welfare, and use trickery and scamming their 'customers', rather then selling this product that they claim is worth almost $100.oo and then why is it not selling itself? (maybe the money they are taking from peoples pockets was to be used for food, or healthcare, rent ect.
This is a horrible evil company. It would also make you wonder what is exactly in the face cream? Not to mention... it smells like a $1.00 cream from the dollar store.

I am extremely skeptical about anything free, and usually never believe it. The initial email was made to look as though it was a gift from Amazon, there was no indication this was anything other than a "Free Gift" from "Amazon", where if interested you only pay shipping. Along with what I found later to be fabricated customer comments, stating that this was a "Free Gift, and they had only paid shipping". And if you take pictures of your progress, approved photos will receive three free jars. There were NO TERMS and Conditions. Yet later when you demand a refund they say.
"If you did not like the terms it would have been advisable to not place the order. "

Unlike most companys if you are not satisfied, they stand behind their products, and offer full refunds. But not with NatuaCell. They do not tell you this until AFTER THE FACT. You are UNABLE to return your product ONCE OPENED. IF UNOPENED you must return within two weeks. But first you must call, and leave a message wait for them to get back to you. Then they return your call telling you they will send you an email (with very precise return instructions. That if you don't follow to a T... guess what? You don't get a refund! Then they even responded to an email after I told them I demand a full refund, and how distasteful their practices are. One of their comments was.

" No company would refund open products as it would be unhygienic to resell these. Eg You could not take back open skin care products to Walmart and expect a refund."

(I return anything I am not satisfied with. EVERY STORE TAKES BACK PRODUCTS IF YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED.)

I got suspicious when I received another product in the mail I did not ask for. On the invoice it says I paid only $1.00 for shipping. ( my bank account was actually charged $95.oo)
My account is charged on four occasions:
The first two were supposedly for the shipping of this free gift.
$89.99 under the name
$85.oo under the name facelift
And my bank informed me this is the manner scams are conducted, a company using different names, and amounts. So a had to cancel my bank card.

This company used trickery and only gave the conditions 'after the fact'( that if the product was opened no refund!)

"We do not accept items back that have been opened or used. Opened Items are Non Refundable."

I am going to try to contact some attorneys and give a lead, and hope someone is interested in a class action suit for all these people who were scammed.


I sign up for the trial period. You are asked to choose what types of movies or shows that interest you/or NOT. I chose only three British, Korean and one other. Then you are asked to rate films and shows if you are interested or NOT. Well after all this, and thinking this will be a great customized experience. A JOKE list of TOP PICKS FOR ME. All the shows I chose I DON NOT LIKE come up. I wasted all that time. Very little of the three choices of what I did like came up. So its basically POINTLESS to even waste your time with this "feature' that will help you to find shows you like. So that was annoying. And worse of all. When you are watching a show and the commercials come, 1/2 the time after the commercials there is a black screen for several minutes, then maybe about 1/4 of the times this happens. You get to watch the show, and maybe it will just stay on the black screen. Or give you "Playback Failure" and you press the 'OK' button given on screen, and again several minutes maybe another playback failure or you may get to watch the commercials you just did AGAIN, and another several minutes of black screen. And if you are thinking, after many minutes of black, this isnt working. I will start again. You can start alll over, finding your show again and. Starting FROM THE START of the show. Well DONT TRY and fast forward, because you think you have past to the part you left off... and it will take you to the commercials. Again. AND guess what happens then? Black screen. THis is not a network problem on my end. This service is not worth my time and frustrations if it were FOR FREE.

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