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So I wanted to let you know my experience with them. First, I've ordered hundreds of $$ with them over the months. And this month I ordered like $hundreds worth of jewelry. I received $142 worth of my order. The first problem was the gold cage set offered during a facebook live. I ordered. I paid. And I was sent an email that they didn't have it available. In fact, I used Sezzle to make payments on it. The monies were debited from my account and I still have nothing to show for it. Their response: we can't control what they do. Ummmm... if I don't receive a product, it is your responsibility to make this right. Not require the consumer to jump through hoops.
Second, I ordered jewelry back on 11/27 and checked on my order and was told it would ship shortly. That never happened. I emailed again today and was told once again they were waiting on something to restock. I ordered this in plenty of time to receive before Christmas and before I went out of town. To date, they still respond with waiting on item to restock. I finally asked for a full refund. And without any explanation or somewhat "good" customer service, they issued a full refund. Their response: our website says 1-2 weeks to ship orders, we are within that time frame. Ummmm... today is 14 days and you still haven't shipped nor had any intention to do so today. Keep in mind: I ordered $500 worth of gifts and they said they were waiting on ONE ITEM TO RESTOCK! One! What's worse is there is NO communication or follow-up.
As someone said, give businesses grace during this time. While I agree, businesses are not giving me grace to pay for the goods. I am expected to pay for the products in compliance with their policies. If the business is unable to fulfill orders in a timely manner... then quit taking orders! And: QUIT TAKING MONEY FOR PRODUCTS NOT AVAILABLE FOR SHIPPING! It is simple enough!
In and of themselves, these issues would not be a major problem. However, combined it is a huge issue!
Not only have I spent $upwards of ridiculous amounts of $ (literally) at KC chic designs, it's like they do not value repeat customers or loyal customers.
I will not order with them again and I will tell my experience with them to my friends who ask... yes I have a very large friend/family base.
It is very unfortunate what transpired. While they are a small business, someone needs to work with to give them suggestions or how to improve great customer service skills. Do they not understand how to keep customers when they screw up?
I also reached out to the influencers who have a close connection and asked them for advice and they basically said: there is nothing we can do. Ummmm... if you are putting your name on the line to support a business, wouldn't you want to make sure they taking care of their customers?
Recap: loyal customer who spends tons of money on their products basically given excuses sprinkled with rude responses.
I have sent reviews to trustpilot, yelp, and google. Amongst other sites.

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