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Received email regarding work at home, blah blah blah... Searched the address and came up with the following. It is spam, as far as I am concerned. Below is their link page as it reads on

Total Urls: 5730 Hits Today: 4638 Email Campaigns: 383 Open Rate Today: 4

From Gregg Wallmuller
CEO, DGNS Solutions LLC
Thursday, August 11,2011 is a brand new link/URL shrinking tool, tracker and link cloaking service.

Why would you want to shrink a link? Some mail clients can't cope with long links, breaking them in two making them unclickable for whoever you sent the link. Long links can also look confusing and can put potential clickers off. Trackim turns any long unwieldy URL into a nice neat short link that will survive even the most punishing of mail systems.
Not only can you shrink your links but Trackim will also allow you to cloak the link too. This helps protect you against link hijacking and commission theft from your affiliate links. Because this hides the affiliate/referral id the person clicking on your link can not change or replace the referral id with someone else's or their own effectively stealing your referral credit or commissions.
Shrinking and cloaking also has the advantage of improving your email delivery rates as typically many email containing URLs for the more prominent and popular programs & Internet marketing website URLs are tagged as spam by many of the ISPs meaning your emails never even reach the mailboxes of your prospects.

By shrinking & cloaking your links the ISP spam filters won't recognize the contents and thus won't mark them as SPAM. This can dramatically increase your email deliverability rates which in turn will ultimately increase optin rates and therefore increase commissions.

Lastly, as any experienced marketer will tell you, you need to know where your clicks are coming from so you can decide which advertising sites or email campaigns are giving you the best returns. Armed with this information you can fine tune your promotions and increase your return on investment for all your advertising. If you don't know what part of your advertising are giving you returns you could be leaving hundreds maybe thousands of dollars on the table no to mention you could also be throwing a huge chunk of your advertising spend straight down the toilet!
When you are able to tell what is working and what is not, you can eliminate the waste and increase the spend on what is working. This has an exponential effect on your results and ultimately on your profits!

Trakim tracks your email open rates and the number of times your links are clicked for individual campaigns providing you with the necessary invaluable information to streamline your advertising and gain maximum return on investment for your advertising budget.

The answer is ABSOLUTELY!

This is one resource your business shouldn't be without. And the price won't dent your wallet either... It's that affordable...
Yes, it's true that you might be able to get access to free short URL services online, but they don't include a fraction of the statistical analyses data that you'll receive with! Where else can you track email open rates and find out everything you need to know about your promotions to receive an even better response every time you promote? Look around... you'll find the cost can be quite detrimental to your monthly budget! Here, we've made it most affordable for all levels of marketers to promote, analyze and increase their income from tracking their email and online advertising campaigns with very little effort.

Free Membership
*Disabled Until Further Notice *
Cloak Up To 3 URL'S!
One Tracker URL Domain!
View Click Thru Statistics!
Earn $1.00 Per Month Per Pro Referral!
Upgrade To Pro At Any Time!
Pro Membership - $3.99 Per Month.
Unlimited Number Of Email Tracking!
Cloak An Unlimited Amount Of URL'S!
Multiple Tracker URL Domains!
View Click Thru Statistics!
Earn $2.00 Per Month Per Pro Referral!
Trakim is truly a unique, affordable solution for internet marketers to keep up-to-date with the email open and click-thru statistics of their business promotions, and effectively boost revenue at the same time! This system is so easy to promote, that it's a hands-free way to earn residual commissions... And with our framed short URLs, your affiliate link is being passively promoted every time you promote your own opportunity! When you think about it... that's DOUBLE promotion power!

Ready to get started? Simply Click The Register Now Button Below
To Be Transferred To The Registration Page.

You can either get started using Trakim for free or setup a monthly subscription through PayPal or AlertPay. Once confirmed, you will have instant access to your account to start using our short URL tracking services and earning passive referral commissions.

To be honest, registering for could possibly be one of the best moves you will make for you business this year. I truly believe that the information it provides to you is priceless. I look forward to helping you and your business find the success they deserve, and at the same time enable you to utilise your advertising budget in the best possible way.


Gregg Wallmuller
CEO, DGNS Solutions LLC
PS: Don't forget, with the easy affiliate commissions you can earn by using a framed redirect in your ad tracking that we provide with your Pro Membership, you can make your membership self-liquidating with just 2 referrals! That makes a most affordable addition to your must-have business tool arsenal and a safe solution to increasing your online income. Make a smart move and register today! Just click the Register Now button above to get started.


I acutally already wrote the entire review under when I realized the name was! But this IS a legit site and I am sure if read the review under that I wrote you will find it useful! Thanks Anita

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