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Poor customer service. It is the weekend, so tech support is not available (for my dragging, insufficient wi fi). I will have to call back during regular business hours. The way I got through today to hopefully a "human" not a robot, was through chat. It was semi robotic BTW. I had another issue - being billed $2.99 for a paper statement this month.

45 minutes of long chatting with pre prepared answers. I did get a $3 credit for 6 months of paper billing. The idea is to go paperless for the environment, I understand. But an extra $2.99 is a penance for the customer who should have been warned ahead of time. It should have been included in the contract and part of the service fee, not extra; and Frontier should/could have offered a $2.99 savings if customers want to go paperless. Why do they have 4 pages for their bill? When my other utilities, water and gas, use one piece of paper.

My other complaints: Maneuvering their website is difficult. They also add to their bill a "recovery " charge that fluctuates. It is not a tax, or surcharge which stay the same every month; but it looks like it is income for Frontier. Why not add that along with their "paper fee" to the monthly service charge when offering the contract? It's deceptive.

Tip for consumers:
Their poor service and the true cost of their service.


When I arrived in Scotts Valley Sheridan late Saturday night, I went to the hotel desk and waited. In a while a young man comes out. Doesn't say anything friendly. He has a black shirt on with a red tie. I tell him who I am. He asks for my driver's license and credit card. He runs it. I ask what it is for because the room has already been paid for. He says "for incidentals." I said what are incidentals, do you have a bar in the room? No. But he didn't/couldn't explain what incidentals were.

He was not friendly; then it got worse. He mentioned something about towels or housekeeping not coming every day to change towels, bedding and that it would be every 2 days. (Later when I am in my room, I see there are only 2 towels; and after 3 days - no towels were changed!) I said why. He said because of covid.

What does covid has to do with that? I ask. He gave me a dull answer about rules or something. Then I retorted: like you not wearing your mask properly? (His mask was not fitted and kept falling under his nose: the purpose of a mask is to cover the nose) Then he said: "I could make you wear a mask." He was so rude. I likened his behavior to a 15-year-old. And I wonder how and why is he working there? (BTW: I did not see a mask sign when I passed through the entry or I would have put on a mask)

When my sign-in is over I get the one very heavy, awkward luggage rack in the lobby for my luggage. As I head toward the elevator with this rolling device, Mr. Rude steps out of the elevator and walks by me without a nod or hello, as I struggle with this cart. What a miserable person.

Upon entering my room, I see -

*The deadbolt doesn't work. But there is an extra deterrent mechanism to halt the door if someone tries to enter.

*In the bathroom; there are no glasses; 2 hard, rough towels, obviously not washed in soft water or rinsed with a softener.

*I eventually found one plastic cup in the closet next to an ice bucket.

*In the bathroom, there is only one double outlet, but only one socket works.

*In the room with the bed there is an empty refrigerator on top of a luggage rack. Who would think to do that? And where does the suitcase go?

*I notice an unstable, cheap portable closet - not convenient; hanging clothes on a rod congruent with my waist; and does not work for long dresses.

*No nightstand and lamp on one side of the bed. And this is for $359 a night!

*No curtains on the room window, let alone black out curtains mentioned on the website. Just a screen like shade that lets in light. I assume no one can see in. It's probably to hide the hideous tire storage yard next door.

*No bath mat and no tub step over to help contain the shower water, so the water goes all over the bathroom floor. There's a drain in the middle of that floor, but still I have to soak up water from my first shower with the 2 hand towels, a bath towel and a washcloth left in the bathroom. I'm surprised this is allowed, since it is a safety hazard.

*No soft water.

*No bottled water as advertised.

*Trash is left in the hallway. Dirty.

Ironic that when you turn on the TV you see a screen with someone in hazard gear wiping down surfaces. But why not clean your rooms and hallways of trash?

* On my 3rd night, Monday night, I got back to hotel and key card didn't work. I call the front desk. They didn't know I had booked the room four days ago and that this was my 3rd night – so they locked me out; even though I got several verification e mails and was charged at least by October 1st. For this night. However, a friendly woman employee helped me, coming up with another key card.

*When I leave, I get no bill for charges. I talk to Demetrio at the front desk and he explains generally what some charges could be, but does not address my charges specifically; but why no printed bill? He said though I was charged $186 (the latest amount on my credit card statement at that time, some of those dollars will come off my bill. But I was quoted $149 (plus I compute, the additional 12% tax) That does not add up to $186, but more like $166.

Also, I received emails saying the cost was of the room is $167 the day I booked for my stay, though again nothing was itemized. I get 5 e mails saying I am booked for Monday, and 2 that say the price is $167 (though nothing is itemized).

Every day I check my credit card statement. On 10/7 I was charged: $749, $463, $236, $171, $50. Today it is $171 plus $6. It turns out I was charged $3 a day for a "facility" fee that should have been included in the room price or at least mentioned as an extra charge when a person books. I never used any facilities.

Four Points Sheridan gets no points from me. They should be more hospitable, knowledgeable and honest; give a statement/receipt for services, clean up the trash, give out a bath mat and a few more towels - let alone be candid about their charges. Bait-and-switch advertising and deceptive pricing practices I thought were illegal.

Tip for consumers:
The entire cost up front: not just taxes but things like facility fees, knowing what are incidentals. That one gets 2 towels for 3 nights of stay. That the shower water floods the bathroom floor. That you do not get a receipt unless you call and ask for it.


I had a good experience today.

I arrived on time, Patrick said putting on the Cat Shield (an anti theft device) over my catalytic converter would be 2 hours. We discussed the price that was quoted to me 3 days ago and there were no 'bait and switch' changes or charges. The price was very fair and I wanted to make sure there were no "add on" charges, fees or tax. There was not!

I waited inside (no internet available unfortunately) and was called in 2 hours! Patrick checked my tires which were fine and I was off. Thank you Patrick for making this easy!


I enjoy Hart Winery so much! It is natural, simple, friendly. It is not a place full of artificial décor, or a product of overbuilding (grandiose million dollar schemes to get people in) and pompousness like many of the other wineries that have taken over the valley (a third of them from what I have been told, by foreigners). I believe it is the oldest, if not one of the original wineries in wine country; plus this family owned business makes their own wine from their own grapes (100%), unlike many/most of the other wineries here who are allowed to import wine and grapes.

I visited Hart on Sunday in celebration of my nephew's 21st birthday. We were asked to mask (a minor nuisance especially since we are outside) and were greeted by Greg in a friendly manner. He even took our picture later.
Sitting outside in the ambiance of huge oak, maple and pine trees and overlooking their vineyards, we picnicked from our own basket at their picnic tables and sipped wine. I highly recommend Hart.

Tip for consumers:
You may bring your own food. Picnic tables for tasting and eating.

Products used:
Bought a bottle of white wine


I refinanced with Parkside Lending at a 4% rate in 2017. In Oct 2018 my loan was sold to Mr. Cooper. At the end of 2017 my interest paid was $5828; in 2018 it was $5721. Then in 2019 my interest was $6116. How could that go up and not down? I called and the rep said it was correct! Now in 2020 the interest paid was $5980. I do not understand how this works and how they get away with it. Stay away.


After attempting to purchase business cards from another office supply store on Madison, I went to Office Depot/Office Max. They did my business cards in 10 minutes and they were able to take the design off of an email. I couldn't have been more pleased.

The next day I came back for poster board for a small sign I had. They not only sold me the board, they cut and mounted it for me!

I also asked if they could copy, create a new sign: change the color - Dillin did such a wonderful job. Their service is excellant

Products used:
I used their design services for 2 posters. Also they printed 200 business cards in a matter of minutes.


The Shamrock Irish Pub and eatery is a family owned business with live entertainment. The owners care about the quality of their restaurant and the customers' concerns. The servers have always been fun and just marvelous.

I recommend the fish tacos - delicious, chunky and spicy.


First of all, Ron answered the phone when I called. Yes, that's a surprise attribute because I called or emailed 3 other electricians and no one responded. Ron came out and did a very reasonable estimate. We set up an appointment for him to return and do the work. He was professional, intelligent, well spoken, friendly, efficient, organized, neat, clean - there was no mess left behind.


Do not go there! Not honest and slow turn around. The screen on my cell phone was cracked and needed repair. I at first went to A to Z cell phone repair on Jefferson. They told me it would be $160 for the screen and LCD - that both needed repair and it would take 2 days. Plus they only take cash, not credit card or check. I then got a second opinion at WeFiix on Winchester and Ynez. Jesse said I only needed the screen repaired not the LCD and it would cost $80. I was grateful that he did it within 2 hours and took my credit card!


The screen on my cell phone was cracked and needed repair. I at first went to A to Z cell phone repair Jefferson. They told me it would be $160 for the screen and LCD - both needed repair and it would take 2 days and they required cash. I then got a second opinion at WeFiix on Winchester and Ynez. Jesse said I only needed the screen repaired and it would cost $80. I was grateful that he did it within 2 hours! And he took my credit card.


I can't say enough good things about Pottery Barn and my experience in the last couple of months working with the designers. I am a midwife in southern California. When the new owner of the business in which I rent a small room, redecorated and painted the walls grey, it was not pretty, warm or inviting!

One day while shopping for a rug at the Pottery Barn in Temecula, I decided to take advantage of Pottery Barn's free design service. In my first appointment, designer Kathleen Polin came out to my office, measured, talked to me about what I needed; then went to work drawing up, by the inch, a functional, sophisticated, and pretty design plan. She drew everything to scale, so completely that when my handyman hung the pictures, clock and shelf, he knew exactly how many inches from the floor, ceiling and wall corners to place them.

In my second meeting with Kathleen at the store, she helped me to choose chairs, tables, lamps and fabric. This room took about 2 months to complete. Most of the items arrived by post to my door within a week or 2; a couple of things I picked up at the store and the upholstered chairs were delivered in about 2 months from when the order was placed.

I've gotten so many compliments on my office from clients; the room is a warm, inviting, sophisticated, friendly, and elegant place for moms and dads to receive care.

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