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Driving home from work I was thinking about wat to cook for dinner and alas out of nowhere I saw the flashing of a sign that stated veterans served in front of fast pace. I smelled the aroma of Lees famous chicken beside fast pace. I wondered if a veteran drumstick would taste the same. I quickly arrived home so I didn't miss the opportunity of something so exotic and rare. I immediately grabbed my phone and dialed fast pace to see what their special was. After listening to the unnecessary recording, 15 minutes later who I thought would take my order, began to go about benefit nonsense. What benefits do I need to get this delicious, unique meal? Apparently the Veteran has the benefits, but unfortunately I do not receive the benefits when I pick out my veteran. At the end of her blabber mouth speech, I asked how they were prepared. Disappointedly, the big mouth hung up and I missed my once in a lifetime deal. As infuriated as I was, I decided to call Lees Famous Chicken to ask if I could send one over to be prepared with all the fixings. The deaf worker who answered the call, did not quite understand what I was asking. I then proceeded to repeat myself several times. The chicken $#*! hung up before I could place my order. Needless to say I'm disappointed and starving to death.


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I was misled when we were seated at our booths I had spotted evidence of the mysterious spitting beaver from a puddle in our table and got excited because Ive always heard they existed but never seen one up close. I asked the food bar worker if she had any of these mysterious creatures and she ignored me. I think she knew wat I was talking about but she ignored me cause I think she had one of the elusive little devil's back there in the kitchen but just didn't want to share. I even did the special move with my tongue just trying to lure it out so I could see it in all its marvel but still nothing. I am very disappointed in her keeping it from me and my search for this magnificent creature is still on. Btw no coconut shrimp u suck

Tip for consumers:
Don't let the lady behind the buffet fool you she knows where that little bastard is

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It's been 5 days or so since I've had my exit only area empty like a woodchipper does as it's spitting out wood on a hot summer day. I kept trying and trying to make my poopshoot go poop but nothing. I'd been clinching my buttcheeks together and releasing like it's a daily workout ritual for days now. I made my way into the local Walgreens to search for the perfect butt washer. I found myself eyeballing something that looked like a giant douche. I wasn't for sure whether I should get the single or a 6 pack. I called all my friends and even asked the cashier if she wanted to join my terd spewing party. Unfortunately they all turned me down. When I returned to my homestead, I realized the box stated "ready to use" I inserted the entire package in my turd cutter, alarming the enema was actually inside the box... So apparently it's not "ready to use." Finally retrieving the enema out of the box, after I removed the plastic sleeve 5 hours later and exposed the lubricated tip the enema was ready to insert. But much to my surprise, the tip had not been lubricated and felt more like a cat's tongue. After feeling the cat's tongue I made my way to my throne and I noticed the pictures on the box, realizing I had administered it in the wrong position apparently ur not supposed to stand on your head and shove it in like your stuffing your grandmother's Thanksgiving turkey. I started squirting out turds like a machine gun then there was an explosion like a volcano. Moral of the story never plug your poop shooter and always... Always read the directions first.

Products used:
Ready to use lubricated big enema


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