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If youve never worked for a truly insane, unpredictable, verbally abusive, destructive, erratic, racist person, and want to gain that experience, this is the place for you. It will only take a few days to realize youve seen enough. Then its time to run out of there!

This is truly the most bizarre and torturous company Ive ever worked for, without a doubt! The owner of the company screams at and belittles employees in their faces, and in front of other employees. He uses vulgar language and racial slurs at employees.

The company is in a tailspin due to the owners lack of experience in the industry, his condescending and vulgar attitude towards customers on conference calls and other interactions. The company lost many large accounts because of this, and his lack of understanding and misquoting of jobs. He does not trust his employees whatsoever, and you are not allowed to make any suggestions for improvements. He locks himself in his office for hours on end, and will not answer his phone, door knocks, instant messaging, etc. Employees would need important answers to questions and customer calls, but could not communicate with the owner. We relied heavily on contract workers, which were equally abused, so they refused to return. It got so bad that we could not find enough workers to complete jobs.

A female employee was told that the company is her main priority, not her children. Black workers were referred to by racial slurs. Employees were told that they could not be within 50 feet of him when he was talking with someone. Some workers were told they would be fired if they did not work weekends. Employees would be put on a weekend schedule without even asking them. Workers would be on a job site for 20+ consecutive hours to complete a job, and would then be told by the owner that they needed to go right to another job site hours away to complete another job. The owner wouldnt pay for a hotel, so workers had to drive completely tired and at risk of falling asleep while driving. One worker was screamed at over the phone and fired, and then the owner sent him a text that said Dont call my company again. You are dead to me. Warehouse workers had to use unsafe work practices, such as standing on pallets while a forklift lifted them 30+ feet up with no safeguards whatsoever. They also had to climb metal shelving instead of using rolling ladders. These were very common practices. There was absolutely no regard for employee safety or satisfaction. Employees were also cheated on their time sheets

The company had a very high turnover rate. If the owner felt that someone disrespected him, he would consider the whole office tainted, and fired just about everyone. This happened more than once. Many new employees never made it past a day or two. A new assistant was fired after just a few hours. Needless to say, the work environment was toxic, depressing, extremely tense, and highly demeaning. Just about every labor law was broken while I worked for this company.

Advice to Management

Take anger management courses. Learn about NJ labor laws. Seek counseling to determine what makes you an incredibly unstable person. Treat people like human beings, not animals. Understand all aspects of the business you are in rather than blaming others for your own mistakes. Review OSHA safe workplace practices. Dont make people drive hundreds of miles after working 20+ hours in a row. Think about others before yourself. In general, you are really not meant to own a business and lead other people.

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