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It another tool in the belt when needed.


Coffee Latte Art for your entertainment.
Please follow the link bellow.


One of the many web sites to retrieve the health care provider's national indentifyer. I was filling out a form for healthcare insurance and there was a requirement to fill out that number. I browsed the web and liked this particular link from many others out there.


These two links are somehow connected.
I purchased RAM memory for an aging DELL Dimension 9100 in Friday and had it delivered by Tuesday by standard FedEx delivery ($9.0 flat rate).

The site (sites) offer RAM, Flash, HDD, Mac.

I did not compare prices this time. My purchase was for 4x1Giagbites PC-5300 DDR-667 SDRAM DIMM at $15 a piece + Tax + $9.0 shipping.


Very comprehensive theory and examples for math and engineering formulas and worked examples in metric.


The site has different categories of costumes. I ordered a kids costume Friday afternoon. The paiment was done thru secure https: link and all mayor credit cards are accepted. I did not subscribe to the site and I forgot to put my e-mail address in the order page, and was afraid that will be difficult to get prompt tracking and information about the order. I called immediately the 877 number on the page. The response was prompt. They had my order number and added my e-mail address to the order info. The costumer service is Mon to Fri regular EST. The same applies to the shipping. I chose UPS Ground. Because I did not subscribe to the site I did not have means to check track the order online. For that reason Monday I called again. I did not have the order number but only by my name and the costume description my order was found in a less than a minute, and got the tracking information from the representative. Today, Tuesday the costume was delivered to our door.
The only reason I rank the site as a cool not I love it is because I do not have extensive experience with them, but I highly recommend the site.


This review is for Russian speaking only. I have been subscribed to this TV channels web site fro more than four years because my wife is fluent in Russian and enjoys watching. I pay like US $17 include everything and get access to probably 100 live Russian channels plus some others like Armenian. The basic package includes archive for about 20 days so someone can watch live or watch whenever convenient to her/ him. There is also a switch to all the US time zones and to the time zone in Russia which is 8 hours ahead of the US EST. I was very reluctant to give my credit card information back then because of the reputation of many online services and especially entertainment services, but so far I have not had any problems and have not observed that my information had been used in any way (I do not even get spam).

Today I did access the www.webtelek to experience what is like when you have not logged in and find out that there are free trials for couple of days. The site also have radio, video, news and forum sections. I can speak only for the TV channels part.

There are couple of things that one must know before hand: One is there is also a x-rated channel included in the basic package that can be turned off immediately upon first log in but the danger is there if you do not know and have children who can accidentally or not so accidentally click on that channel. The other you still have to watch the commercials when watching live broadcast. One more thing www.webtelek works with Microsoft media player only. I do not know if Mac users can access. I will leave this to whoever is interested of the site and is mac user to find that out.

My wife enjoys the movies entertainment and the cultural channels. Our kid watches many children broadcasts. I also like the cultural channels because I have the chance to watch operas, ballet, classical music, documentaries; a luxury which we do not have very often here in The USA and when we have it we have to fill guilty that the channel that provide them to us struggle for funding.

Last but probably not least After accessing the Webtelek thru Windows Explorer for many yeras suddenly the Explorer started warning me that the site is not safe. So to not be warned every time I started accessing by using the Firefox.


Web site with graphical and text information for the electrical standard voltage, frequency and type of plugs used throughout the world.


I purchased a TV wall mount form the online store. The the tracking and the delivery were perfect. The prices are compatible (not too high and not too low either compare with the few of the online stores out there). On the web site one can find everything imaginable: electronics, furniture, household items to mention a few. I have also subscribed to the site (which is not mandatory) and keep receiving a lots of promotional e-mails and some discount coupons like 20% on any purchase (which i did not use). Plus there is some kind of accumulation of redemption points ($3.0 so far, based on $ 110 purchase).


I came across this web site when searching about stem cells in china and videos of people treated. There were more than 100 cases (videos) in that topic. Then I realized that the site contains large collection of videos in alphabetically categorized topics like American studies, Astronomy, Bioengineering, Ecology to mention a few.


I have been extensively looking of how to connect the PC to HDTV with only one cable to transfer the video and the sound signals. I have read many articles on many web sites and finally on I found a comprehensive and detailed answer to my question. I think the site is equally useful for tech geeks and not so advanced ones as well.


Web site designed to cover the Tour De France, but thruout the year covers many other cycling races held in France.


Company manufacturing compact wind turbines based on Tesla invention.


Tools for salary research, interview tips, resume tips. Wast database categorized by industry, top companies, regions, states, cities.


Site with pictures and video clips of creative designs in every days things we use.


In their own words: Wide selection of PC components, software, networking products and consumer electronics from top brands. Whether you're a hardcore gamer, a small business, a reseller, a gadget junkie, or just a PC-building enthusiast, we are sure to meet all your needs.

I did some of my Christmas shopping there. I did save a little bit. The main reason I did my purchases there was the site was one of the online retailers for the Supper Talent flash memory drives. That gave me the confidence and security to deal with them. I have ordered two items in separate shipping. They offer free shipping when used First Class mail and UPS with a chart for the different types (next day, second day...). I tried the free shipping USPS and the 3rd day UPS. I placed the first order with the free shipping on 11/26/10 (Friday) and on 11/29/10 I had the product. The second order I placed Sat 11/27/10. The processing started 11/29/10 and the tracking shows me I will have it on 01/12/10.

I got billed after the processing. They do not work on weekends so for the Fridays order my credit card was billed Friday and for the Saturdays order on Monday.


Update: The site has seized operation.

I came across to this site when looking for a job for a friend. We sent the resume and there was respond Immediately. There was invitation for an interview the only requirement was to submit a credit report prepared trough the suggested link That raised the flag to begin with. Then I visited and it happened to be located in Panama. The contact number
Lordens, LLC
Phone number: 1 *******314 has Illinois area code. Random check of their postal addresses like 820 Franklin RD., Maywood, NJ 07607 with google map did not yield result, Park Ave in Manhattan must be South or North. We did not try any further, but my strong belief is that is one more scam web site preying on people who are looking for a job.

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