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Well sir, that does not sound like a 5-star review. I believe you should have made it 1-star because you decided to make all your other reviews as such, while being brutally honest in them. I personally would give Garland Christian Academy located in the great state of Texas 4 stars, as I give a review that actually sounds like it. I know many people there who are truly Christian, so your claim of it being far from that is false. I agree with you on the sports, because I was not good at them either during my time there from August 2013 to November 2020. However, I really think they have lessened their focus on them, even with the addition of the girls' sports. Everyone in this country called America should spend far less time focusing on them, and just play them in the backyard. I was also not good academically in spite of the teachers showing me a lot of mercy on my life, and not expelling me for my very bad behavior. I then dropped out from there during my second year as an 11th Grader. I had a hard time talking to my friends there, but I am thankful for the few people I knew from there who are still my friends. I know how it feels to have someone like you for a father. He went to the same public school you did in Mesquite, was bullied in the same way, and has the same feeling about sports. Also, shame on John McCartt, who is known as the man who founded it and gave it its original rules, for allowing his son to have such evil behavior by bullying you and your 2 friends there, and calling you a profane word! He may be a hypocrite from Florida, but the LORD used him to start something that would bless a lot of people, including myself. Christians are NOT supposed to be like his son, but I know God has still used his school in spite of its flaws! Satan has already gone to Heaven because he was created there as an angel, was cast out for his rebellion, and has no chance of going back. He has spent enough time there attacking God, who has an unexplainable love for the people at that school. The LORD still wants them to go to Heaven instead of what they deserve in Hell for their wicked behavior, like what those people showed you, by trusting in His Son to save them from their sins and repenting of them. I do agree that Mr. Davis should stop bragging things like being the 4th man of the Trinity, because the LORD said that He will not give His Glory to anyone else. I still have to credit him for giving me a nickname which I have come to cherish called "Bashman". As you have mentioned writing material, you are not just referring to experiences, but also to yearbooks. I have been very interested in those, and have used the pictures contained in them. I think one experience I've had at that school makes a great movie instead of a novel. It was a Bible class I had with a young teacher named Nathan Eppler, who was a 2011 graduate of that school, and did not try to promote himself. He still did crazy stuff so that he left the following year from an illness he got from a mission trip. I now relate to him because I left the school in much the same way he did. That school called GCA has had a great 50 years from 1972 to 2022, and it will continue to have many more great years, as long as it puts God first! Its campus has been lucky enough to have had an EIGHT MILLION DOLLAR renovation project recently over a period of 3 years from 2018 to 2020! I have made an ode in honor of it and offered it to the school, but its faculty rejected it as a possible performance because of my character there. I know that JESUS LOVES US in spite of what we have both experienced there, and glory be to His Name FOREVER! G - C - AMEN!

Tip for consumers:
The school's site has an updated look as of April 2022, to match the website of Lavon Drive Baptist Church that runs it called, courtesy of You must be aged 3 to 18 and have a relationship with God in order to attend. At least one of your parents must have the same. They must be willing to pay from about $6,500 to $11,200 annually depending on the grade, not counting other payments for breaking rules contained in its handbook. Have a nice day!

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