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I had a refrigerator delivered to my home by this company and the two thugs that showed up were unprofessional, used profanity and caused damage to my hardwood floors. When they installed the refrigerator, they covered up the damages with a mat in order to hide the deep scratches and cuts they caused. What they did next is something that is common practice with this company (I later found out). They had me sign a paper and folded it in half where I could only see a signature line and said, "Please sign here, its for the delivery of your fridge". When I asked for a copy, they told me that i had to call Home Depot because they had to turn in both copies. I then realized I was duped. These two thugs tricked me into signing the paper. Of course I complained about the damages and filed a claim through Home Depot. A guy by the name of Ron Wilson with Daryl Flood Relocation and Logistics called me the following week and said he was denying my claim because i signed a piece of paper where the two thugs made notes that I had prior damage. This incompetent person began to laugh and even used profanity and said he was denying the claim. I can't believe, even the employees at the office are scum! What this company does is illegal and If you look on Google, there are several similar complaints where people are frustrated over this company. The Better Business Bureau has also received several complaints on this company for using trickery and deceit where paperwork has been altered by their delivery people. I also have no doubt that most 5 star reviews written for this company are fake. Believe the 1 star reviews. DO NOT use this company. Home Depot continues to use them and do not care about the consumer.


First, I must say I am surprised at the competency level from some of the employees that work at American Muscle. You will see why when you reach the end of my honest review. On January 31,2018, I took my 2013 Ford Mustang to a Firestone auto repair center because of a coolant leak that I discovered on my driveway. It turns out my aftermarket radiator was leaking. Ok, so I thought, first thing I must do is call American Muscle. Keep in mind, I fully understand that the radiator was purchased 3 years and 3 months ago and I fully understand that it is out of warranty. To make a long story short, a guy by the name of Brad said he would replace or issued a refund on my broken radiator, which cost me $684. He said it was already approved by a supervisor. Brad offered me two options. First option, they were replacing the radiator with a new one, second option, they would issue a full refund. All I needed to do was take pictures of the leaking radiator and send them a copy of the invoice from Firestone that shows that the radiator was in fact leaking. I told him I would give him that information immediately and thanked him a million times. I was so excited and thought, "this is incredible!" At the moment, I could not decide what to do, so I told Brad if I can call him back later when I decided if I was going to take the refund or get a replacement radiator. Brad said to take my time and to call him back when I was ready. Keep in mind, I asked Brad if there would be a problem if I called back and someone else answered the phone. In other words, would other employees have knowledge to the decision that was made regarding a replacement or refund? He said not to worry, he made notes on his end and said it has been approved by a supervisor. Great news right? At approximately 8:38pm, I called American Muscle and decided I wanted a replacement radiator. I spoke with some guy, dont remember his name, and explained the situation. This guy suddenly started playing dumb and said he did not know what I was talking about. I explained to him that a decision was made by Brads supervisor to replace or issue a refund for my broken radiator. This guy was clueless. He was either new to the job or simply incompetent. I asked for a supervisor. Here's where things get awkward. I spoke with some guy by the name of George Dietrich and explained my situation for the hundredth time. This guy, for some reason, decided to ask me 100 question, such as; Who approved it?, What do you mean a refund?, Who told you this?, Why did they tell you this?, Why did they make this decision?, etc. I told him flat out, Look George, the decision was already made, you seem like you are going against or not liking the decision that another supervisor made. Then he became sarcastic and said that he is the highest supervisor and can override anyone else's decision. I told him to be very cautious about making any kinds of irrational decisions and told him flat out that he was making me pretty upset right about now. He insisted that because the radiator I purchased from them is a little over 3 years old, they do not issue refunds or replacements. Keep in mind, this guy was not understanding where I was coming from. I felt I was talking to a robot. I repeated over and over, "George, the decision was already made, do not go around messing up this arrangement that I made with another employee". Nope, he could not, would not understand. He seemed to take this very personal as if he was the owner of American Muscle. Then at one point he laughed and I said, What is so funny? I must say, this is one immature and ignorant human being. I have never been treated like this before by a major company. Someone else had already made the last and final decision on my complaint. Why would this other incompetent person come in and ruin things? It is not my fault I called late in the evening and was unable to speak with Brad. Everyone here should be on the same page. These employees should be retrained on how to speak with customers. Communication is essential for running a business such as this one. They should be ashamed of themselves for doing this to me. The company made a promise and could not keep it simply because of one incompetent person that didnt like someone elses decision. I never wish to do business with American Muscle, ever again. Worthless company. One last thing, I did receive a confirmation email from American Muscle along with a UPS label, which came from Brad, but yet George is made an executive decision not to honor a refund. Worthless company.


I normally don't write reviews about a website that posts consumer reviews on other businesses, however, I have to say that is a scam and not reliable if you are seeking accurate and honest reviews. On July 9,2016, me and my wife visited a local car dealership to buy a new car. In the end, we walked out without getting a new car. What really irritated me is days later, the salesman called me back, telling me he had good news and told me to come in the dealership right away. I ignored him. He called me for a total of 4 times, each time telling me something different, such as, "we have new incentives" or "we have brand new promotions and I can get you into that new car" or "we can offer you more discounts, I promise I will make that deal go through". I contacted the dealership and looked at their website and realized that there was NO new incentives or promotions. It was a lie. This is misleading and false advertisement. First, when I posted my initial review on, they rejected it because some guy by the name of * said I mentioned pricing on my review and told me to re-write it. Then when I did re-write my review, * sent me the following message; "Unfortunately, your review was rejected for falling outside of one or more of's review guidelines. For instance, please refrain from accusing the dealer of partaking in any sort of illegal activity. Please feel free to re-submit a new review for moderation". This is the second time he rejects it. What does he want me to do, give a positive review on the business? He said, "refrain from accusing the dealer of partaking in any sort of illegal activity". Well I got news for you, that is exactly what the business was doing. They lied to me again and again, only to convince me to come in and make a sale. Shame on you for not posting my honest review.

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