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This company will not give me my money back for 2 items I purchased as a result of their faulty product listings at their website. These were accessory products that ended up not being compatible with a Scan & Cut machine I purchased from another vendor, but SewingMachinesPlus had them listed as compatible. I have been writing them for months trying to get my money back, and that is after they put me through the wringer calling one of their tech workers that knew absolutely nothing about the issues I was having - and he did not know it was an issue of the purchased products being compatible with my Scan & Cut machine version. Then SewingMachinesPlus told me their product vendor said I should call Brother (manufacturer of the products) direct to troubleshoot the issue. The Brother rep (who was great) told me they were incompatible with my machine and told me I needed to pursue the return through SewingMachinesPlus - which I pretty much assumed would be the response to begin with. Most recently, instead of sending me back my money they sent me ONE OF THE TWO INCOMPATIBLE PRODUCTS I sent back to them. Their staffers did manage to send me a return label for that, but apparently they don't have plans to refund me the money for the 2 products I returned. Within all the chaos, one of their reps quoted a return amount that didn't add up to the price I paid for the products I purchased and sent back. I had used a discount coupon that gave me 10% off - so factoring in that (I did not factor that in initially), one item should have been $22.49 and the other should have been $17.99, and the manager quoted $12.59 and $17.99. I have yet to see any refund activity, so it doesn't much matter they got the amounts wrong. What's really unbelievable is they have a Shopperapproved review rating of 4.7 - apparently Shopperapproved is a review mechanism businesses pay into for false ratings. I see no place where I can review my own experience with SewingMachinesPlus via the Shopperapproved site. DO NOT do business with this company, you will regret it, they are absolutely incompetent. They can't even add up two numbers on a calculator. Their prices are not mind blowing, you can find the same products for the same costs via other stores. I had never heard of them when I ordered so I didn't know what I know now.

Tip for consumers:
Don't. If you experience issues, even if it is their fault, you will never see your money again.

Products used:
None of them, they were all misadvertised and useless to me.


Why are sites like this allowed to remain up? Complete and total scam. It's mind blowing there aren't protections in place when a site is proven to be fraudulent. I'm grateful Sitejabber exists for this very reason, but many people do not know to be skeptical. It's awful and I can understand how people get tricked. Same goes for phone and internet scams. Someone tried to threaten me for money via an email, I notified local and federal authorities, the feds never got back to me and the local authority told me to not forward him the threatening emails as he didn't want his email bugged. When I emailed back to see if he at least logged the threat he didn't bother to respond. My mom knows which organizations to sue at the local and federal level if my body is ever found in a ditch. And no, I am not fearful for my life (the threat didn't even pertain to me), but it'd be nice to know the threats had been logged in case anything ever did happen - it would take authorities 10 seconds to make a note and I would think that given it was an email address, an identity could have easily been pursued.

Tip for consumers:
This website is a scam. Shipping time is never and refund policy is never.

Here is what I was shopping for:

They have a button to add it to your Amazon wishlist that is not even connected to Amazon. Very sleek - this cart is $170 at Home Depot. They priced it at $100. I can see how people fall for the scams, they price things below market price but not so low it's obvious.


I bought a 2017 MacBook Pro laptop from this seller on eBay back in March 2020, to replace a 2014 MacBook Pro I owned that was buggy. It came with a 6 month warranty.
From the get go this seller's laptop had issues, but these issues didn't impact the functionality and since it came guaranteed for 6 months, I was willing to hold on to it and try to remedy the issues. The battery on it burned down quicker than my 2014 MacBook Pro and it also overheated more often.
I messaged the seller about the issues I was having, and was put in touch with their "expert MacBook Pro" tech guy. I was literally troubleshooting a $1000 laptop I had just purchased. He sent me crap solutions he looked up on Google, all of which I could have found myself. No "expert" advice. I tried recalibrating the battery 5 separate times with no success. Towards the end of our communication, when all his "solutions" failed, I told him that I was comfortable keeping it for the time being, because of the 6 month warranty it came with. I told him if I was unhappy with it at any point during the 6 month warranty period I would be returning it.
Towards the end of the warranty period, I reached out to the seller to ask if they would be willing to help me troubleshoot it going forward (after the 6 month warranty time period) if it became buggier than it already was. I never received a response. When I didn't receive a response, I then sent a message to the seller that I wanted to return it. Once more, I did not receive a response. Again, this is all within the 6 month warranty period that the laptop came with. The seller's 6 month warranty period is a gimmick.
I am stuck with this garbage (at present, the screen light is starting to fail) but am hopeful other potential buyers will read my review and steer clear of this seller. Not only are their laptops subpar junk, they do not honor their warranties at all. EBay protection runs out after 30 days, so you can't go that route to file a dispute. I tried going through PayPal and Discovercard, but those 2 companies just deflected to one another and offered no buyer protection. Thankfully Discovercard provided me with this seller's business details (I could not find this information on the eBay seller profile). This seller knows exactly what they are doing - and they are getting away with it. DO NOT BUY THEIR PRODUCTS. They will scam you. Hopefully other buyers will learn the truth about this seller from my $1000 mistake doing business with them.


Don't waste your time on this site. gives you the illusion that once you add an item to your bag you have 15 minutes to complete the transaction. The illusion is reinforced by a potential buyer being unable to add items that are in other shoppers' carts and being told to check back later to see if these items become available. In actuality, having the item in your bag means NOTHING, because when you go to check out (within the 15 minutes you supposedly have to purchase the items you have added to your cart - you are literally put on a timer) Coach Outlet will then tell you "SORRY SOME OF THE ITEMS IN YOUR ORDER ARE NOW OUT OF STOCK. PLEASE ADJUST THE QUANTITIES OR REMOVE THESE ITEMS". It's not the item being unavailable that angers me - it's the time wasted checking back for the item to be available and being able to add it to the cart, only to find out you wasted your time and effort because the items become unavailable AFTER YOU HAVE BEEN ABLE TO MOVE THEM TO YOUR CART. Coach is a swanky enough brand to spend the capital on accurate inventory controls that can be reflected at their active Coach Outlet website. IF THERE IS ANY QUESTION WHETHER AN ITEM IS AVAILABLE, THEN DO NOT ALLOW THAT ITEM TO BE ADDED TO A SHOPPERS CART. What a waste of consumer time, especially when the time relates to picking out presents for the holidays for someone else, and the consumer has to go start all over again looking for something new for their friend or family member. It is especially annoying with the item that becomes unavailable was supposed to go with matching accessories in a consumer's cart. Especially when that item that miraculously sold out while it was in the consumer's cart was the main present.

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