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You are cheaper dead, than claiming.

Natural selection, 21st century version. Turning the phrase "healthcare professional" into "Government failure representative".

All of the non-personal information is either already nationally known, or already reported by the BBC

The government says dead people cost the economy less than sick people claiming on social services.

We know they aren't here to help. We know the government is only using them to make money for its mates. Money heads toward the 1%, courtesy of the 1%. (clear on this. Government has given ATOS £750 million so far to do the tests. So if you fall ill or injury and cannot work, your taxes right now are paying for your future interrogation which says "we dont believe you".)

Over 1,500 people who have been rated fit for work, have died since their assessment. Lots have committed suicide. Government stats are that 38% of appeals had been successful. This is incorrect. The number is over 50%.

You could say atos are a 21st century version of survival of the fittest, kill off the weak, natural selection population cull. And send money to rich private companies in the process.


My assessor had the characteristics of an insect. The patient manner of a brick wall. She ignored most of the material I brought with me and brought her own prejudice and bias into the room

I'm sure her bosses instructions were "get them off social services no matter what". The base of her questioning displayed a basic non understanding, and is reflective of the technological quick fix that the industry revolves around. The BBC has skimmed this.

"are you taking medication". Just a thought. How many people out there 'KNOW' that medication is not the solution for their problems (but medication is all that is offered to them). Because chemicals are a "quick fix" that require a minimum amount of effort from "healthcare professionals". Not to mention pharmacutical companies want to increase the number of users of

Their expensive drug for their sales figures spreadsheet.

Sometimes I believe, the help for someone, may be LISTENING to them.
- DO PLAN (medication HELPS you while you are doing this)

How many people have had their conditioned worsened, purely by having to write their ATOS appeal? Because in writing an appeal, you are forced to go over in detail and remind yourself of what the issues are.

If you display any kind of emotion during the interview, the assessor will mark you down for displaying human-like qualities. This may be because your assessor is in fact a brain dead robot. I was unable to find their off switch (or "activate" switch, for that matter). It may have been hidden. I suggest an EMP.

They will with disdain inform you that you answered their questions poorly. I'd suggest you inform them they are poor listeners and that they, as are the test, unfit for purpose. Prepare lots of supporting material. They will ignore most of it, and then in their notes they will say you were poor at recalling details. That's a joke, except it's real.

File a complaint about them. It's good for them. They will take it as a positive step in improving their service. (This will not be of help if you are one of the claimants who has already committed suicide due to lack of support from corrupt people in a corrupt system that knows the value of nothing and the price of everything). But it isn't about welfare of people. It's about lowering the welfare bill. Ian Duncan Smith does not care about people. He cares about how his career is affected by saying "the welfare bill is lower".

The truth? You aren't a number. You aren't that important to them. You are "part of a list" to the gov't. "ATOS Health Care Professional". Or as they are known, "couldn't give A TOS Government failure representative".

There is always more. Once you have gone thro the MENTAL process of your appeal (and won), the government will still not accept that you are being honest. After your appeal, the government will refer to your situation as "the tribunal has decided".


The site owners have serious issues, they have recruited mods with issues and this permeates throughout the whole site. Mods create and contribute towards arguments, and the whole thing is just a ****shovel. It's their own personal Eastenders.

You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy (that might not be -strictly- true).

I could write a lot more.

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