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ENTERED UNIT WITHOUT CONSENT WHILE I WAS MOVING OUT. I was paid up until 4/3. They entered my unit and started removing items from it on 4/2. As usual no accountability just a sorry we made a mistake. They agreed to refund the rent I paid for those days. When it came time for the refund I got a ledger that was unclear. No communication that a check would be mailed to me from another office.
I tried to email them justifiably upset with all I had to deal with living there. No response. My feedback would be to communicate clearly with your tenants or x-tenants.
I also had issues with the overall professionalism that was seriously lacking. Either being spoken to in a condescending tone, lack of communication, and lack of accountability for example when my car was being messed with. Entering my unit that was still being rented by me. I don't work in the field but I would think it would be building management 101 to check to see when a unit would be empty.
Also I had a huge safety concern there and didn't feel like wearing masks was enforced nor did I see signs all over the place.

While living there the parking area was always filthy and washing my car was pointless. Did I mention my car was vandalized and another tenant had bars stolen right off his motorcycle. Church service on mega phone 8 am on Saturdays and Sundays so forget about sleeping in.

Tip for consumers:
Avoid renting here.


I sent an item back as instructed and was supposed to get a replacement item sent within 2 days. Empty promises. After almost a month and numerous calls I am given the same mumbo jumbo how it is stuck in shipping, and they can't refund. When I say stuck in shipping means they never even shipped the item. It's in their warehouse.
I've had to dispute payment with my credit card company in hopes of getting my money back. Never shopping there again.


WARNING! Rim fell off during their wash. This place is unsafe. The attendant guided me in the wrong direction and the rim fell off my car. He was kicking it to get it back on, which is insane. I get home and realize the rim was completely off my car. I will not be going back, and if any damage has been done to the wheel or Axel a lawsuit will be filed against them. There is also another review on here with rim damage.
Also the attendant was not wearing a mask. Horrible car wash. Having rims fall of is unacceptable and they are fully liable. Obviously never going back.


I paid my final bill. Several times since they kept finding more to charge me with. I then get a collection notice stating they are taking me to collections for 8 dollars.
I check my account and call. The account is at zero. The rep apologized for the confusion. This is totally unacceptable. How is this company not been taken to court.
Sending a collection letter for 8 dollars on an account that is at zero is unacceptable. They are not accountable for their poor business practices and they should be sued.
I had a different instance where I was charged when I was out of town for gas usage. I looked at the usage chart and I had plane tickets proving I wasn't there. Again I was met with rude customer service and you have to call them MRS. Or Ms which is beyond ridiculous. While the rest of us have real jobs these Aholes are being paid to do nothing all day and be rude to customers. I'm no longer with them since I moved and happy about it. If anyone happens to be filing a class action suit against them I'm down.


Us major moving company ( DAMAGED a painting (it's torn) minor damage to a stool, and a small table and just found out today they damaged some shelves. Instead of taking accountability Diana kept arguing with me and blaming me. I'm not the one who wrapped or carried or placed or removed anything from the truck. POOR Business practices. I worked with these guys because of the good reviews, and really regret it since this is the worst move I've ever had.
The red flag started when I thought I had finalized my moving details and out of the blue Diana asks for a credit card number. Not a big deal but this type of requirement should have been clear not something thrown at you last minute.
The movers showed up on time but were extremely slow in starting. It took them a half hour before they even came up with the dollies. I've done this move many times and the same distance. A one bedroom apartment should not take over 6 hours to move. Normally this has been done in under 3 hours. Trips were taken back to the truck without having anything in hand. I didn't feel they were efficient and definitely moved at a snail's pace.
The real nightmare came when we are at the drop off location and I find out they damaged my painting and other items. DIANA went into denial mode and that it's impossible for anything to get damaged because it was wrapped. Not everything was wrapped in blankets some things just had plastic wrap. How did two black marks get on the sides of the shelves if this was actually properly moved. Anyhow they offer 60 cents per pound. Not close to being enough for damaging a painting. The entire time Diana is arguing with me and refusing to take accountability. Then she offers me an hour free. I told her that I would try to resolve with my renters insurance.
I find out the deductible is very high and the moving company should cover the cost. More denying any accountability from Diana and accusing me of damaging my own painting because I took the blanket off. The damage was done in wrapping or carrying to and from the truck. No logic with these people. Anyhow the movers have refused to take any responsibility. Horrible experience and beyond unprofessional. Not even an apology that they damaged my belongings. I do not recommend this company. The only positive thing is the two movers were nice. One of them didn't fully cover his nose and that also made me nervous you know since there is a pandemic going on and all.


Georgette did a balayage for me. During the consultation that she was 25 minutes late for I was pretty specific in what I wanted and Brought in photos.
During the appointment I again let her know that I wanted -- blonde weaved into the front and the sides like I currently had it and amped up with the rest of the pieces that she would do. This was really important and if she wasn't going to do this I would have gone to someone else.
During my appointment I was left with bleach on my head for over 30 minutes. I checked my phone. I even asked some of the assistants to get her because I was starting to freak out how long I was sitting there and felt my hair burn. Guess what parts of my hair are totally damaged! I'm using olaplaex to repair but I've never in my history of getting hair done had my hair this damaged.
To make it worse the front wasn't done. There are two strips that she put in. Nothing on the sides and when my hair is in a bun it looks dark. Not what I asked for. I was told that she had a lot to do in the back that's why the front wasn't fully done. Ok.
I sat with it for a week and called the following week for an appointment for an adjustment. Receptionist said no problem. I also specifically stated that I had my hair done a week ago.
I called today to change to a different day due to a time conflict and also see if it would be possible to see another stylist because to be frank I don't really trust Georgette with my hair. The receptionist called the manager to check. I then receive a call back saying that there is a 5 day limit when I can come in for an adjustment and I would have to pay. I was like nooo. You never told me this, and then she said it's on the website under the policies. Clearly this salon doesn't care about making their customers happy. I will not be going back for any service nor would I recommend this place to anyone.


This shop deserves a zero rating. The person I dealt with was AC. I came in with scratches on my car and asked AC if he could match the paint to the rest of my car and fix the damage. He said no problem.
I come in to get my car a few days later. THE PAINT DIDN'T MATCH.
AC told me a bunch of mumbo jumbo about how it can't match because they used factory paint and the polish on the rest of my car has diminished because of the age of the car.
To me it looks like a completely different shade of black it doesn't match the rest of the car something AC promised me he could do. Had he been upfront with me I would not have bothered to do the work at all.
On top of this they polished the interior of my car with some type of leather polish something I didn't give them permission to do. It left an odor and they also left smug marks on the fabric surrounding the dashboard and other areas they touched. My hood was also open, This was super sketchy. AC told me they cleaned everything. I absolutely didn't give permission for this.
Cut to today: The service I experienced from AC is an abomination.
They missed a spot in the area they did the body work on. I wasn't sure if this was something that could be polished out or needed an adjustment.
So I had to waste my time and come in for a 2nd time. AC said he'd repolish the area. The issue happened when I asked him about the smudge marks on the fabric that his team left when they polished the interior (again without my permission). I asked if he had any type of solvent that could get this out.
AC had a full meltdown. I'm not talking doubt just being rude the guy started full on yelling at me and said that he tried to make me happy and I'm just too picky and he won't be helping me again. Would not take accountability on staining the fabric and was blaming it on the car being old. The car had no interior damage until I took it to this place.
He then starts yelling how he had an issue with me a year ago and he's done.
What he is referring to is when I took my car in to have the bumper fixed. His team took the foam reinforcement that was greased stained and left it on my leather seats again taking no accountability.
I gave this shop a 2nd chance because of all of the good yelp reviews and I thought they could match the paint as promised. Also I never dreamed they would need to do anything on the interior of my car other than move it.
AC was not only unprofessional but as a woman I felt threatened by his aggression, and am disappointed with the quality of work.


I called for an upgrade quote to my ticket. The customer rep Ariane was rude, and argumentative. He kept saying that people are scamming for upgrades. You need to screen your employees better, and the whole experience turned me off from buying anything from cheap air.

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