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Okay, here is the deal... the girl scouts of america released news that they will basically accept transgender 7 year olds into the scouts. "If a child identifies as a girl and the child's family presents her as a girl, Girl Scouts of Colorado welcomes her as a Girl Scout." Okay fine. But then, another former scout gets pissed off and creates this website which is getting a ton of traffic. The huffington post article has 10K Facebook likes and is becoming one of the most popular stories on the web;

I will admit I am not sure about girl scouts accepting a 7 year old biological boy into their organization is the right thing to do, but I won't pass judgement on them. I do know that both the parents of this 7 year old and the parents of that teen girl in the video have instilled within them their own beliefs to such a degree that I do wonder if either of these children know how this website/article will affect them years from now. Did the parents of that 7 year old understand the ramifications of this and how forever that child will be remembers as the transgender joining the girl scouts? Is that really what is best for that child? And for the parents of the girl who posted that video online... is that really how you want your child to be remembered as she goes to college, gets a job and grows up? These are serious issues, but not ones I think that should involve children.


I did their amazon local deal for $39 for a 20x16 inch canvas print. Quality was great and shipping was fast. The shipping was $8.95, but I guess that can't be helped. I later got another email stating they were going to continue their 39 buck canvas print, so if you go with them, call and see if they can honor that deal.


For those of you out there with needy/clingy girlfriends, do not despair. This new app for your iphone can send out pre-programmed texts and emails telling you how much you love them while you are away doing something more important or with someone else. What would be even better is if you could attach a pre-programmed photo of where you "are" at that moment, which of course would be taken way in advance.


I think what I liked about this site was that rather than trying to figure out my own diagnosis which is usually wrong (though I swear I had a brain tumor and not just a headache...) is that it guides you to seeing the correct specialist and how soon you should see a doctor. That is more valuable than 1000s of pages of rare diseases that I really do not want to read about cause if I read them I KNOW I am going to have them.


If anyone actually decides to buy from this place I would highly recommend using a real credit card so if the product never appears you can at least file for a chargeback and you have buyer protection. If you pay via paypal/western union, good luck to you


This site is screaming "scam me" and let me tell you how if you wire transfer us money and avoid using your credit card "we give good price" in some scary asian accent...


After walking a few miles in vegas, I finally realized that I needed insoles or some sort of orthotics for my shoes as my feet were killing me. I am much older now and I do have some foot problems but it was never a problem in the past. I was told by my doc to see a podiatrist but those guys charge so much money and my insurance wasn't going to pay for custom made shoes. I did some research and found that powersteps were one of the only brands sold by podiatrists in their offices and you can buy them online without ever seeing a doctor. I bought a pair for $49 and it was so much better than the garbage they sell at drug stores. Very happy with this purchase.


They claim to sell UGG boots
If you go to the official UGG boot site

And enter in the website redshoesole, you will find UGG boots finds no record of this site being an official reseller... beware of this website


I think my main problem with this site is that they have a truste badge on it that takes you nowhere. Usually a badge takes you to a truste website page, so I'm not too sure how safe this site really is! Fake badge perhaps? Try clicking on the badge and see what happens.


If you are searching for satellite tv or free tv or wanting somehow to watch tv on your pc for free then you may have come across one of these many sites claiming to deliver all of these amazing channels for one single low price of 49 dollars or something like that. Becareful. Do some research. Sure if you are interested in some obscure channel watching indian soccer then maybe you will get some value out of it. If you are looking for mainstream US channels then you may want to stick with other options like hulu.


I love how they advertise free internet tv and while they have some rocking seo and rank in high google search engines, the problem is that they redirect you to another site where you can get free tv for $49.95. What will you get? Not nearly what you expect. Wanna watch tv minus the price tag here, check out this article

Free tv or internet tv is basically streaming video and is subject to copyright laws, it takes big companies to pull this off legally. While there are places on the net where you can download peer to peer style tv shows illegally, those are often dangerous and full of viruses. Do a search on SJ if you want more information. Search under the word torrent or bittorrent. Try checking out free site before you hand your credit card and identity over to a site.


This website has some of the best SEO I have seen, you google nike jordan and they are the number one hit. They have a phone number AND a real BBB rating of an A-
Of course we all know how reliable the BBB is after the recent news on them. So why then do they have bad ratings here on sitejabber and especially why did a spammer post in the Q&A section all of those spam keywords? I decided to help the spammer out and entered in all of the keywords she spammed here on the tags. Now we can get indexed and people can write about their experiences on I am giving a Meh rating because I called the phone and nobody picked up and second they chose to spam themselves in the Q&A section.


This site is paying some big money to be featured in google ad words, so I thought I would check them out and see if they had a good 2 for 1 spa type deal in my area as Valentines day is approaching (note that I was NOT going to buy from a no-name spa I never heard about, but was only going to use one that I had been to before). The usual steps of entering your email address before they will show you the deal was the case. When I got to the page, I didn't get to see any deals! So I gave away my email and got nothing in return. Maybe they don't have deals for every city yet? Now I hope I don't get too much spam. I will raise my rating if they ever offer a deal in my city


While many who have followed my reviews know that I am not a big fan of groupon style sites as they are popping up all over the internet and creating just cheap bad deals, I am a fan of competition though. I love the URL and that should probably really help this company gain some traction. I am anxious to see how they do and they will probably start off with some really good deals initially... whether they can keep up the good deals when competing against groupon will remain to be seen. I am waiting for your opening day!


I have read so many complaints about people have bad work at home experiences I just wanted to share this site with the community. Seems like a really legit opportunity to make money while at home. You will be working for kgbanswers and they are a well funded large company.


Pretty cool concept and they charge 99 cents for an answer to a question and it appears you can do it via text from your phone. For example if you have a superbowl question you can go here
And they will answer it for 99 cents. Now it is just someone at home (so called agents) who answer questions by just doing google searches for you. It is like paying some one at home to do a quick search for you while you are out on the road for a buck. The only problem is that you are depending on the skill of some guy who is at home and working for them. I'm not too sure how reliable the answers really are but if they get a bunch of sophisticated searchers then maybe this could really catch on.


This is a groupon clone and basically doing the same thing but probably with far less money to really reach out and find good deals in all of the cities they claim. My word of caution is that it takes considerable effort to secure a good deal from a business and that is why groupon has so much money invested in them. I am skeptical a site with less resources pulling this off, However they are a part of which is a very unique concept and fairly well executed.


I don't recommend any of these penny auction sites, but if you are going to gamble your money away swoopo was the first one and is seemingly more legit than the others. is also one of the bigger players in this market. Do a search here on sitejabber and they have hundreds of these sites reviewed.


Love it love love it. Upload your music to the cloud and listen to it anywhere you want. My only problem with this service now is that I worry about all of the limits AT&T puts on my usage and wants to charge me when I go over that amount. I would be too scared to use my ipad to stream music... same for my iphone when not connected to wifi. Still the day will come when it will be virtually unlimited data... or I switch to verizon and can more readily enjoy the mspot service.


Not a bad service and well worth the $4.95 a month to basically sync all of your music together and it does somewhat work with itunes. One of the main drawbacks is that right now I can't upload music that I already own and that is a major bummer for me. Still not a bad music service created by rdio or however you prounance it.

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