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I can only comment about the Dollar Tree I shop at in this area, as I haven't been in any others and don't even know if they have a website.
Of all the discounts stores in this area, Dollar Tree is definitely #1.
First, the products all seem to be overstocks- not junk;
Second, the products are always kept clean and in good condition.
While it's true they charge for cash back, and don't give refunds, the only real problem I ever had was when a cashier put a partially-open bottle of dish detergent in a bag that had my new cellphone in it and destroyed the phone, and didn't take responsibility for it. But with that one mistake in all the years I've shopped there, I still prefer Dollar Tree over other local discount stores.


I noticed an item I liked, and ordered it. The item was not sent to me. When I contacted customer service, they were prompt with issuing a refund. Although it was only one experience, it didn't seem like sellers are very responsible.


The website is easy to navigate, and easy to find images. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants photos for book covers, etc.


Toyrus is super, and I'm anxiously waiting for them to come back.
I liked the nearby store that's no longer there, but prefer the website so gifts can be directly shipped.


I've purchased quite a few items from this company. It's a good place to go especially for household items. Fast shipping, items in good condition.

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Weebly was my first attempt that actually worked for creating a blog. It's easy for non-techs to understand, and the results look nice.


I'm with the majority that posted negative reviews. I'd been a member for around 8 years without any problems or bad experiences. This changed when a 'troll' started bothering me for no apparent reason. Two of the mods were initially supportive, so it was like I was sucker-punched when they suddenly turned against me and one of the main mods said I was banned for life. Curious, I Googled to see if anyone else had had similar experiences, and many people did- all minorities. As it didn't occur to me to change my screen name, one of the mods actually followed (stalked) me onto Topix and started harassing me there. Upon learning who the main owner/admin was I emailed him, but he never replied. What irritates me is it presents itself as a community where everyone is welcome- but that's not the case at all.


I placed a few orders with this company, and never had any problem. The books arrived in a reasonable length of time, and were in good condition.


I've been self-publishing through Lulu since 2008, and have had good experiences. The support forum has always been helpful, I like the quality of the books, and have always been paid on time.

Of the numerous books I've ordered (written by other people), there was only one time I was sent the wrong book, and Lulu replaced it with the correct book as soon as I informed them of the error.

I haven't had any experience with any other self-publishing companies/sites, but am happy with Lulu Press.


I was a mail-order customer for a very long time, and liked their stores, too. A few years ago, I heard they went out of business, and am wondering if the current Frederick's is an entirely different company, or purchased by someone else?
I really liked their products in the past- reasonably priced, good quality. But I wish they would go back to selling regular clothes- pants, tops, dresses. I'm not really interested in lingerie and swimsuits.


I've been buying books through Thriftbooks for a few years. Good experiences. I especially like the feature that will notify you when a book you want becomes available.
Although the prices and postage have increased a little, it's usually still more economical than other places on the web that sell books.


I've been writing for The Content Authority for nearly a decade- since a few months after the company opened. From my experiences, the staff is reliable, straightforward, and fair. Although I've had very few difficulties with clients, the staff has always been helpful.
I've found the majority of clients are enjoyable to write for, reasonable with their requests, and pay fairly for work.
I've been freelance writing for almost 13 years, and would give TCA an even higher rating if it was allowed.


I was a member for a few years, and received quite a lot of cool stuff. Also contributed numerous items.
I became fed-up with Listia after too many sellers kept the postage fees I sent and failed to send me the items.
I stopped dealing with them altogether when they started the 'ink' system- was unable to figure it out.

I believe the site would be good if a) Listia reimbursed us for postage ripoffs, and b) went back to the former credits system.


IWriter is an example of a mistake I often made: joining and working for a company without researching other people's experiences. I later found many negative reports.

From my own experiences: while the pay is so low it took weeks to reach the payout minimum (and that only occurred because one client liked my work so much that she sent direct orders), it's the bad business practices that I really objected to. As I'd never had any written material rejected before, I didn't know what to make of it when one article after another was rejected. It wasn't til I started reading about other people's experiences that I learned rejecting work and then using it anyway was a common scam clients engage in on iWriter.
The website- at the time, anyway- stated clients can reject work that is poor quality, filled with errors, etc., which is logical. However, that was not the case with articles they rejected. Although I followed instructions "to the T," the feedback I received was "Not what I wanted" and "Not what I'm looking for." Upon contacting Support, I was told clients can reject articles for any reason.
So from my experiences, I believe other reviewers were correct when they said iWriter allows clients to steal writers' work. I do hope the person who said he planned to sue the company is following through with it. I tolerated these jerks at iWriter for a few weeks a couple of years ago, and it is by far the lousiest and shadiest online company I've ever dealt with in my 13 years of freelance writing. But that's what can happen when a person is desperate for work and jumps into a company without checking it out first.

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