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Single with 5 grown children and more grand kids that I can count.. Virtual worker for several years . Born and raised in Southern California I move to Michigan for 20 years and have finally returned home

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Gardening, computers, computer repair, animals, internet issues, women using and buying tools and power tools


Animals. I so love them all and learning and doing all home repairs

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With over 200000 miles on my car and the engine light on i knew it was time to buy another car. Going from dealership to dealership is such a hassle especially with covid. So i decided to go online and look. The best place i found was Carmax. I pre qualified so i knew the price range i would be approved for which saves a lot of time not to mention frustration. I chose my car and went to puck it up. The minute i walked in i was greeted and a salesman ushered me to his office space to conclude the deal. Simple and no hassle. I must say that their cars are a little pricey and they push for the extra warranty but all in all i am very satisfied and glad i purchased my car from them. Easy to get financed is definitely a plus too and i put a small down payment which didnt strip me of all my finances.

Products used:
Nissan versa


This store has more sales than any other store on this planet! Constant emails, coupons and codes flood your inbox. Problem is the products are repeated over and over again with no end in site and they mislead you in thinking that it's a close out or clearance yet the products are a standard item in their stores.
Products are low quality, break easily, limited in their selection and really not worth buying with the exception of a few products.
Purchased their kitchen sink auger and it twisted so badly within 5 minutes of trying to unclog my sink that it was totally useless. Home depot was my next stop for a reliable one as the broken one had to be returned to the manufacture not the store for refund or an exchange I needed an auger right away, not in 3-4 weeks. A waste of time and money but a lesson learned. Buy from a store that backs their products.
I don't recommend Harbor Freight for purchasing your home tool needs unless you want to fill someones stocking up with tape measures, screw drivers, funnels and other small household essentials. These small items seem to last longer but thats
Probably because you won't use them much.
The staff are friendly and some are helpful and knowledgeable and they earn a higher score then the merchandise

Products used:
Kitchen sink auger 25 feet


Mercari is a pretty easy site to get around on to buy and or sell various items. I both buy and sell on there and the only complaint I have is that they need a better server. It takes forever to upload pictures or won't upload them at all. After several attempts with no luck I just go list them on Ebay who has no issues uploading images. I am sure many face this same issue and Mercari really should correct it.
As far as customer service, I have always received a prompt reply and if necessary a refund from a seller not shipping out item. Also a purchase was lost on its way to me and I sent the email I received from my postmaster stating package could not be found and Mercari issued me a refund right away.
The app kind of sucks in some ways. It could use some work making it load faster-again they need a bigger server- and I don't like the picks they choose for likes as it doesn't relate to what I'm interested in so I avoid that and go to my likes only. Also, the items that have sold need to be removed from the active ones. It gets tiring to just see sold items while you are looking for treasures.
Most sellers up their prices because you can offer a lower price which is expected and most sellers do accept. You can also like an item and the seller may offer you a reduced price. They really need to get shippo or another postal server to get priority rates that arent offered so packages sent go first-class or UPS /FEDX and can be rather expensive but prevents the gorging of shipping prices as seen on eBay who doesn't control it at all.
Overall Mercari is a good auction site that is growing daily.

Tip for consumers:
Don't pay full price.
Always offer the seller a lower price . If they don't like your offer then they can counter offer or just refuse offer

Products used:
Jewelry lots, self-tanner, garden decor, birthday supplies, faires, barbies and barbie evening clothes


I dont know about anyone else but all I can say is that it should not take 3 weeks for a letter to arrive sent from a city 2 hours away.
I do a lot of auctions both buying and selling and I have not received 4 packages and 2 sent packages have vanished as well. Seems like they just vanish in thin air or still sitting in another state in the lost mail pile. Be patient they say, someone will find it and you will receive it. Really? Its been 3 months! Or file a claim my postmaster tells me. Kind of hard to do if you are not the one who bought the shipping label as that is required to collect the insurance money. Don't even get me started on the informed delivery. Every morning I receive an email telling me what will arrive in my mailbox. Last week alone 3 packages were to arrive so they said, yet I received zero plus missing mailpieces. I have to track each and every package daily which is a huge hassle just to keep atop of my purchases. When I see them just sitting around I have to put in a search request and that happens each and every week. I realize that the postal service may have issues because of covid 19 but to lose mail and packages on a daily basis and the time to deliver the mail is totally unacceptable. Priority mail is delivered not in the time frame of 2-3 days but at least 10 business days.
I try to use other mail services when its an option. I know that UPS will not lose my purchases nor take a month to process it. I use to think that they were slow! Super quick compared to USPS!


Poshmark is very unreliable if you need their customer service. They allow sellers too many days to ship your item but they will remind seller to ship item out if and only if you complain. You can't cancel your order until several days of no shipping and again you have to be communicating with customer service to get anything done on your behalf. They don't seem to pay attention to what is going on and your order can be sitting around forever unless you contact them. If your item gets lost in the mail you will also have to tell them as they don't check this either. I guess they just sit all day shooting back responses that are prewritten for them through emails Intelligent bunch they hire.
The web site is a pain. If you search for say, 3 pound jewelry lot, you will get everything that you did not want like single jewelry items. This is a waste of time. Why search if you don't get back results that you want You get invited to all sorts of posh parties filling up your news page and offers from sellers if you liked their product. You can get good deals this way and it's kind of fun to haggle the price but all in all poshmark is more of a pain then pleasure to shop on

Tip for consumers:
Make sure you track your package daily. Contact customer service with complete details otherwise they won't respond

Products used:


As long as you know what to buy, Best Buy is ok to shop at but heaven forbid if you have computer questions. Their lack of knowledge astounds me and all they seem to know is whatever items they are at the time trying to push the sales on. Some prices are reasonable, others are overpriced. Since Frys Electronics is so sparse with their inventory now, its good to see that Best Buy is carrying more computer items but they still have a long ways to go to make it worth the time to shop there. All in all Best Buy is ok especially with in store returns.


I go to Big Lots mainly for throw or area rugs because of the lower prices but have found that the quality has really gone down. Rugs shred at seams after a first wash or become snagged by vacuuming making them worthless. I have discovered that some products they carry are overpriced and can be found at the dollar tree right next door for one dollar versus their price. Their garden decor while cute is also not discounted and carried at Walmart for 3 dollars or more cheaper.
During this Covid 19 crisis no items needed have been stocked or even on the shelves even though they claim they have everything you need making it a wasted trip going there. The only discount I see are clearance items which are really not marked down much and the sheet sets are of a bad quality and become so wrinkled and dull after the first wash.The 5 dollars off 15 is great if you can actually get them to work which half the time Big Lots has a bad internet connect and won't populate at the register. Also their website crashes and checkout is impossible. After Christmas sale for example would not let you check out your items and continued to do this for weeks. I lost 3 coupons to use as well and when I contacted them about this I received the response that their system was overloaded and should be corrected shortly. I was never resent my coupons. I have stopped shopping there due to not receiving my coupons, inferior products, lack of products and overpriced items. The only plus they offer is very nice cashiers and they allow my dog to shop with me which is why I started shopping there to begin with.


This place can be of help as long as you see a real doctor once in a while Scott's main concern is selling vitamins and it is normal to pay 300 hundred plus for supplements that you may or not need If you are not feeling better then more supplements will be added at your next visit and the ones you already bought from him go to waste.It becomes quite costly.
The office is set up like a doctors office and you sometimes can wait for a long time to see him as overbooking is a common issue He will run several tests on you including his arms held up and hovering over your body. He claims he can pinpoint your ailment that way but unfortunately he can be wrong and since he advises you against getting a medical doctors opinion, you may get misdiagnosed and wind up septic in the ER as in my case. You will never hear him say he was wrong but will get told to take different vitamins because another condition arose that needs treatment.On and on this goes on until you realize its all about profit not health.

Tip for consumers:
This is in no way a medical facility nor can replace an MDs evaluation on you


Wish is a fun place to browse and buy inexpensive items. And no their 925 sterling silver isn't 't the same as our standards and will turn your finger green but what do you expect for free just pay for shipping? Speaking of which shipping is charged on every item so it adds up quickly. At times I haven't received an item but it is a simple fix just by logging into your account, going to orders and report not delivered. You will be refunded the amount you paid so you have nothing to lose Some of their items are nice and worth the 2 or 3 dollar shipping charge and occasionally a coupon arrives in your mail for a percentage off or free shipping on your next order.

Tip for consumers:
be careful of the shipping costs and look at your desired product from other sellers as it may be free or cheaper


This brand is ok if you are on a budget but you do get what you pay for. I have used different products they sell and all seem to irrate my eyes or dry out my lips.The mascara usually will burn my eyes if I get near anything damp so I avoid sprinklers or waterfalls or even watering my own yard. The lipsticks don't last long and leave my lips cracked at the end of the day. Nail polish chips easily but they offer a wide variety of colors. If used occasionally I don't experience too many negative side effects but for everyday beauty products, I stick with my faithful cosmetic brands that cost more but are longer lasting with no ill effects.


I use fake bake all year round. It doesn't streak or blotch your skin nor turn you orange. It gives you a healthy look that looks natural. No one has every said anything negative to me about my tan and all assume I sunbathe which in California is easily done. Highly recommend this product even though it is costly it is well worth it


I have used ebates for years along with Honey. Ebates has faithfully paid back all monies that I have earned every three months with no problem and will let you opt for a gift card instead that is worth more than the earned cash amount. Gift cards are sponsored by companies such as Overstock and Old Navy so this is a win-win deal. For example, say I earned 35 dollars in cash back but chose to get a gift card that you can redeem a few weeks earlier than waiting for your check to be deposited in paypal. Overstock may offer me a 37 dollar gift card and old navy 37.50. How can you lose?


My father is bedridden and I have to buy many medical supply items. HealthyKin has the best prices and extremely fast shipping. Products are well packaged and nothing I have ordered so far has been opened or in any kind of shape except excellent. Highly recommend


I love this store both online and the brick and mortar versions.The advantage of going into one of their stores is that you can use your Victoria Secret card to purchase anything they carry which you can't do on their website.
I have never encountered any problems with them online or in store. When ordering online I can order what I want, use coupons for savings, receive products quickly, and products are always well packaged. In the store they are super friendly and helpful. I avoid going to their stores as much as possible because I just can't control myself and buy way too much. Online I have better control of myself.
As far as people that have allergies etc. it's not a store for you. Many scents will overwhelm you as products are available as testers.

Tip for consumers:
Very easy website for ordering

• Updated review

I received a nice email after my last review from the 99cent store but I have to be honest and say that no improvements have been made, one cashier with at least 6 customers waiting-and that cashier won't greet you let alone smile at you- shelves are low on products and in disarray. It's too bad that it is like this because the store itself carries some really nice items that I want but don't buy because of the check out the situation. Only one manager will come out to open a register to get more customers checked out but unfortunately she is leaving this store and the other managers that I have encountered there simply avoid looking at the check out lines and proceed to go to their office in the back or do whatever which is not to work in improving their store. I tried to give them chances for improving and entered their store around 5 pm. The manager blocked the whole aisle and was slowly fixing something on the flower display. Guess she was killing time before her break? Anyway excuse me didn't work for me as she decided to start talking to someone so I backed up and went to another aisle. I found some garden items I wanted so proceeded to check out but yes you guessed it-one mean cashier with this ugly look on her face and a line that went on for eternity. Where was the manager? On her way for her break. She asked the cashier if the check out line was long without bothering to see for herself, said she would return after her break and walked right past us angry customers without even looking at the huge line. So once again I left the store leaving a full basket of products that I had planned on buying and drove to the dollar tree where I can at the very least get a cashier who smiles and back up cashiers if needed.

Tip for consumers:
Do not bother with the Roseville store unless you have time to kill

Super slow checkout
• Previous review

Be prepared to shop for 10 minutes then wait 20 minutes in line. One cashier is open but if you are lucky another lane will open. Unfortunately, someone that just got in line way after you will race to get ahead of everyone and check out. Cashiers don't ask the next person in line to come over, they simply open up and let the customers race over. Not only does this make me not shop here, the store which is busy has a horrid spoiled odor in the grocery section along with fruit flies buzzing around. Simply not worth shopping at to save a few bucks. Notice how more and more products are 1.99 or more now? Check the tags before checking out and plan on a long wait checking out and not so friendly cashier to boot=not a good shopping experience at all.


I love Fry's and I buy more then computer parts there. Shampooers, microwaves, vacuums, music/videos and as seen on TV. However if you need help you will have difficulty finding a sales rep to help you, Last night I went in to buy a mini fridge for my father. Since they had no boxes you could throw in your cart I had an unpleasant time trying to get the sales rep to help me. Not getting any response from the first rep for a good 5 minutes, I was asked to wait for another rep but of course no rep was available even after at least a ten minute wait. Assuming that they rather not help me I decided to leave and made my purchase elsewhere where I was gladly welcomed and helped.If I need to purchase anything here that requires the aid of a sales rep I won. T be buying it and will go elsewhere. This isn't the first time this happened to me. It is simply not a store that helps their customers.


I came across this store a few months ago and needless to say, it serves a wonderful cause. I patronize this store to support the hospice services which so many people need.
The store itself is large and roomy with clothing, furniture and household items. Many treasures can be found here at reasonable prices. Their displays are wonderful and themed with matching colors of different items.
Dishes, linens, electronics, crafts and flower supplies can all be found here in neatly and well stocked arrangements. You find something that you just must have here and probably more!
I give it a 4 stars only because the workers are not that friendly but being volunteers I guess that doesn't really matter to them.


Little caesars cirby/sunrise must be the slowest pizza cookers in the world. Not very friendly, customer service ranges on the border of bad to very very bad. Pizza is good but thats the only pro. Deep dish is not hot and ready and staff tends to give your order to another customer if you wait outside


I use to donate often to this charity until today. Because it was raining the employee instead of being helpful cussed us out and said he did not want our donation. I don't think any company should employ such rude people and I am very disappointed that this happened. I certainly will never return.



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