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Not even worthy of a 1 star review.
The Spokane facility is ran by a primate that is throwing sht at the wall and hoping it sticks. They never have enough drivers, the drivers they do have are rude, will chuck packages from the road to the porch (most of the time they miss and they are lost in the bushes or hit the house or front windows). Sometimes they are in creepy pedo vans with blacked out windows that creep by at 11PM to throw a package at your house. Their customer service is the worst in the industry. If you are a large shipper with them, they are nice as can be and apologetic, will call out to the distribution center for you to find a lost package. If you are a customer, you get the big F-U from them, rude service, no compassion, and it isn't their fault, just ask them. They are currently holding TWO 47" televisions of mine hostage (the original and the replacement), three boxes of bedding from an entirely different vendor, nerf guns from yet another vendor, and a laptop from a different vendor. They have been in Spokane for over 14 days now.
I, for the life of me, can't figure out how this company has stayed in business as long as they have. Marty McFly shipping Pony Express would be faster!

This isn't a pandemic thing.
This is a NORMAL thing for OnTrac. We've been dealing with them from a vendor point of view for years now, and their service has always been crap.

Tip for consumers:

Products used:
Delivery service


The company spans the hell out of you if you sign up for their newsletter. You'll get five emails a day, and not one of the coupons actually work that are mentioned in the mailer. When you reach out to customer service, they blow you off and have you email technical support (not entirely sure why they'd be able to help, but they prove to not help as well). After multiple back and forth emails, they admit it's a misleading marketing and that it isn't for the 50% off they offered, it's 20% and to just buy it.
No thanks. I rather pay more with a company that's legit and honors their marketing campaigns.

Tip for consumers:
Stay away.

Neeraj T. – Corset Deal Rep

Dear Customer, I am sorry for the inconvenience. Please Please mark an email to Ramuna at help@corsetdeal.com, I will surely consider any special requests you have. Hope to see you again at our store.


We had used this company a few times for bookmarks. Their uploading program is crap and not suited for the purpose, but following THEIR guidelines for images forces the buyer to have to pay for a review before printing. In said review, they kick back all of your order and show you a preview with nice, even four sided white border warning you that the bleed will cause these white borders. They looked amazing, so why not have them?
When I put that on the approval, the FOUR SIDES OF EQUAL SIZING they printed the order.
What did I get?
One set had a thick white line along the top (on a black background). Where are the other three lines?
The next set has two white lines that weren't remotely close to being the same size.
All of the sets were poorly printed like this. The glossy finish one some didn't match the glossy finish on another. They weren't cut the same size, which is strange considering they use a die to cut them.
Their customer service is the worst I have had the displeasure of having to deal with and as a result, and getting the big F-U from their customer support, I have disputed the charges. They can have their bookmarks back and shove them up their asses for all I care.
This author and publishing company will make sure that ALL indie authors looking for reasonably priced swag stay as far away from overnightprints.com as possible.


The layout is okay, for the most part.
The Chat customer service starts out fine, but then I was disconnected, had another person, they seemingly understood my questions, she quoted the same price at the first person i talked to, then i got disconnected, third person was a stright up b*tch and said that i was misquoted, not once but twice, how that's even possible is beyond me. I copied and pasted the conversation, she was still rude. Went to a fourth person that gave me the pricing plan information, then quoted a discount through my work which was what pushed us to AT&T from verizon. That was the kicker. Low and behold, after signing up, the discount was 9% different and NOT anywhere near the monthly price after discount that the online support said it would be.
Emailed customer support on this. I got handed off to someone else. That person, a snippy b*tch that said, "Oops, too bad."
WTF is that?
Going back to Verizon.


Ordered these for my mum for mother's day.
The ice pack melted in transit, and if she wouldn't have been there the moment they were delivered, they would have been completely ruined. She placed in the fridge to reharden the chocolate.
I contact customer support to let them know that sending them two day when Washington is having 90 degree weather is not smart. Told them of what my mum got and they promptly delivered NEW berries overnight at no cost.
A+ customer service.


The reason I 5 star this site is because, though I NEVER used them, I had someone pirating my books on one of their hosted sites. I contacted them and within 30 mins, the site was terminated and the user blocked.


Worst company EVER.
I've tried to use them a few times over the past couple of years, and each time was a big digital F-U.
Tried to do a few of their offers, one I even paid for, but because the site added a promocode, something I couldn't remove, they give me the big middle finger. I email them about it, they said WHAT DO YOU WANT US TO DO? Well, how about stand by your effing product and site.
Will never use them again.


I got many pieces of jewlery from here.
The quality was good considering the price.
The shipping was slightly slow and overpriced. The details on each piece listed didn't entirely match up to what was received (bracelets and necklaces much smaller in size/dimension then listed).
But over all, can't complain.
If you sign up for their newsletter be prepared for 3 emails a week min.


This company/site... honestly, there isn't enough words that can express how disappointed and overall pissed off I am that I ever thought to use this place.

The customer service, unless you speak Chinese, don't bother.
The products, legitimate Chinese crap (I word it like that because this site is titled legitimate Chinese business).
There is NO warranty on anything, even though it says it comes with the manufacturer's one year, yeah, there is NO way to contact any of the MFG's. When you try to get lightinthebox.com customer support to help you, you have to jump through a bunch of automated hoops from the deepest, darkest levels of Hell that Dante never prepared me for. Since their HELP and CUSTOMER SERVICE system is completely automated, there is no solution or help.
The knock off android tablets I got for 5,6 and 7 year old, one was used and scratched horribly out of the book (their reply was, "You pay to send back and pay for us to ship to you new. Takes 10-45 days." Are you effing serious? It'd cost 3 times more to so that then to have a p*ssed off 7 year old with a scratched tablet.
Each tablet died less than 3 months after getting them. The wear from the users was always supervised so they died on their own accord.

Would NEVER shop here again.

LightInTheBox L. – LightInTheBox Rep

Dear Customer,

Thank you for shopping with us and telling us about your experience. Please send us your order number, so that Customer Service can find you in our system. We will follow up with you via email about your request. Since you already have a Customer Service ticket open, please follow the link http://www.lightinthebox.com/index.php?main_page=ticket_center to check the progress of your request.

Thank you,



Website is lacking, but inhouse service is excellent.
The website doesn't allow you to make appointments at one location, and when you do, it error messages you and times you out.
The overall design is user friendly, like the staff, just not as accomidating.

Steve H. – Elements Therapeutic Massage Inc Rep

Thanks for your feedback. We've recently integrated our mobile-optimized site with our point-of-sale system to make it easier for people to request appointments at our studios from smartphones. Our web presence is an important part of how we interact with clients, and we'll continue to invest in ways to make it even more accommodating in the future.


I've been with, paid member even, for four years now. And I've really hated every year of it. The reason why I hate it, their customer service SUCKS, especially for paid members. They think their HELP boards can solve everything, when they solve nothing, and they are, overall, rude. This will be the last year that I use them (it is on auto renew and I missed the cutoff). They don't have the option of having a NON-FLASH site for iDevil users to default to since iDevil users can't see flash programs/pages (wix.com is FLASH). Also, their mobile site, which come free with membership, yeah, they don't work. Tried for tech support assistance, they were VERY rude and belittling. I programmed for years, did web design for years, was raised doing flash even, and it wasn't something that even I could resolve, and obviously they couldn't either.

Overall, for the bandwidth and storage space, and the idiot proof templates for those that don't code, the $135 and change a year isn't a bad price. BUT for the lack of customer service, and with a coding background, I could get godaddy for $45 a year and have iDevil applications be able to see my site.


I truly have a love hate relationship with this site.
When stuff is on sale and shipping is free and their promocodes work, I love it! (obviously).
But, here the big BUT, the above mentioned only happens, maybe if I'm lucky, one out of every twenty times I try to order something.
Let's focus on the good; when everything goes off smoothingly, it's great: tracking is sent to email once it ships, emails come a couple times a month with promo codes (that only work a third of the time), I even get a mailer in the post office box that features their overly prices So Cal wear.
That's all good.
The bad: When the clearance says 30% off (or additional 30% off) it doesn't apply to ALL clearence. Usually the kids is excluded or the adults are excluded and the kids section is rocking the additional 30% off.
If you don't nail a promo for free shipping, shipping rate sucks HARDCORE. I mean, excess of $13 and change most of the time, which most would say THAT ISN'T MUCH, but what they don't understand is companies have greatly discounted shipping rates through UPS, FedEx, etc. So what would cost Joe Blow $15 to ship priority ground only costs Tilly's $5. That's a HUGE disappointment. (Yes, some will point out that orders over $X get free shipping, but I don't want to spend THAT much every time I shop.)
The website is... yeah, let me say from a web designer's point of view, jacked up. For all intents and purposes it works fine, looks fine, is completely funchional, but when searching or trying to organize your view into 100 per page and by cost, it doesn't organize them in the least, sometimes items disappear and don't show up, only to pop up and say HELLO when you are searching for something totally different.
Also, their customer service SUCKS with a capital S. They shorted me two pairs of socks in a clearance 5 sock pack. They said that I'd have to SEND them the socks back, I have to pay the way, then they'll attempt to fill the order or credit it back. Dude, it was $3.00 for a pack of socks, it would have been nice to have 5 pairs for that price, but it'll cost me $4.95 to send them back to you. What they should have done was credited a dollar back, something like that, instead all he did was p*ss me off.

Would I shop here still? Yes, they didn't p*ss me off THAT much, but only if it's on sale.


A great, original artist, her work is amazing, and really beyond words.
Her website allows you to see a lot of her work, to contact her for comissioned pieces, and provides links to where you can purchase pillows, prints, canvas, bags, shirts, etc.
Con, she uses society6.com and they suck hardcore.


This is another Wattpad, created in order to try to legitamized fan-fict and aspiring writers.
Where this site suceeds where wattpad fails is that it offers publishing (typical epub stuff that anyone with a computer and 30 mins can do on their own and save themselves the fees) and will whore your work for you to, you guessed it, bookrix.com people.
The site isn't laid out that great when it comes to interacting with fans or others. Honestly, it sucks for that. BUT the way that you can read is SO much nicer than the rest of the sites out there( it's a flash based application that loads like an actual book and you flip through the pages), and that application keeps people from stealing your work.
The admins/people in charge, are shady and talk a lot of smack to people they shouldn't (industry insiders) and it has caused those that were trying to use bookrix as a platform to go traditionally published to get blacklisted.

It's a cut throat industry.

Overall, when it comes to aspiring writers site to post their work, this one is by far one of the better ones if you arne't looking to network.


Biggest POS in the world.
I was on wattpad in the very begining as a way to beta test projects and to get a fanbase. Did that. Worked well. Then Twilight hit.
When you have 31Million people copying and rewriting a piece of literary work that's always poorly written, the result is TERRIFYING.

Personally, I had my work stolen by other's on the site, the admins and those in charge rather appeal to 13-15 year olds then to try to get a legit site where reputable publishers would look at it as if it wasn't a joke in the industry.

The only PROS I can say for this turd of an enviroment is that I did get some amazing fans and a very strong adult fan base (all of which jumped ship and cancelled their wattpad accounts because it had gotten to the point of the site being a skidmark in the literary world).


This site has pros and cons.
First, the layout is very idiot proof and user friendly.
Con, the search aspect sucks. If you are looking for, let's say, BIG GIRLS WITH REDHAIR AND CIRCUS CLOWN you can only search by BIG, GIRLS, REDHAIR or CIRCUS CLOWN. The only way to narrow the search down is to remove/exclude words from the search. It's a BIG pain.
Con, there are no nude shots. Not that I'm a perv looking for cheap nudie pics, that's what google image off of safe search mode is for, but I'm an author that does her own cover art and sometimes you need a NUDE shot. Bigstockphoto doesn't offer that. There is the Skinamax (you know what i'm talking about, the non-penetration adult programing on Cinamax at midnight) verison of a nude shot that doesn't show much of anything but the top of the, well, butt.

Pros. The monthly plans are SUPER cheap compared to many stock photo sites out there. For $69 you get 5 picture downloads a day for a month. That is REALLY cheap considering most stock picture sites charge upward of $35 for a medium, low-res picture.
Pro, you can get any size with that plan.
Con, If you forgot to download your pictures a day, you lose those credits.
Their one off pricing for credits isn't bad either (usually ends up being around 8 bucks for a picture).
Keep in mind, these are stock photos that can be used for bookcovers and other items but not retail items such as shirts, hats, (the list is really long), or for large marketing things like magazine prints and such.

Overall, I use the site and like the images there. Would I recommend it to others, sure as long as they aren't authors (you'll see the same stock picture on 2000 different books, it's annoying).


LOVE this place. Cannot say that enough.
It's a one woman show over there and the customer service is some of the best I've ever seen.
The selection is vast, the prices VERY low, shipping reasonable, and staff/users very friendly with suggestions and are quick to offer hair care support.
My son gets all of his pink hair dye from idyemyhair.com because it's the only place in the US that stocks UK's La Riche Directions (European brand of hairdye).

Anyone that likes to rock bright hair, this is the place to check out.


Three months ago I would have given this site 3-4 stars.
It's easy to use. Layout is super simplistic making it virtually idiot proof. It's updated 3-5 times daily with releases, BUT the reason why it's two stars now is because it used to be 3-5 free books then a bargin book, now it's all bargin books and one, two if you're lucky, free books. The way this site is marketed is for FREE EBOOKS and yet there are hardly any free ones anymore (trust me, there are hundreds of thousands of free ebooks on Amazon, some by very reputable authors). They (theereadercafe.com) allowed themselves to be inidated and flooded with self-pub'd authors looking for some quick advertising instead of advertising free books.
Yes, I will be the first to admit when you're an author you look to whore your work as much as possible. HOWEVER, when a site's entire premise is free books and A (singular) bargin (book) and you switch over to all bargin books that isn't what the consumer was expecting with your site.


This is a site that posts links, bios, and synopsis of free ebooks available on Amazon.com for the kindle.
The site is pretty straightforward, a blog really, that you click and it opens in a new window where you click BUY NOW on amazon and it's done.
Straight forward and to the point.
The downside, they spam you via email if you sign up for updates on your literary genre of choice, and on facebook they flood their wall with everyone that is on their page.
Overall, the content isn't worthy of more than 3 stars, but for what it is I'll admit it's one of the better free ebook sites out there.
If they would offer Nook books as well, it'd be 4-5 stars.


Website layout is excellent; showcases artwork and what he's about, provides easy access to links and projects, and it very user friendly.
Glenn's artwork is amazing and his website, slightly dumbed down compared to the man's art, is very user friendly and idiot proof.

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