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I've been on Amazon for 8 years now, it's one of the best websites on the internet. I'm currently an amazon prime customer and find myself checking it for most things I need. I can also have gifts delivered to other people, as well as pantry deliveries to the food bank. I think the wish list is a good feature, it makes christmas presents easier to choose and charities can have them.


I'm a disabled customer. I am unable to use the phone for phone calls, so apps and the internet are good for me.

I ordered from a restaurant three times before I decided to leave them a positive review for their good service.

A day later I saw it still hadn't been posted, which was odd. I went on the live chat to ask when it would be. They said normally within the hour. I said it was yesterday. They checked and said I should write it again. We ended the chat and I went to post it only to see I couldn't post it again.

I started a new chat and the person said they'd look in to it. They came back to say that my account was frozen(?) and it turned out it was because my phone number on the account was *******0000 which was linked to another account that was 'suspicious'. I always put that blank number to make sure the place knows not to attempt to phone me because I can't answer. I informed them of this and that i'm disabled. They tell me I need a valid phone number and I repeat myself. They then say "Even a landline?" (!) To which I repeated I CAN NOT USE THE PHONE.

They then assured me after ages (Baring in mind I came on chat to ask when my review would be posted!) they would contact their fraud department and get my account unfrozen, and to expect an email with that confirmation.

Today i get an email from someone saying they won't unfreeze the account and that I need to provide a phone number. I think I've evolved in to a parrot as I'm still having to repeat "I'm disabled. I CANNOT use the phone." They suggested getting a neighbour to give their phone number. To which I replied if there were a number I could use I would have. I'm a single lonely woman with severe anxiety.

Avoid like the plague. I thought there was a legal obligation for places to make sure disabled customers are able to use their services too. It's discrimination to be honest.

Tip for consumers:
Don't give them your money.


Something really annoying about JustEat is their review system. You have a crap order, review it, and as long as it has no swearing, slander etc it gets posted. Nope, your star rating gets posted and the actual review is pending. Then you wait for your text to appear while looking really silly for rating somewhere 3/6 and no explanation with it. More frustrating when you see reviews after yours with their text! If you ask to edit or remove your review they just won't respond and will leave the star rating up. Their chat system is hit and miss when you need help. A couple of occasions now the other side has left the chat without saying anything. (Pics to show how frustrating they can be [Review hasn't been removed])


I have designed and bought business cards twice through this website, and have been fully happy both times. I've ordered from two other companies and this one is the best. Lovely and clear, and sent by DPD so I can use the app to see exactly when it's arriving.


I ordered a dress on the 23rd January and am typing this on the 9th March... I have had a really horrible time with this website and wish so badly that I didn't order anything. I should have realised something was wrong when there was no paypal.

I had read some reviews but stupid old me only read other websites reviews (On their website of course most of them would be favourable, duh me!) after I bought them. I'm a UK medium and ordered large, but was shocked to read in other reviews that even this may not be big enough. So what I did was send a message to their facebook page about 10 minutes after i placed my order telling them this, and asking to up one more size. They told me to email__so and so___ and I did, immediately. No response. Being a seller online myself I assumed they had seen and would follow up, I thought it was unlikely they had posted it after half hour.

I got the automatic email a WEEK later saying it had been dispatched...

When a few more weeks had passed I thought it was a bit strange I still hadn't got it. I emailed them for information but got no reply. So I commented on facebook asking for an update, it got deleted...

I messaged their facebook page again a week ago telling them i have no replies to any of my emails and my comments are going missing. They told me to wait another 5 days because there is an 'explosion' at their factory... Which is clearly dodgy. If anything was serious they would have suspended everything, made an announcement on social media. What is more dodgy is that my item had said dispatched 5 weeks ago... So how is my item delayed in dispatch? I said i'll give them a week. A week later and nothing. They have stolen my money. I told them today but the message just had the tick next to the 'seen' and no reply. Now I'm typing to them telling them how much they've made me cry. Literally. I've been in tears a few times over this.

If you're like me you don't get to buy clothes very often. It's bad enough people are saying things aren't at all true to size, and bad quality, but to steal from people and lie. I'm talking to my friend who is a law graduate to try and get this sorted for me, it shouldn't have to come to that.

I forgot to mention, when I messaged their page just before they made up this 'explosion' thing, they sent me a link to a weird chinese website that was supposed to be to track my order. I entered my details from the confirmation email and it said there is no such order...

Oh! And also, what prompted me to message their facebook in the first place was that i got an email through asking me to review their item! I couldn't believe the cheek when I had emailed asking where my item was... But I did decide to review my awful experience, I did so properly, and it said "Please refresh page and your review will appear in a few moments" or something along those lines, well I kept checking and it still isn't there!

Eventually I kept on and on, telling them I will be taking it further, and they refunded me for the dress. It came through today (The new date I have posted this)

I am appalled to see those fake 5* reviews lower down, you can tell by the style of writing, lack of pictures and shortness they aren't real.

In short, this is actually the most upset, angry and betrayed I've ever felt when having a purchase go wrong. I'm left with an 'I can't believe there are people like this in the world' scammed taste in my mouth.

Tip for consumers:
Please don't use this website. They don't do returns, don't have buyer protection, and are untrustworthy.


I think it will be easier to copy the message I have sent to EE with regards to our latest issue (Key word there LATEST, suggesting this isn't the only issue we've had) -

"Hi This needs to be read thoroughly and sorted immediately as I am disabled with a number of mental health issues.

My partner had his phone stolen on Monday. EE shop said they can give him a new one, that someone will deliver it. The man turned up Tuesday with the new phone and asked for the old phone. My partner was obviously like WHAT? It was stolen how can i hand the old one over? The man left not giving him the new phone. He had to phone again for them to say they are 'so so sorry' with this delivery mans behaviour and that they are removing this "£25 fee". My partner then said "I need to know for certain that this time it will be coming" and they said it will be coming yesterday between 6pm and 10pm. They printed off the paper and my other half asked them to read it out through the phone to confirm that it is that date, time, name and address.

TICK TOCK half 10pm (I need a lot of care in the evenings and need to be in bed at about 10pm so you can imagine the hindrance) NO person delivering the phone. I was absolutely furious at this point. To know there was nothing I could do to help my partner

When he went in to ask them in store about the phone he was also told in store that he will get a free tablet for being a long time customer (EE since it was born and Orange before that) and when he told me i said WHAT WHERE? What do you have to do to get it? If you get a free tablet why didn't they send you home with it? (This is when he visited in store East Grinstead to arrange the first delivery of the new phone)

He then phoned again this morning for which he had to take time out of work to do as they refused to pay him for being on hold to a company... He has now been told the same thing that they will deliver the same time today between 6-10. He is working 7am until 10pm and not home until half 10 and I am here alone, and as I have mentioned I am ILL and can't open the door. I was attacked by a delivery man last year and can't do that again. Do you see the severe effects this has? Just for not doing what you promised you were going to do for one customer? The knock on effect that it has...

We also have broadband with EE and I just can't do this any more. IF this is the level of customer service I just think what happens if we need help with internet? So we could just move to BT and not have all this hassle when things go wrong

Before you assume "OH well some person can't use their phone so what just means they need to use something else" We do not have a home phone or any other phone, that is the phone we need for emergencies. THAT is the phone that is used to phone my support worker or the ambulance when something happens to me with my health issues. We have not been able to do that. It makes me feel sick to my stomach enough that there are people in this world that think it's okay to TAKE something from someone else. To STEAL. It makes me so so sad.

Before you tell me to phone the help number i cannot use the phone even if we had one."

Their reply hours later... "unfortunately we don't have access to accounts here and can only ask you to call at your earliest convenience for further support with this issue. You can reach them on 150 from any EE handset or 07953 966 250 from any other phone. " (!)


I find them impossible to get in touch with, through phone and email. They simply do not respond. I don't understand how they set up a business relationship with no contact?


This has to be my top photo editing website. I've used it casually for about a year and recently upgraded to a membership, where you can get extra tools to edit your pictures. You can also create images and backgrounds from scratch, which is helpful for Youtubers. Even the language they use on the website is less formal and intimidating than others, I find it very pleasant and easy to use.

I would love them to create an app for the Kindle Fire, that way I can also edit images when not at home.

*Edit* - I think this website now charges £30 odd for the membership. This review was for when it was around £10.


Really annoyed with myself that I didn't pay attention to the previous reviews. Please do not risk buying from this website.

I bought 10 of the Special edition Disney dvds with the special slip covers. They all arrived in separate packages, one was damaged and not to the standard of a collector at all, and two were not the special edition ones, just regular! (Which I could have got elsewhere for half the price) They seem to just send whatever they have!

I sent them a message with images, asking for the replacement slips. They replied they can't do that, that is was apparently Disneys mistake which is b***ocks, as zavvi list and pick their own items, and would offer me either a 10% refund (Even though it was 30% of the order that was wrong, not 10%), or that I can return them at MY cost.

They also said they are about to change their online listing to remove the part that says special edition... I bought it listed as special edition, with the image too, I expect to receive what I pay for! It's not doing anything for me that they are changing the listing AFTER i've bought it!

Tip for consumers:
Please don't use Zavvi. Even Amazon and eBay are better.


Just unbelievable. I've never had a positive experience with them. If they actually turn up at all, the package will be left in the rain when it needs a signature. I now contact companies before buying to ensure it will not be through Yodel.


Occasionally you get a useful piece of advice, or great tips from people. But often you get snippy or sarcastic unhelpful responses from people that don't understand, or haven't had any experience on the topic. A lot of bored teens and trolls.


It depends what advice you're after. Perfect if you can't think of a song or film and only remember certain bits, but if you want relationship advice it can often be biased. Mainly advice from older married religious people. I've seen some very judgmental answers, when the asker seems like a young teen girl desperate for help!


I bought business cards for my nail business PopularPolish, and ensured they were aligned correctly, and would stand out on a public notice board. However when they arrived they were dull coloured, misaligned, and plain boring looking. I could have printed better from my own home.

You get a 'free' business card holder with your order. It doesn't state the extra 70p postage though.!


I bought business cards for my nail business PopularPolish, and ensured they were aligned correctly, and would stand out on a public notice board. However when they arrived they were dull coloured, misaligned, and plain boring looking. I could have printed better from my own home.

You get a 'free' business card holder with your order. It doesn't state the extra 70p postage though.!


This was our childhood game, wasn't it?

However recently they included a large game update named "The Evolution of Combat", which has made the game seem a lot like WoW. There is a new skill level. All combat levels have changed. (Remember Nex being 1001? She isn't any more.)

This game used to be fantastic. I even enjoyed it when there was no emphasis on good graphics. But I recently cancelled my membership as I just can't get past the update, even though I tried for a week or two.


Qype is excellent if you're a reviewer. It's usually the first website to come up in a search engine if you type a local business to see it's reviews. It's a very easy to use website.

However, if you're a business, you have to pay if you want your business to show up when searching.


Im clearly not the only one that's had a rubbish experience, seems to be a lot of people!

Appalling products and customer service. I spent a LOT of money getting two canvases for the living room, both of which I ordered so the last pixels are stretched over the edge, so that it doesn't look silly.

When the package arrived BOTH canvases had an edge that was white, one of which was HALF stretched and HALF white!

See here for image:

You can see that view from the sofa.

NOW, I contacted customer services and informed them of my problem giving them proof by adding the original images and the view of the two canvases with the misprinted sections. I got a rude response with NO APOLOGY with them stating that is how the original image was. They said they have "reviewed it and have come to the conclusion this is no grounds for complaint". The UTTER CHEEK! I have the images here! One is an original, and one I ZOOMED IN to get the section I wanted, so it was impossible.

They also referred to me using my first name, when I had typed Ms. AND the email was not from a senior member of staff, it was purely from the "team".

There are also speckles of white where some of the canvas has been scratched. I noticed it IMMEDIATELY when I opened the package.

Absolutely disgusted! Will be leaving them off the wall and spreading this review where possible so it happens to nobody else!

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