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I'd rather have the free version without everything free and a limited time only. Id much rather have as much time as i please and have to buy everything else, but with few free things. Just like the old days with the plotagon app. I'd rate it 4 stars if it wasn't for this annoyance. Ut not 5 after the whole Joey and Jennifer removal thing. Other than that it's an ok software.


Ah yes, my depression has never been greater. I hate this school district. And they'll never find this. WHo looks up reviews for their own school website? ALEKS & NoRedInk still trash.

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Uhh, yes.

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Wow, R. I. P. Cult of Dusty.com Youth shall bemouth missed. Anyways, Logic. $#*! Yes! Like the channel btw.

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Here's my update: It still sucks, and you will have a higher chance of sucking your own@!#$ than getting a 100 on a knowledge check. Infact, I got one when i forgot how to do half of 'em thanks to their automatic knowledge check. And i have never felt so depressed in my life before i saw #@!$ing Aleks. It's a scam for your sanity. The Creator looks like old ass Adolf. And my math teach is also terrible.

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Do not

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Just bad. The only reason i'm using this website is because i'm forced to do it. PARENTS will think you don't want to do your work if you don't do your 10 per week. (Unrealistic. Most likely will do 4-6 to keep their sanity) The only reason why i see you do 10 is if you are forced to do it because of your parents. And btw, the knowledge check is pointless. And the explanation is also not useful, they don't give enough detail at all. I would rather have to sit in an white room for eternity than have to use this website.


I don't understand the point of this existing.
1.) When you fail, you have to get 3 in a row. Not 3 correct, 3 in a row.
2.) Makes you afraid of getting an wrong answer, wrong answer means more Noredink.
3.) Any minor, insignificant mistake will be wrong. And there is no second chance. Let's say you got it right, but forgot a space? According to Noredink, thats wrong and you can't get a second chance.
4.) The Practice is worthless. You have to do the entire thing to pass it. That will most likely take many days to do.
5.) Rage inducing. When you almost are about to get 3 in a row, you fail it, you have to get 3 more in a row.
6.) You will need an cheat sheet to finnish any practice within the due date for it. Or it will take you over 100 answers to do.

Edited: Updated for my new Opinions, & new website changes.

7) They made it 2 in a row, but it really doesn't help much.
8) Any minor mistake or mess up will be wrong. (Made this already but I want a new example) Let's say, you get it right, but you forgot the correct punctuation? Well God help ya! Because you'll have to do 2 in a row!
9) It uses stupid ways to write English. Like, on one the correct answer was like: "The Pancakes were made by me with Saylen's Pan." And I did: "With Saylen's Pan, I made pancakes." Both are right, but somehow I was wrong? And other times it uses English words that are barely uses nowadays like Whom.
10) It changes how the question should be answered without your knowledge. You may think you get it right, but no. You didn't.
11) There is actually a way to complete a practice faster, but it's still just as painful as doing the entire thing. (Just do the Place out.)
12) Still, no possible way for a second chance technically, but there is a kinda "second chance" but you'll have to do 2 in a row anyway. God these people are incompetent.

I seriously think the only reason schools use this is because they're paid by the website creators. Who cares about mental wellness when you make money?

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Unless you are gifted in english, don't use it.

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