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I've been ordering from Coldwater Creek for decades. The quality matches the price and clothes are decent, launders well, doesn't fade and holds up over the years. My only real complaints are the new colors of the season go on backorder very fast and never come back in stock. Also, the sizing runs big and the tops can run ridiculously short so I always order a 1X as opposed to my normal Misses XL which is unfortunate given the large sizing. The jeans are not a flattering fit and they NEVER show the backside in pictures so I usually stick to sweaters and tops. Keeping those 3 things in mind when ordering, overall, I am pleased with the apparel I have ordered these past 20 years.

Tip for consumers:
Jeans fit funny unless you have a lot of junk up front

Products used:
sweaters, tops and cammies


Date: 07/15/21
Order #: 57668654
I am a size 12-14 with curves. The order above is a reorder/exchange for a square neck t-shirt that I previously ordered, according to the size chart provided by Venus, in a 1X. The 1X fit like a women's small to medium and the quality was decent enough to reorder in a larger size. I reordered in a 3X, despite wearing a Large or Extra Large normally, based upon the fit of the 1X. The 3X is HUGE! At least 4, if not 5 full sizes larger than the 2 1X's I order just weeks before.
I ordered 5 other shirts in 2X & 3X and the range of sizes I got are comparable to a women's small to a 5X. The quality is ALL OVER THE PLACE, too. Mostly bad, extremely thin and cheap material that will fade in color and pill, needing to be shaved after every wash.
15 years ago Venus had decent clothes that lasted for years. Although you always knew to size up, the product was consistently sized small across the board so ordering was easy. Not anymore. Now they are Walmart quality. Very sad.

Tip for consumers:
90% of the summer wardrobe is junk that fades, pills and is sized inaccurately.
The last swimming suit I bought (2017) was sized accurately in the bust and bottoms.

Products used:
1 Z41002-18-KH BELTED CUFFED SHORTS $34.00 $28.90 $28.90
Sized 3 sizes small/good quality/cut like men's golf shorts
1 J91036-18-OLMU CAMO SHORTS $29.99 $25.49 $25.49
Sized 3 sizes small/Weird men's cut with button fly and huge leg openings that show panties
1 Z64055-3X-BRTW SQUARE NECK TOP $19.99 $16.99 $16.99
1X fits like S/M. 3X fits like 4-5X/good cut and material
1 Z64055-3X-BK SQUARE NECK TOP $19.99 $16.99 $16.99
1 Z94061-2X-FRON FLUTTER SLEEVE V-NECK TOP $18.99 $16.14 $16.14
Sized 2 sizes smaller than measurements/very cute cut/VERY CHEAP MATERIAL that will pill after wash
1 Z204203-2X-BRTW CUT OUT SEAMLESS TOP $14.99 $12.74 $12.74
Cheap junk material/6 (six) sizes smaller than measurements provided/2X fit like a small
1 Y204621-2X-NAMU TIGER PRINT SURPLICE TOP $26.99 $22.94 $22.94
Very weird fit/2 sizes smaller than measurements provided
1 Z94540-1X-PCOT GROMMET DETAIL SURPLICE TOP $17.99 $15.29 $15.29
1 J204515-2X-PU SLEEVE DETAIL TOP - FINAL SALE $19.99 $16.99 $16.99


After placing my 1st order with Northstar Bison, I can not buy meat or cheese products from the grocery store again. I'm now placing my 4th order.
The quality, price and quantity you get from this company is unmatched by any store in your local area. They have done the research for you and have found the best ranchers and farmers out there to fill your frig. Even putting the new online butcher sites to shame. Go with and stay with the original site for this type of product.

Tip for consumers:
Great customer service. If you have a question or concern just call the number provided. They actually answer the phone, I KNOW, crazy!


Chris is AMAZING! After checking out the products listed on the website I called Chris directly. YES, he does list his phone number and actually answers or gets back to you right away. Once I spoke with Chris and told him what I was looking for and the issues I was looking to combat, he worked with my budget and made the most wonderful, helpful and truly life changing and improving blend for me. I LOVE THESE PRODUCTS! Thank you Chris! I am a true fan!

Tip for consumers:
If you can't find what your are looking for or have a need not addressed on the site, reach out to Chris directly.


I heard about YUMNaturals.Store from a trusted friend. I asked how her skin looked so great with all the time she spends in the sun.
I placed a small order and was blown away at the great quality and quantity of her skin products. That was 2 months ago. Since then I have ordered every payday, adding new Yum Naturals products to my every day routine. I am not exaggerating when I say her product change lives for the better.
THANK YOU AMANDHA! I am a life long Yum girl for sure.
Hi E,

We have finished processing your order.

[Order #13004] (June 14,2021)

Tip for consumers:
The prices are VERY reasonable and are shipped from Canada extremely fast.

Products used:
Healing with DMSO Book
Zinc Picolinate Doctor's Choice
Master Formulae Botanicals Black Cohosh
Colloidal Silver 15PPM - 50 ml (1.69 oz)
Argan & Broccoli Seed Anti-Frizz Hair Sheen Serum
Frankincense and Myrrh Whipped Body Butter - Organic, All-Natural

Verified site experience

I ordered several baseball jersey t shirts from ThePr00gl0rd. The quality is awful! Material extremely thin and all shrunk 4 sizes when laundered in cold water and cool dry. WASTE OF MONEY!
Stickers and the like from Redbubble have been fine but avoid ThePr00gl0rd at all costs.

Products used:
ThePr00gl0rd is a crap peddler and should be removed from Redbubble


*******@331112 placed 2/4/20 was received, debt card charged, got email confirmation stating it would arrive in 7-10 days &... Crickets... I email the company on 2/14, NO RESPONSE. So as many other people have before me are forced to do, I must refute the charges with my bank, file a BBB and NY Attorney Gen claim. Good times!
'Let my mistake be your warning.


I ordered several water filtration products from Stealth Angel and some iodine tablets for my bugout bag, just in case. You can never be too prepared. They arrived very fast and were exactly as pictured. But... lets face it, unless something goes very wrong in my local community or God forbid, globally, I may not ever use them and bought them with that in mind, so when they sent an email asking me to review the product I was a bit perplexed. Like, hang on, let me go to my nearest drainage ditch and use the water filters to gulp down some sewer water and let you know if I get an infectious disease or my kidneys suddenly fail. They do seem super legit and I would recommend them for more tactile, prepper products.


I have to write an update to my original review of Poshmark. They have extremely poor business practices. They will keep your Credit Card info even when prompted not to. I made a $24 purchase form a great seller, Poshmark charged a card they were not even supposed to keep on file and cost me over $108 in overdraft fees. I emailed them explaining their mistake and got an insulting email back offering a credit of $6.79 off my next purchase. REALLY!? Account Deleted! Filed with BBB and my states Attorney General.
Do not trust this unprofessional group of idiots and thieves with your money!


I've been a State Farm customer for many years. Never had a problem probably because I've never had a claim. I recently set up an online acct because I wanted to view my payment/billing history because it seems I am being nickel/dimed to death here lately. NOT AVAILABE! You can't view your payments, your billing cycle, all you can do is pay them or make a claim. I spoke to my agent about my concerns and stated the company is not being transparent and he promised someone would get back to me from corporate to discuss, that was 3 months ago and I have called every month to follow up. No place on their website is there a "contact us" email like every other legitimate website on this planet. Just an address. Give me a break. So clearly they do this to over charge their customers and I am being overcharged. I can't get a payment history printout from my agent, their website or even get corporate to call me back regarding this oversight on their part. I've been handing this company money for nothing but a card for years. AVOID This NON-Transparent, at best. Insurance company as I go shop for a new insurance company.

• Updated review

Update 4/10/20, If you have a problem with your Cricket Service, and you will, expect at least 5 hours for being on hold, hung up, calling back, waiting on hold talking to a CSR, being put on hold again, being transfered to a dept that can't help you, hung up on again, and on and on and on, in contacting tech support online is also a good 3-7 hours to get resolution. This IS NOT an exaggeration! Been onhold now for 2 hours and 46 mins, been hung up on twice after talking to rep and this is my 3rd call.
I had to contact cricket's customer service for an issue I was having and to upgrade my service. Yeah, Good luck! I was having no help with the agent in Cambodia and asked to speak with her supervisor. "Kevin" answered and said he was a supervisor and would help me, not really though. "Kevin" was rude and basically a jerk. I told him to have a blessed day and got off the call. Right after I hung up the call I get a text from Cricket in Spanish, yes Spanish. Kevin had changed my language preferences. I Called back and spoke with Carlos, who was very helpful and changed my setting back to English. Then Kevin changed them back to Spanish 4 times in the next week. Great company as long as you don't need to talk to customer service. I hope "Kevin" got fired.

Can't complain
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I've seen a lot of bad reviews for Cricket, however, I've had them as my carrier for 1 year now and have no complaints. I work in an area where co-workers who have AT&T get no reception and I do. I have drove from St. Louis to Chicago, no loss of reception, from StL to Huntsville, Al, no loss of reception. I have not attempted to contact customer service because there is a Cricket store in Arnold, Mo. Close to my home and they are always very helpful with any questions or problems I might have. Over all I can't complain.


Oh K Jordan, I received a catalog stating I could charge up to $350 (pre-approved offer)
I placed an order for $347. 47. 2 days later I get an email now stating the want roughly 1/3 down. REALLY? So what the catalog said was a bait and switch. I cancel the order.
2 days later I get a catalog stating I am pre-approved for $500 in credit with them. So I call and talk to Carlos a manager in their credit department. I tell him everything I just told you and he is rude and condescending. Tells me to place the order again and find out if my credit is good with them this time. Funny because your parent company is the same company that owns Monroe & Main and Swiss Colony and I have accounts with both of them but, No thank you. I will spend my money elsewhere jerk. I wouldn't order from this company if it was free after my experience.


I used to order from Swiss Colony in the 1990's and was very satisfied with the products (size & quality), not anymore. I ordered from them for several different family members last Christmas, pistachios for a nephew and blue cheese for my sister. I feel so duped! The size, quality and quantity of the pistachios were embarrassing. I went to visit my nephew last weekend and the tin of nuts is still 1/2 full. He loves nuts but when he showed me why he didn't eat them, I was mortified and felt so bad for him and me. As far as the blue cheese my sister got, it tasted fine but I could have spent 1/3 the $ at my local grocery store for boreshead. I tried to close my account with Swiss Colony and they hung up on me, not once but 5 times. I spoke with "Cissy Jones" a manager who said she closed my acct, that was 5 days ago, account still open. I called again today and got much the same service and lies. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!

• Updated review

Update to my review. I have placed another order with Monroe & Main to give them another chance. The marketing associate, Rebecca, went out of her way to make the last order right. That was commendable, however, I will not order any clothes from them again. I ordered a 2X jacket (measuring and ordering based off their sizing chart), the items are ALWAYS way off in sizing, with coats and bras, too big by 3 sizes. My 46 DDD bra actually measured a 52. My 2X coat fit my 4X sized cousin. The descriptions are never accurate concerning the color, material and fabric content and they are horribly overpriced. Even the shiny, pleather, "camel" colored backpack I bought was a pumpkin colored, pebbled pleather backpack. I'm not sure the manufacturer even reads the specks of the products before producing. It's sad, 10-15 years ago they used to sell great quality merchandise that was exactly as described a sized perfectly. I still have the pants I ordered in 2003.

Ok product, awful customer service
• Previous review

After reading the reviews I ordered 1 size bigger than normal. It was too big. I called and was transferred to a "return specialist", he was great and told me exactly how to fill out the exchange form. Also the price had dropped $10 due to a sale and an additional $10 due to going from a 2X to an Misses XL. A week passed and I heard nothing so I contacted them again, I got a complete different story and was told I filled it out wrong. So I reordered the coat. A week later, it still hasn't shipped. I call again and get a new story. They reorder the coat a 3rd time. They never refunded the $10 and charged me $22.99 to reship! WHAT? I finally got the XL coat and Snaps are missing and the coat is general poor quality! I do not recommend ordering or exchanging from this company! They are offering credit to scam people in outrageously high shipping changes and awful customer service people.


I saw an add for this site. Gave them a try for auto insurance quotes. They gave me some great rates so I called to verify the rates were for full coverage and YEAH, every quote they gave me from insurance companies were completely BOGUS!
Do not waste your time with this site, I wasted my time for you.


I have never been disappointed with my purchases at Macy's. With the selection they have and they sizes most people need. If you check out their clearance/sale section off season you can really get some great deals.
I highly recommend them.


Browser beware.
For safety's sake I would leave no personal info on any emails. Delete, delete and delete often.


I always receive exactly the description of what I order and in a timely matter.
Love Amazon


I've always been happy with my purchases from JCP. Their prices can be a little high but I can always search coupons on my phone to use at check out.The quality of their clothes, in particular, are good and hold up well in the laundry.

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