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I am overall very pleased with the service, and encouraged by the traffic I get.
There are times when I experience glitches, such as tracks not loading properly, or edited tracks not editing properly. Other than that I am really happy with it. Anyone can post their music and it's a great way to hear new and interesting music out there. A little like Pandora, but without commercials, and not necessarily music that is published or under a record label.


I am an artist contributor (ErickMcNerney) and have nothing but great things to say about them. When I started it took a few months to get my first sale, but after months of contributing, sale continue to increase and it doesn't appear that it will slow down. Their submission process is extremely smooth as well, and they have just about the easiest, most user friendly process. You can create templates and save them for future work that is very similar. It saves a lot of time. Although I do not want to bash on, but comparatively, the process is much better. They also review the work almost always the next day. My sales have also been steadier at Pond5, even through all of the ups and downs of the markets, it still remains steady for the most part. Don't waste your time and money on sites like It's completely free to submit to Pond5 and other sites like these. If you're lucky you might get a trending track and make some good money.
My only complaint with Pond5 is that it seems that they accept a lot of stuff which is not the greatest quality.


I love the audiojungle community. However, the review process is very inconsistent, and the review team is comprised of other contributors. Most businesses would consider this a conflict of interest. I would feel strange if I was still selling music on Audiojungle and was also a reviewer. It just doesn't feel right to me. Sales can fluctuate a lot. Some months I have a good number of sales, some I barely get into the double digits. It also takes a while for reviews, but I believe that is because they have a very strict review process, and are painstaking over every track. Again, I want to emphasize how much I love the audiojungle community (the forums).


This is a great site. A fairly smooth submission process and a good acceptance rate. The owner requires you to have at least 50 high quality tracks, but that is a good quality control measure. Sales are not great at the moment, but that may be because of the time of year, and that I have not been on there for very long yet. It looks encouraging though.


They use misleading tactics and figures to get you to spend money, a little here and there. But it adds up. So while they may be legitimate, they make a lot of money from unsuspecting novices hoping to make some money. It's like the banking scam where you round to the nearest dollar and you take the change (have you seen the movie Office Space?). Well, they make a few dollars here and there from millions of freelancers who never get paid (some do, I know). This is a very shady business practice in my opinion. Especially when they advertise these small purchase as if it will help us get awarded. But there are contradictions abound.
If you try to downgrade your account, it warns you that it takes about 30 bids before you get awarded (on average). But wait, I thought if I paid 10$ get my bid to the top of the list and to highlight my bid and do all of that other stuff, then my likelihood of getting awarded would be "very likely"
Well then after 30 bids I should get awarded 10-20 times, right?
This also implies that if you pay enough money then you will get awarded, even if you are not the most qualified. That's a poor business model, but it helps them make money (Freelancer that is, not us). From the perspective of the person posting a job, that's not a good mindset either. They should want the most qualified. Or they will hire based on their biases (which is something that freelancer cannot control).
It also highly favors older users, or users that have already established a reputation.
If someone has 40 reviews, and someone has 0 reviews, who would YOU be more likely to award the project to?
Listen freelancer, if a user has 40 reviews and has a 4.5 star rating, how much more likely are they to be awarded than someone who has no reviews? Is it 500%, 1000%, 2000%, 5000%? Yeah, you don't post those kind of figures because you would lose money.
If you are new, don't expect to be awarded even 1 out of 30 of your bids. Far far less than that.
It's a subtle scam, but it nonetheless a scam. You really charge $5 per test, every attempt? Really? Really? Foreshame, foreshame. It's not that you charge that's the real problem, it's that you lure us into believing that paying the $5 will increase our chances of being awarded by 370%! What a joke. And I don't want to hear from customer service. You are just within a corrupt flawed system, and you will defend because you are part of it. I know, I worked in customer service before. You are paid to resolve complaints. Well, my complaint is with the entire system of and there is nothing you can do to resolve that. It's a systematic issue, and requires fixing at the top. So please refund all of the money I was scammed out of and delete my account. I have sent 3 tickets already and it's been more than 2 weeks without a response. Bravo.

Edit after Lara's response:
Like I said, the foundation of this company is baseless. Getting rich off the naive dreams of others.
It's no different than Craig's List, only you don't have to pay to get work on Craig's list. It's full of just as much smut and junk as Craig's list as well. You say you are just a platform, but that's a big joke. Platform's don't get that rich off of the bottom feeders like me. I'm done wasting my time and money on your site. You should be ashamed (the owners, CEO).

Another update, 8/24/2015.
Customer service refuses to allow me to contact CEO or manager, or they may just be ignoring my request.
This is rather telling of the sort of company they are running. They do not want to take any responsibility or accountability. It's always our fault, or we agreed to this or that, or we did this or that. There's nothing wrong with freelancer at all, it's we who have the problem. At least that's the message I keep getting from customer service --whether its indirect or not.

Tip for consumers:
Newcomers will have a hard time getting a job, and I hear that you have a hard time getting paid if you actually do complete a job. I don't even want to find out. I have washed my hands of this awful site and I suggest everyone else do the same.

Jielyn L. – Freelancer Rep

Hi, Erick. This is Lara and I'm from Yes, upgrading your bid to "Sponsored" is a good way to get noticed by the employer; however, it is still the employer's discretion on who to select for their project. They don't just depend on the freelancer's bid, but they also check the freelancer's profile to make sure that the freelancer is a good fit for the job. It is not us who select the winning bidder, we are just an online venue where freelancers and employers meet.

This is also why we always remind freelancers to build and complete their profile. We have several articles that will help all our users on how to maximize the site's services ( Lastly, kindly refer to ticket ID FYN-619-16319 regarding your account closure concern. Thank you!

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