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I firmly believe that changes to situations we encounter in life can and must be addressed and confronted for change to occur; for nothing is accomplished by sitting and doing nothing.

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We gave this company a $500 deposit for our wedding photography. After several months of nothing, I contacted them and in my conversation I was quick to anger; I couldn't get a straight answer from them and I became even more angry knowing I felt that I could no longer trust them. They said that because of my anger and discontent,(I just unloaded on them) they cancelled our contract and kept the money. Another red flag was in looking thru their reviews, complimentary ones at that, all came from family members with the exception of a few. That's when they were told by Yelp that it would be in their best interest to return our deposit; there being no legal right to stand behind doing so keeping our deposit. There was no attempt made either. They have continued to fence with us back and forth for about a yea now; r, never got our money back and in Yelp's suggestion telling them to do so we were told they'd be calling call the police on us As they felt threatened. (I did say I'd get in my car to go to their business... to see if they had skipped out. Tha was the threat). They used this as their reason to not pay us back.
You can go to their website and read more, and you'll see the reviews from their family members to give the appearance that they are doing just so well. We found a reputable photographer and the difference is like night and day. I suggest looking elsewhere unless you enjoy throwing your mone away.
Totally dishonest people. They are out there, just beware. These people were like a wolves in sheeps' clothing. Again. It wasn't the $500 they took, it's now the reputation they've received. Thumbs up and good luck with that.

Tip for consumers:
Don't use Lovelee Photography in Scottsdale AZ

Travis B. – LoveleePhotos Rep

Sadly, the individual posting this review called and screamed at my poor wife to the point that she was in tears because another vendor had refused to return their deposit and they were worried we would not show up to the wedding. I was actually quite surprised that she continued to stay professional through the entire call.

On several attempts to resolve the issue the client become hostil, making it difficult to settle the dispute. I understand that it is always easiest to place blame rather than accept any fault.

I would urge anyone searching for a reputable photographer to view our reviews on Yelp, Facebook, Google, or anywhere else.

Right now is wedding session and we've been having so much fun working with the weddings and engagement sessions that we've had recently. Enjoy some of our work over the last 7 years on our website!

Best of luck with your wedding preparations!
I hope that we can help you through the process.

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