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Gave it 2 stars although I have not bought their product based on what I'm commenting about. This review below is from a comment that I posted on their facebook page so YOU means their company that I addressed the comment to. It's too bad about them not having phone support or I would have been happy to try their product.

I was excited when I saw Verykool phones, they looked beautiful and seemed reasonable, best of all the company was based in the U.S. (the jingonism in me wants to support American companies but then when I checked your website, I was dismayed to find there was absolutely NO phone number, even for tech support! You can only be contacted through email, even their service centers and then I looked at their warranty and one thing that was excluded was if they were damaged in shipping (like when ones buy a cell and the company sends it and it's broken on arrival?) This is an electronic product where something could easily go wrong, and sometimes one NEEDS to talk to someone plus that also means it's not that cheap of an item, they start at around $50 dollars and go up to over $200! With products like that you SHOULD have SOME customer TELEPHONE support and also because the quality of your products vary greatly, the reviews of Amazon are split between excellent and terrible with not much middle ground. The bad thing to note is that people who complained to your company by email only, never got an answer back.

Even if you had a lousy customer support like Acer which one can't call unless you have a serial number and the day the warranty is up, and one can't contact them at ALL only a third party, at least they had SOME kind telephone support. I don't know why, I can understand if it's only for foreign countries (not fair I know) but not if it's in the U.S. where you are based. Too bad, as I was all set to buy one and if I liked it to tell others (I will tell others about you on Sitejabber about your lack of customer tel. Support.) I hope since you do let negative reviews stay up, you do with this so other people can voice what they think and if you would consider changing your policy.


Their email on the subject line, lists a job you would be interested in (when you do a search in a search engine, you can see a job advertised but can't access until you give your email address) and then when you open your email, you see a whole list of interesting jobs, but when you click on the link, EVERY single damn job has twenty listings to be an Uber driver before you get to any other job listed, but if you google this site, it has many bad reviews that they use real companies and list fake jobs, people send money for jobs that those companies don't have and they have nothing to do with them.


That is the Amazon site where usually they sell the used goods. Based on my experience they seem to turnaround returned goods (which may have been returned for being defective another reason to avoid buying from there) and resell them without checking them out first.

I bought a Asus Flip chromebook, used like new (just described the condition of the box claiming it was unopened) but right after I took it out of the box the computer acted strangely. It was scroll, font would change size, picture would shake without me even touching it! I started a return request stating that it was defective and gave all the above reasons and stated that it was like it was possessed and I was afraid of it!

I usually don't check my invoices just expecting them to get it right on the refund, but for some reason I DID check and saw that they charged me the return shipping and changed the reason for return from defective product (where customer does NOT get charged for the return) to buyer wanted to return reason (where you DO get charged.) I immediately notified Amazon and they refunded the charges but even though you can see how many stars the "warehouse' gets you can NOT read the reviews at to why, you click onto that it just brings you to an Amazon fact page unlike the private sellers where you can read what the customers say about them and AW's rating is NOT high, 84%. The only review that you can see me write was about the product itself, so I would advise NOT EVER to buy ANYthing from Amazon Warehouse, if you buy it used, buy from private seller.


I did a lot of research and thought this would be ideal for a friend of mine who was paying $43 with for US statewide domestic with call waiting, etc. with that rip off ATT.
Basic Talk works on broadband only and I know that if she had VOIP over wifi like I do, it would drive her crazy as there is often problem with people hearing (could be do to the fact that even if it's private wifi with password, the connection is shared with others unlike DSL type of internet connection) and even with all the extras that ATT add on to the costs, it included in their $10 fee. When I first called BT, I hit the right keys on the phone tree, for a person who wanted to sign up and I got helpful. Reps who told me what to do, and that one can activate and port the number only (although can be done online, was informed it would be faster, easier and no more expensive to have a customer service rep help.) The next day, since you can call in the order also for no extra charge, I dialed the number, and distracted, hit the wrong key, instead of new customers, the one for existing customers, then customer service and hence my warning. I was brought to a recording that said go to their website and write them. Two more times I tried to call them, and both times IMMEDIATELY it bypasses the phone tree and you can ONLY get the recording, "to go to their website," there was NO way to get to a live person (guess my number was programmed in their system to go directly to their recording after that call, as has happened with my Acer computer, if you put your purchase date in their telephone system you can never talk to them the day it goes past he warranty). It was good I found that out, because of my friend's age, she doesn't like to do things herself and prefers to do things with a CSA. It has good reviews and may be a good product, but I don't want to take that chance if she has problems she can NOT talk to a person but luckily that happened because I found a much better deal for her with Time Warner where for a penny more $10 vs. $9.99 she can get a landline (so their CSA says but I think it runs on broadband) AND they had a button on their modem so if you call 911 the police know where you're at which is the main reason my friend kept her landline) AND she can (for no extra charge) call foreign countries!


On Google Chromebook help I gave both details as to what happened (my computer couldn't work) and VERY detailed instructions on how I removed it (was a malicious extension), it could be it was hacked but that was ironic, because it was a "Virtual Private Network" that I was installing to protect my data if I used public non password protected wifi. If you DID install and couldn't connect with wifi go to Google Chromebook help where it is under Eva G author, under title. Don't connect with Tunnelbear..


Met very few on this site, most never seem to want to meet and there's a plethora of men from Firestone Park a unincorparated area in L. A. County (why would they have so many single men-unless a whole group decided to do it for fun as I'm polite enough to answer my emails.) Since I refuse to continue corresponding with men I've not met, haven't met Nigerian scammers but heard there's a lot of them there. OKCupid is free too, but have met men there and the profiles seem genuine.

They also removed my main pic which WAS of me and showed my face (reason they gave for removing it) was outdated but told why in profile, as it was to weed out the men who responded to the pic and NOT the personality behind it.


I read a review of it under good dating site, said limited services on free, so I joined. One can practically do nothing on free, can't respond to emails ( feel sorry for the guys who contact me, but I put a reference on my profile of Mingle 2 on there and hope it stays on there.) According to other reviews one says that they take money from you without you giving your account number, I think they may not have a paid account but Speed Dating tricks you by saying you can verify your account by only spending. 99 and then charging you over $100 for one year. My complaint is not about the charges as I was smart enough not to give them any cc info (don't see how they can charge without you giving your cc info first but I used a fake first name and inaccurate birth date) but even as a free member, there is no way to filter the type of mate you want, if you are a certain age, they will ONLY let you see the mates the same age you are (which knowing the penchant men have for younger woman must be a REAL disappointment-so warning you, men LQTM) and you can't deactivate or cancel your account (ANOTHER warning, there may be a lot of members there who are no longer active.) Also I find THIS rather humorous, I posted a couple of pics, one is a distance shot where can't see my face too clearly as a Playboy bunny for Halloween (it was taken 30 years ago as was put on there as joke as explained in my MUCH more comprehensive Mingle 2 profile) and a full face one taken more recently and they removed that one, guess they felt it was too ugly!


First thing, I wish to state that is some of the criticisms show a lack of common sense and vicious behavior on the complainer's part and not any unethical behavior of the company, such as those who complained of being "cheated" because of the automatic debit. This is an "option" you can choose or not, one should carefully read and NOT blame the company if one didn't and second, if you do NOT want it or feel the automatic debit was billed without your consent did you ever try to contacting the company to remove the charges first (one person even claimed that she didn't but then stated that she didn't think that they would, so her complaint was totally unsubstantiated!) yet wanted to badmouth the company. This is an "option" you can choose or not, one should carefully read and NOT blame the company if one didn't, I DID and that's why I gave them 5 stars.

They sent the papers in a timely manner for power of attorney papers. I had changed my mind and the person who persuaded me to sign up, was supposed to cancel (the account was under his email address,) I was away on a trip and didn't check my banking online, just a few minutes ago, I did, and saw that my account was debited automatically. I called and the first time I was on hold for awhile so hung up. The second time, I called, it was answered sooner, and the cus. Serv. Agent processed it smoothly, no hassle and gave me a refund from three months back. Usually, I hesitate to sign up for ANY kind of service with automatic billing because they do EVERYTHING under the sun NOT to cancel it (one company told me that they had to talk you out of cancelling three times on the one call) this company does NOT play those games and they are pleasant while cancelling too! If you are hesitant about signing up with their monthly plan, do NOT be, they will not hold your hostage and they guarantee your satisfaction, so I would definitely recommend you to try it.

The only thing that I wish they would change, is that on their website and in the phone tree menu they don't have the option to cancel which might make things easier and I think it the past I thought their google ad was misleading because I think it says documents are free and then you do have to pay but I will forward these suggestions along to the company.

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Thank you Eva, we truly appreciate your kind words. Please do not hesitate to contact us with future needs!

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