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We just started using the POS software here at our restaurant about 3 months ago and we wow, it is freaking impressive, we have 9,532 unique customers and we have the order history of every single one of them! We previously had no way to do this. They told me they will build an automatic profile for every customer who visits the restaurant automatically but I was skeptic until i saw a live demo! They actually used my credit card and sold me a drink for $2.99 and yes my profile was created.

I look forward to deploying this to all of our sites and to start using their marketing automation in order to get our existing customers to spend more money while welcoming new users and etc. I highly recommend it for any fellow restaurant owner.


Definitely not a professional attitude when you decline their offer. Approved for $100k and pay back on daily basis over 8 months is $133k, that says the interest paid is 33% but according to Travis Gerlach, I am wrong and i dont know how to calculate a simple interest rate. I understand it is based off of a declining principle but that is crazy to insult a potential client. Then I said, we will decline the offer as we have other better alternatives, he replies "what other offers do you have given COVID-19?" Seriously? I told him we have a line with Chase at 8% and he boldly says, then why did you apply with us, i told you it would be 15% interest rate. You are right Travis, i should not have bothered with your company and had done a simple search "crestmont capital reviews..." and notice that at the end the word scan is auto suggested and should have just ignored you guys.

Your offer is absolutely outrageous in many avenues;
1. You insult your customers thinking you are better than them, however, you are the person working for someone else while we run a business.

Next time, instead of telling your customer, you don't know how to do it and you are wrong, educate. Do not insult or under estimate any other human being.

2. based on $180k in A/R, $100k approval on the strictest terms of daily repayments and maximum of 8 months? Okay fine, you are hedging your risk, I understand.

3. When someone declines your offer because you are the most ridiculous offer they have received, do not get offensive, it is not personal, I am not here to serve you and make you rich by paying 33% interest in 8 months so you can get a bonus. Just like you reject clients because they do not qualify, your potential clients have every right to decline to do business with you when they choose to do so.

Tip for consumers:
do not use them. they are feeding on poor business owners who may not have a choice or are in dire need. thankfully we were neither. Go to local bank and get a line of credit for 8-10% and at least there is a trust there.

Products used:
we applied for a loan but DID NOT accept it because initially it was to be around 10-15% rate line of credit but they changed the entire promise, went to a lease with 33% interest


We've been using utiliko for about 2 years now and it has been an essential part of our organization and growth. It is as crucial as email, phone service or electricity. We would not be able to do operate without this platform.

Currently we use the CRM part for our sales staff (inside and outside sales staff), adding leads, opportunities and most importantly contract generation and e-signatures. E-signatures is probably the most important part since we get the client to sign off without the problems of print, sign, fax or additional cost of DocuSign or any other system.

We use the support for projects to manage of all of our installations nationwide and tickets for remote support issues for our support department.

We use the accounting part for all of our recurring transactions since we are a telecom company. This has the most important part for us which no other platform we tested had, that is the telecom taxes which are complicated and are added to specific items and not the entire invoice. This is a HUGE point, it would be a nightmare without this function.

The autopay function of course saves us a ton of time along with payment integration. Previously we would have to use a 3rd party and create the transactions (duplicate entry) and once it got approved, enter the approval code in our system and now, this process is automated and saves us at least 16 hours a month!

We use the HR part for tracking employees and most importantly time tracking, whether it is time for tasks, projects or tickets so we can bill the client properly and never forget to bill.

Another major function that saves us about 1 hour per project is the automation. We created some automation that automatically changes the status of specific projects, assigns it to the specific team and creates 7 detailed tasks for each project that is created in that category. This is yet another extremely important function as it eliminates human error and saves us time.

I am sure i have missed some stuff but these are the most important reasons why we use utiliko.

Last item, they added email integration; so this has been extremely helpful too because now we can relate an email to a project, ticket, task or client and that conversation is automatically saved under that specific area and therefore we dont have to search email for that history.

If i had to summarize utiliko in few words, it would be, "communication in one place". They have done a great job centralizing everything in ONE area so you aren't searching email, project management, tickets, tasks, invoices and etc to learn everything you need about the client. It is all there in one spot.


We have been using their 100% up-time backup internet calledSmartConnect for past 4 years and we have NOT had any outages since then! Our spectrum internet does go out but theirs kicks right in and we don't even notice it. I am glad that I switched my service to them and by far one of the best decisions we made. It saves us actual hard earned cash. Before Vivant, when internet went down, our credit card processing would go down, online orders would go down, sales reporting would go down, our phones would go down and it was a mess. The revenue loss was frustrating. It is a peace of mind to have a system that you can rely on and works 100%

We are extremely thankful for their service.


We started using oDesk and they got sold to upwork and oh man, the experience has been extremely bad. We have tried to stay away as much as possible and have moved to using BPO and other services so we do not have to use them.

They took a chunk out of freelancers salaries/pay and then charged us a 3% fee or monthly fee to be on the platform. It is time to say quits to upwork and move on.

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