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Alibaba is no Amazon when it comes to customer satisfaction. They would have you believe that if there is a problem with a purchase, you will have recourse. Not so. If you have a problem and dispute the purchase, prepare to go through a lengthy arbitration process and in the end improbable satisfaction. The process adjudicated by inexperienced personnel who do not know quality, have diffent standards or have not heard or the Alibaba quality assurance guaranty. They have difficulty communicating and may be working on multiple disputes ranging from clothes to electronics to construction equptmnet.
When you buy from their suppliers you are more than likely to receive not what you ordered, but something reasonable close. The color may be off, the item might come disassemble from what was picture, material and finish substitutions, and even small size differences. This by Alibaba standards is acceptable quality? If you file a dispute, you might get a token concession from them but nothing in the way of true satisfaction. So in the end you will eat it.
The cost of returning anything to China is outrageously expensive. The cost of shipping is perhaps five plus times more expensive for us to send something from here by UPS then for them to send it to us. So if you dispute a purchase and there supplier is at fault, they either have to force there supplier to give you a refund or make you eat it. I am not sure in the history of that company they ever made a supplier do a full refund. This is a payment in advance website with little recourse, you will not be able to do a Credit Card charge back since the transaction is with Alibaba not the supplier. As they say…. You pays your money and takes your chances.

Tip for consumers:
Spend a little more and buy domesticly.

Products used:
We could not use the goods.


Dexcom would have you believe that their G6 wireless glaucous monitor can allow you to continuously monitor your blood sugar on their handheld monitor or any remote cell phone with the app. The dirty little secret and what they forget to tell you is that it can't be more than 20 feet away. It is not WIFI enabled. So you can't have a someone else or a caregiver remotely monitor or see the alarms for high and low blood sugar. What is even worse is that if the monitor or your monitoring phone strays more than 20 feet away, the connection between the two is lost and if you come back into range it can take up to 30 minutes for the monitor to reacquire the signal. So if you want a continues readout of your glucose the meter or phone must be carried with you at all times. If you wnat an instantaneous readout, and the monitor has been out of range, you have to wait for it to require or finger stick. This device it technologically wanting and does not deliver what is promised.

Tip for consumers:
Consider looking at alternative devices.

Products used:


Alibaba, A Chinese company, would have you believe that they will protect you in transactions from such thing as, wrong item sent or poor quality They use such terms as Trade Assurance. But not so.
We here in the West expect to get exactly what we order. But Chinese culture, sanctioned by Alibaba, seem to be that if you are sent something of what they consider equal or equivalent, that will suffice to complete the transaction. This is the case even if you can show a picture of what you have bought vs. the very different model you received. You can't return it economically because of the high cost to ship to China from the USA, costing us 10X more them for them with their government subsidized postal service.
So you contact Alibaba to help you resolve the dispute. However, you will loose unless there it is gross discrepancy. But if it is similar style, slightly different model of lesser quality or a color difference you will be out of luck. There are two problems here; they are Chinese company and the people doing the judging, are in some cases, not technical qualified. This is particularly true with the purchase of technical / industrial goods


While I am a small company owner and would advocate buying from small companies, say over Amazon. This is one of those small companies where the owner provides poor quality product and which is almost impossible return. Th suspender hardware was of poor quality and did not work. Had to get PayPal involved to get them to answer my request for return and to get my refund. My advice, buy elsewhere.


Just out of warranty, my z series CPAP produced and error code 99 and 66 which can not be reset and requiring a $140 service. Nice feature they built in to the product, pay them now and later. Consider hat in the price of this CPAP. Check the internet buzz on this problem.
Since it is a travel CPAP for me, I used it for about 30-40 nights on short trips over the warranty period, no physical damage. So this company is either dishonest or technically incompetent or maybe both? My Resporonics is 10 years old and works just fine.
The product is noisy comes with too short of a hose requiring you to sleep with the machine above your pillow.


Also known as They do not have the product they show in their catalog and will take your money and and not ship or communicate with you.In our case we wired them money and they did not ship nor could we contact them. Save your money and buy elsewhere.


This is basically a dishonest and a fraud company. They also go by the name of Shenzhen Instantware Information Technology Co. While they have a good website and catalogue they do not have the products indicated. We wired them money for product and they no longer communicate with us or have shipped any product. Since we are a professional purchasing company and have done many industrial transactions in China this company is dishonest. Contact us at ******* for further details.


Their promise is to send you all your pills at one time in Packets. However, they do not do that. If they can't easily fill one of your prescriptions they will send the packets incomplete anyway.
Here's the dangerous part. When you receive your pills there will be no notification that pills are missing nothing noted in the box or on the packets. This may not be a problem if you only take a few pills. You might notice one missing. If you have to take many pills you may not notice one missing and start taking them without the required pill. They don't seem to think this is a problem since they say if you study your bill you can figure out that a pill or two is missing? In fact after I called them they still did not realize a pill was missing although it was confirmed on the original order.
When I signed up for the service I requested a co-pay estimate. It was 20 % more then what I was paying at CVS but I figured the convenience might be worth it. However when bill came it was 30% more for one month's supply. They do not do a 90 days' supply so you might have month end anxiety.
I will also say that the convenience is questionable. I received the packets in two white boxes taking up about a cubic foot of space. Instead of my 10 pills being in one packet they were in two. Previously my 30 day supply fit is a small compartmentalized plastic box the size of large book
All in all this service in not worth it and may be hazardous to your health.


Stay Away from Americare Respiratory Services. Slow service, bureaucratic overly excessive paper work, ill informed about medicare available supplies.
I need a new C-PAP machine under medicare and made the mistake of calling these people.
1. Took three weeks, an unnecessary trip to my doctor to fill out a form which I did not need because I was and existing user.
3. then could not tell me if I was eligible for a new machine saying the rules changed.
2 Then wanted me to sign a form, which was also unnecessary, saying I would pay $70/ month if not approved by Medicare.
4 Told me I was not eligible for the new Resprionics machine but would not tell me what machine they would supply.
This company is either dishonest, incompetent or just assumes we are all morons. That very day I told them to stuff it, I called a larger supplier. In ten minutes the latest Respironics machine was on order with just my medicare # and the my word that I would fax the prescription.


Bought five appliance for a kitchen remodel, top of the line. All needed service withing 5 years. Even the service guy thought the stuff was junk.


They claim to have world class service but not in returns. Absurdly slow return process. Slow return shipping. Slow to refund once received. They are certainly no Zappos. You either trust your customers or you don't.


Was majorly disappointing in the parts they sent, that did not match the manufactures part number. They also claim to have a no questions ask return policy, But try to get someone to respond with return instructions. Had to file a PayPal dispute. Suggest you pay a little more elsewhere.


Consistent great service and really free return policy. The others pretend to be Zappos but send wrong colors and sizes and hit you with a restocking fee, although they advertise free returns.


Anything to make a sale. Send the wrong color shoes just in case they stick. Then you want to return them? No problem except for the $6.95 restocking fee. In the fine print as part of the free return policy they advertise. These guy are very bad.


This is a sneaky company. There website makes you think you are doing business with a US based company buy they are in China. So anything you buy will come in one to two months.

CustomerService R. – DressLily Rep

Dear Howard,

We appreciate your review.

Please kindly note that we ship all the items from China, where we are located.

We have indicated in our website here

We offered varies shipping methods with different shipping time during check out.
Unfortunately, for the shipping method you have chosen, there is no international tracking number available and the shipping time is 10-25 business days. However, please rest assured that the estimated delivery time for your package is still valid.

We have contacted you via ticket. Please kindly check it in your account.

Thank you.

Dresslily Customer Support Team


I have buying my men's clothes from them for many years and find them to be a great and easy resource. Always get what you buy and far prices.


You would like to think that Restoration Hardware (RH) is a class store, perhaps like Nordstrom were customers and quality come first, but nothing can be further from the truth. My experience deal with their outdoor furniture and customer service. The outdoor furniture is of poor quality and does not appear to be what it seems.
Unlike other outdoor furniture cushions that you might have had in the past, their cushions are not waterproof and will absorb water like sponges when wet. Plus when you buy them you sign an agreement that they can't be returned. RH solution is to buy plastic covers for each piece at $100 + per cover. In addition the fabric they use, while like being Sunbrella is not as durable and prone to mold. They claim that there cushions can't be waterproof and meet there standards of comfort. Really? Plus they say they have that disclaimer in on the website which may be there but try to find it.
The furniture frames are also inferior, while the designs look terrific, you don't get what you see. The furniture appears to have a teak frame but may only have a teak foot accent. The frames are heavy painted iron and prone to rust in area near the sea. Surely for what they charge they could afford to give you great quality, like outdoor foam cushions and aluminum frames or real teak. If you don't mind rust stains on your patio or soggy moldy cushions then RH will not disappoint you.


I purchased a heavy outdoor umbrella base fro them. It came completely damaged because it was way under packed. Had to file an Amazon claim to get their attention. To satisfy that claim they sent an empty box hoping Amazon would close the case in their favor because they had sent a replacement. Did not work. But jeany files to know what a sleazy and dishonest company this really is.


Purchases a 100 pound umbrella base. It came damaged because it was poorly packaged. They said they would replace it because I filled a Amazon claim. To satisfy that claim they sent an empty box hoping that Amazon would close the case beciuase they could show they delivered a replacement! Sleazy and dishonest. Just want folks to know how thic company does business.


The worst customer service and return policy. Sent the wrong item and would not take it back. Had to file a Paypal claim.

Tip for consumers:
Buy it on Amazon.


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