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I love this website! It lists hundreds of active competitions going in Australia. I started using this about a month ago and entered about 50+ competitions already. Most of the competitions are trustworthy. Just read the terms and conditions before entering. I also suggest that you create a separate email address for competitions as you will start receiving lots of unwanted emails.


I love this website! Joined in December 2011 and started writing my own articles for WonderHowTo. When you have set up your own world, you can start earning 100% Google AdSense revenue.


IOBit engages in fraudulent behavior and has stolen Malwarebytes Intellectual Property - therefore I recommend keeping away from all it's downloads. Malwarebytes released a statement about this which can be found here: https://forums.malwarebytes.org//index.php?showtopic=2968.


Fake website. Doesn't look Government owned to me even though it's using the. Gov domain. This website is owned by hacking group Anonymous as seen on the symbol on the bottom right. It seems to me that this person wants Freedom for his country - but this is the wrong way to go about it.


Really cool tool to test how effective your browser is at blocking pop-ups! The site gives you an option to go through basic right to advanced tests that most browsers don't protect you against. Some tests they do are: basic pop-up, HREF-method pop-up allowing, Javascript and even flash tests.


I recommend not even entering this website. The site is like Wikileaks. It distributes classified information to the public that has being leaked via various sources. Most information comes from hacking groups such as Anonymous or LulzSec after penetrating government systems. Even though the information has been made public, be rest assured it doesn't mean the information has being declassified. Reading or even opening these documents could result in charges or significant prison times.


Official website for the Austrian national Computer Emergency Response Team, (CERT).

CERT manages IT-security in a national context. During a IT-security incident, Government Agencies must report and seek advice from this department. This site also offers tech news and downloads.

However as of 24-Sept-2011 I've discovered malicious software in one of the downloads. I would assume that this website was hacked and a virus implanted in the download. I have contacted the agency about the issue and it should be dealt with soon.

But all in all - this shows that no site is 100% safe. Even a Government website can be hacked without them knowing while it distributes malware to users.


I like this forum because naturally, I'm a curious person. I'm open to learning new things about the world, or the afterlife. This forum is based on terrorism, paranormal events, government cover ups, conspiracies such as the New World Order and much more.

It is a very active community, with around 800 new threads each week. Customer Service is fine - they responded to my email within 48hrs and it addressed my concern on the response.

However - at a social level on the forum, many come across as very paranoid and make a post about something before they did research about it. However - I have managed to find some decent posts, and many being helpful.

Like the newspaper - this forum can be depressing. In other words - don't over use this site. Don't take all the information in a serious way. Half of the information that spreads through these forums are either false or someone being over dramatic.


I know many people who've been robbed at home, or had they're computer stolen at work, etc. It is almost pointless filing a report to police over a stolen laptop because it won't be found. But with this open source software, it will help you in situations like this. For example, you have this installed and your computer goes missing. With your mobile (or another computer) log onto the website and set the computer to stolen.

It will give you details about their physical location. If this person uses webcam - you will get screenshots also and you can see what pages on the internet they are viewing. It is a really good software and a must have for all.


Hackforums.net is an illegal hacking forum. Here black hat hackers exchange viruses, computer program exploits and give codes to activate programs.

It is a crime to participate in the above. I do not support or endorse the forum and recommend against creating or malware.

I would give the site one star - but this community can also be useful to an extent. The forum gives me an insight into what hackers are doing, and how to prevent future viruses or malware from entering my computer when it's released.

Lastly, let's hope that ICE can seize the domain soon. Sites like this make creating viruses easy, and the site makes hacking look "cool" when it isn't.


Sevenforums.com is the place to go when an issue arises with your computer or you want to meet like-minded people. The forum covers many areas ranging from security to software, networks to browsers and much more. The forum has over 1.5 million posts and almost 159,000 members which makes it the biggest and most active Windows 7 forum on the web. Responses are quiet fast on the forum, and they're a really nice and helpful community.


StumbleUpon is OK. I agree with TN though. It's a complete mess and needs an improvement to the interface. The site also lacks speed and doesn't provide very accurate results. I find it annoying when I stumble, then about five minutes later I stumble upon the same site.

But StumbleUpon must be doing something right with over 1 billion Stumbles each month. What is even more interesting is that according to StatCounter, StumbleUpon made up 47.11 percent of all social traffic in the United States in July 2011.

I've always wondered how many viruses people have received from this site. It isn't like you're on Google where you can use Norton Safeweb, SiteJabber or WOT to check whether the site is safe. This is because you don't know what the next site is. I've had a few alerts from Norton when using this service - so please be careful. I recommend a computer scan after using their service.


Fitsec is a Finnish website based on information security and penetration testing. The reason why I'm doing a review is they have an excellent site, along with a really good download that I found in my feeds from Techworld that mentions a specific download.

The download link is here: http://fitsec.com/blog/index.php/2011/08/15/tool-release-a-banking-trojan-detection-tool/ (a blog post on their site).

This download is free and it checks your computer for "banking Trojans". It can detect the top five banking Trojan families: Zeus, SpyEye, Carberp, Gozi and Patcher. If they are active on the computer it will let you know through your command window. It will also let you know place to find free antivirus software.

Remember the site is in Finnish. The top right corner will give you the option to change the language into English.


Are you a business owner that sends confidential documents through email? If not - this can still come in good use for individuals. In example, you've changed doctors and you want to give your new physician all your health records.

GPG4Win.org offers a freeware program that lets you both encrypt and digitally sign your emails. I however do not recommend this to computer novices. It does require an advanced understanding to use this application. I tried it several months ago, but I gave up. I decided to try again last week and finally figured it out.

The good side is that it does come with a PDF that explains what to do (in both English and German). In addition to this - you can also test how it works first by exchanging your public keys with an email-based robot. This makes the learning process fun and somewhat easier.

All in all - I'm really happy I've come across this site!


Do you have an interest in space and NASA? Have you ever wanted to watch what's going on in space this very moment and watch space live? NASA launched this website a few hours ago to the public that lets people view space in 3D live time. Watch space missions, watch Satellites (and know where they are now). Safe website. It's free and all that you need to view the site is a little ad-on which is provided on the site.


This is yet another hilarious website. The SCP Foundation "To Secure, Contain, and Protect". The authors have written 999 SCP fantastic stories. It's all about using your imagination. Think about something that creeps you out, then write it. It's a tad like the movie called The Human Centipede - but in a story. Enjoy!


I couldn't resist laughing at this Facebook app. The "Welcome video" that pops up on its page when you enter was hilarious! But it also has a serious side. The Facebook app basically works like this: you add the app > film a short video > select three people who have to confirm your death > when all three confirm your death when you pass away they will receive this video.

I found this app through the site TED (http://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/www.ted.com). If you're interested listening to the speech, it's called "Adam Ostrow: after your final status message".


What does the internet know about you? The Massachusetts Institute of Technology created a powerful and complex data mining search engine that will attempt to find traces of you online. All you have to do is put in your first and surname then run a search. However, like Google, the results won't come back 100% accurate unless you're the only person in the world with your name.


Norton DNS is rather interesting and a good idea. In addition to having an antivirus and anti-malware, using Norton DNS as an extra padding puts you almost at supreme protection. Just don't forget strong passwords when signing up for websites.

From Norton DNS (Malware Site Blocking):
- Automatically blocks known unsafe and infected websites you don't accidentally download online threats
- Blocks phishing websites created by cybercriminals to steal your identity and your money
- Gives you a comprehensive overview of threats found on each site

Web-content filtering (BETA):
- Lets you block Web sites that contain content that you think is inappropriate or dangerous.
- Offers over 45 different categories of content that you can choose to block.
- Includes all the features of malware site blocking.

There are two ways to set this up. Either install Norton DNS onto your computer (for the non-techies) and for those advanced users your DNS address needs to be set to or


I'm not sure whether it's OK to write a review based on suspicion - but I'll go ahead with it anyway and I'm happy to be proved wrong.

I have been using this on Firefox for about three months now. In the options panel there is a button to disable the "show Facebook share option upon hijack alert". I clicked to disable this then it automatically turns itself back on. Then on the Firefox site, the developer has a picture of the extension but guess what? The thing it doesn't show is that it has that Facebook share button.

I then checked WOT and found a review by "alexandergkelly" which makes me even more suspicious.

Again - this review is based on suspicion and not necessarily facts. I'm happy to have someone here prove me wrong.

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