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I love netflix. I started with a free trial and knew I'd join before it was over. I got the 2 a month. Mostly I watch it for the instant streaming movies and tv shows. They've added a lot of new titles lately and are getting newer movies too. Sometimes the sound is not that great on the computer and I need headphones, but that's the only real problem with streaming. It also lets you know when a movie on instant is not going to be available online for much longer.

You can also watch on XBox and Wii. The interface on both is really easy to use and got improved so it's easier to search.

I had a movie go missing before it got to me and they sent out a replacement quickly. Even let me know when the missing one turned up somewhere. Movies get here fast. One day I got a notice my next disc had been shipped and got it the next day! They have a really good selection too, but sometimes the recommendations based on my viweing are really strange. But you know that makes it fun because I might get suggested something I'd never consider.


The site is easy to use and I love the free samples. I shop here rather than at the store. I've never had a problem with a return either.


I check out this site every day. I don't buy anything, but I have wanted to and my younger brother and my dad have both bought items from here. Neither had complaints about anything they got, but said shipping can be slow.

Be sure to read the descriptions. Some things are refurbished. I almost got a pocket video from them, but saw it was refurbished and a new one same size wasn't too much more considering it would have a better warranty.

Stay away if you are an impulse shopper. You won't be able to resist the deals.


Really great hair care products. The products aren't that expensive and they work really well. The cleansers are sulfate free and lightly cleanse. It may take some getting used to.

If you have straight hair that's damaged from processing or heat, try the Repair Me! Treatment.

The site has flat rate shipping on orders under $100. Over 100 you can get free UPS Ground shipping.

Site is easy to use with detailed descriptions of each product on the product's page including how ot use the product.


A good place to go for free pictures to use.
The results at the top of each page are usually from a pay per use site, so be sure to skip past those.
Lost of pictures to choose from. Good for making avis and decorating.


Very funny videos, most not too long. My favorite is still the landlady one with the little girl. The videos might be amateur or professionally produced. You can rate how funny you think something is, which is why it's called funny or die. Vote die if you don't like it and want it to go away.


Funny news satire. A good way to kill time.


Shipping's usually fast and a good selection of clothing for smaller sizes especially in the sale category. But please, before you buy an electronic item from them do a search to price compare. Electronics are usually a lot higher on their site than elsewhere, unless they're having a sale, then it's the same price almost.:-)

Good site. Fun to browse. Easy to use and they make it easy to know what's on sale and what the coupons are good for.


This is the best for watching movies of all kinds. I've had no problems with it. I use it on my laptop and desktop instead of the DVD viewing software that came pre-installed. The picture even looks better. Also keeps up to date on all the codecs needed for. Avi so it's not picky about what it plays like a lot of players can be.


OMG I luvs teh kewt kittehs!

I bought a t-shirt from there too. It arrived quickly and is soooo cute. But the girl sizes run small.


Sometimes twitter is like a whole bunch of random junk from self-help/motivational books and crappy forwards. People don't even write about their mundane lives. All they do is retweet what other people say usually with links to articles or blogs or something. Not easy to find people and sometimes you get all these random followers from something you said. Like I said I didn't like my gym and said the gym's name and then I got all these followers from gyms and stuff like that.

If you want to waste your time go look at fluffy kitties or something.


The website is okay and much easier to use. It's way better than shopping in the store where a lot of times the sales people will be hanging out together and ignoring the customers or just walk on by like they are busy.

Easy to search and find what you want, but sometimes the resutls are confusing. Like it'll show two DVDs that look identical, but one has a really high price on it, but it's nothing special.


I got an email about changes in service. One change was that people could cancel their internet and keep their email address. That's the only reason I pay them for internet. I use another service for my actual internet.

I went to the website trying to find out how to switch to just having email with them and couldn't find anything on the site. Then when I went to the help section I was timed out because even though once you sign in and choose a place to go, it opens a new window, but the original one stays open and that's the page that times out from inactivity.



Geico has been very good to me. I'm saving about $500 a year over the policy I had with another company. I've never had to make a claim where I was at fault, so I don't know how they are when it comes to that.


Never had a problem with them. I have a filter to send their emails to a different folder, then when I need a new service I can look in the folder for a good coupon.
They are the only hosting service I've used who called to tell me they had added a better plan for cheaper and would I like to switch to that one. Customer/Tech support has always been fast and gotten the job done.


This site uses a site currency called Panickels(PN) and Pandabucks.(PB) The site currency is purchased alone (PN only, you have to buy a membership to get PBs) or received with memberships or the occasionally contest. Members can use their site currency to buy things such as novels, ads, invisibility on the panel, and things like that.

But unless you are purchasing something that is automated don't expect it to happen quickly. A novel costs a lot of site currency and it can take weeks to get it. In the meantime you might receive a note saying the novel will get made when it gets made and don't bother staff about it.

Customer service seems to be "ignore the customer and they will go away and we won't have to do anything."

Once you buy the site currency they have your money. So what if you get what you pay for in a timely fashion.

People with the higher memberships get treated better though.

I suggest avoiding this site which is full of cliques and choosing one of the free writing sites instead.

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