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Ever wonder what's in that Big Mac you are eating?

If you are like myself, you are much more conscious about nutrition with the continously
Increasing negative conditions in relation to nutrition related circumstances.
(Increasing Autism correlated with food peservatives/coloring, Diabetes associated with
High sugar junk foods, etc.)

This site gives detailed information regarding nutritional data for raw foods (fruits, vegetables, meats, etc.)
And many of the well known meals/dishes.
In addition, they also have data on commonly bought fast food such as Big Macs, Subway Subs,
Burger King French Fries, and so forth.

Recommended to anyone from the person looking to shed a few pounds to people
Who are trying to change their diet to a more nutritional sound one.


This site is easy to navigate and can be accessed with the google account you've registered
With on your phone via Android Market.

By accessing the site with your google account, you can remotely install apps that you find
On the site to your phone as long as it is connected to the internet via WiFi or 3G/Data.

Personally I found it a tiresome task navigating through the market with my 4-inch phone screen.
With this website, I can view screenshots, view promo videos, read descriptions, read reviews and other
Related specifications (such as requirements for install), in one view on my monitor/TV instead.

By no means is the Android Market on the mobile device clustered or hard to navigate.
Options are everything, and I like having the option of market access via a website so I can see Everything
In a glance on my TV or monitor.

Now I use this site to browse and remotely install apps while lying down on my bed
And watching TV or while working or surfing the web on my computer; while my phone is
Charging on my dock.

Haven't installed an app manually on my phone since discovering this site.
Nor have any of my friends who I've introduced the site/method to.


If you want an online source for up to date MMA news, mmajunkie is it.

The news reported are sourced from various organizations
(From the well known US organization UFC to Japanese organizations such as DREAM)

There is a huge following for this site as it is one of the most well known site/blogs
For MMA News content; so you'll see a lot of opened discussions occuring in the
Response section of each article.

The website layout and design leaves something to be desired, but the content makes well up for it.

A must read for MMA fans.


An alternative site for anything MMA related.

They are not first to break MMA news, but the colorful writing and the entertaining
Website layout makes up for its latency on reporting MMA related news.

The site is very much picture and video oriented for those of us who've been hit in
The head few too many times to read a full on article style.

In addition, the staffers are very much in tune with the people who frequent the site,
Leaving replies to comments visitors may leave on articles,
Holding interactive MMA tournaments via MMA games (Xbox, PS3, etc.) and putting
Up various votes to measure what the gen. Pop. Thinks of the current going-ons in the
MMA world and the site itself.

Recommended for any MMA fans such as myself.


Their policies regarding fradulant services are non-existent. (literally)

I recently got scammed for hundreds by a website which offers gaming services.

Paypal will do absolutely nothing about it.

Although, I have proof of their fradulant activity (via chat logs, transactions, etc.),
In addition to their own site showing blatant evidence of their own fradulant activity
(the service in question was basically myself paying them by the hour for their work; their site states
Guaranteed duration of time it'll take, in addition to start date, current status, and every other evidence
One needs to explicitly know they are not honouring their own terms, in addition to the legal
Terms and conditions they themselves provide on the website.)

And mind you, these scammers are verified paypal account holders.
I've already found a handful of people online by just googling these guys, who have also been
Scammed. And I'm guessing they too lost money due to Paypal's neglect.

I used Paypal, thinking it would be a more safer way to do transaction online, but they are
Much, MUCH worse than credit card companies.

At least Creditcard companies take into account what has occured and try what they can to resolve the issue,
Instead of just out right rejecting the problem.
(I can't believe I'm actually saying the Creditcard companies are good for something)

Last time I'm going to utilize paypal.
(Not to mention their biased exchange rates also play a factor)

Internet transaction Services like Paypal are lagging behind.
Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is pretty much available online now.
Anything from food to services can be ordered online.
Thus they need to expand their policies to account for such.
They do not.


NCIX is a Electronics, Computers and Hardware ecommerce site that I use quite often.

Price Matching...

They have a wide variety of products in their inventory, weekly/bi-weekly sales and a pricematching
Policy which is great for customers who put in the effort to find the lowest prices.

Price Matching...

Their shipping offers, pricing and duration is above average and I haven't had a single problem,
Nor have many of my friends who I recommended the site to, for many years and numerous transactions.

Price Matching...

I've purchased items from Laptops to Printers from them and I have yet to have a complaint.

Oh, did I mention the Price matching?

Price matching.


Everyone and their mothers now have cellphones.

This site has news, reviews and detailed specifications regarding cellphones available in the market.

I personally change cell phones bi annually, and this site has been a great tool to check up
On prices and details for my future phone selections.

Very much recommended for anyone who is in the market to buy a new phone and upgrade/exchange an old one.
Only way consumers will get decent prices is if they are informed ;)


Purchased Game currency from this site.

Their in game characters were already flagged by the moderator/administrators, and as soon
As I received the order, the account was warned and suspended.

The site is intuitive and the rep was friendly enough, but in the end I paid for my account to
Be suspended.

Not recommended.


First time ever using a 3rd party service for a MMO game.

Stumbled upon the site via google, and after a very long discussion with a rep
(mostly due to the fact that they can barely get their message across with their
Elementary English), decided to try them out.

Basically paid them around $10 a level to power level my character to near the level cap.
(The total was quite a lot)

Since there was quite some money involved, as well as being my first time utilizing such a service,
I checked in daily to talk with their rep, and every time they assured me and even went far as to
Verbally guarantee me the order will be done in time.
(This was because when I checked in after 4 days, they still haven't even reach
50% of the goal/level they were paid to reach, and as everyone knows who plays
MMO, generally, it get harder to level as you gain levels)

In one incident, I was sent an email stating that I had purchased something from the
Embedded game store, which costs points in game, which can be gained by doing a
LOT of quests or by paying for the points with money.
After a very one-sided argument (once again, attributable to the elementary English)
They offered a refund, but told me it'll take 5 business days to process.

Instantly, I got a chill with this remark. I had sent them instant payment via paypal, but
They were asking me to wait a bloody week for a refund.
I knew if I asked for it, I would never see a dime, so I just told them to not spent any existing
Points; any points they accumulated during the power leveling is fair game.

Now, over 10 hours past the deadline THEY gave me, they are only about 80% done.

After a thorough google search, I found these guys have ties to several other power leveling service sites
That have been flagged in numerous places as scams.

I'm closely observing their actions via a program that allows me to look into character status/stats,
And I'm hoping they're only incompetent when it comes to their business and not scam artists.

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