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Like most older single men, I have had many ups and downs and am into the journey to understand myself. It seems that I was one of the early ones, as there are now many discussion channels about it on video blogs.

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Over my life I have found that my interests can turn to a passion very quickly, so I am always on guard.


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I impulse purchased a 1 lb package of ground Bison from a local Ingles market to try the taste and see if we liked it. It was a little expensive ($12) as compared to Black Angus and hamburger (under $5), but I did want us to try it.

Brought it home and immediately divided the meat into two 8 ounce portions, so that we could each eat a normal 4 ounce portion@ two meals. Then placed them in the deep freezer.

The next day, I removed 8 ounces, thawed it naturally and cooked it as normal. It was cooked & served, the flavor was good. Different tasting from the other meats we normally eat, but not objectionable. Shortly after eating, both of us noticed a queasy stomach, so it had to be the meat.

I sent the company an email asking if this was normal, and the VP of sales replied within 24 hours. He explained that the company ships their meat frozen to distributors in the USA direct from the company. He felt that something might have happened with the meat after they delivered it to Ingles markets, which made sense. Ingles had it displayed in the fresh meat case and not frozen completely.

He wanted to get the meat back for testing and sent an overnight air freight foam container (prepaid both ways), and even sent money ($20) to cover my cost plus extra. They forgot to include freezer packs to keep the meat cold during return. I provided one, but other than that, it was a great old school type customer service experience.

The only reason, I have given 4 stars vs 5 stars is it would have been nice to know what they found with the meat. I will be trying it again, but I will look for a distributor that keeps it frozen and not on display in the fresh meat case. Unfortunately, I threw the receipt away thus I can't provide proof of purchase.


I am placing this review here as I do not believe it will be allowed on the company website* (see below why).

Being a man whose father passed away from a massive series of heart attacks in one day, My father had been reasonably healthy his entire life except for the "black lung" coal miners get. I was concerned if I would follow him since my health has been great and over a 2 year period I lost about 40 lbs and was keeping it off.

After listening to the sales pitch video I opted to buy the 6 month supply as a preventative. When it arrived I read the instructions very carefully and followed them to the letter. This meant I no longer ate breakfast on time as I had to take them 1 hour before I ate and only with water.

Almost immediately, I noticed that I my heart was pounding so hard that it could be felt in my face. I also noticed that my internal body temperature escalated then as well. The pounding diminished in strength within a week or so. But it never went away.

I continued to take it, but I noticed I was extremely hungry all the time and nothing could satisfy it. I could not control my hunger or desire for water. I used 3 bottles of the product and had opened the 4th. I had gained most of the weight back that I previously lost over 2 years and was tired most of the time.

I quit taking it and contacted the company to ask what they thought. They replied with the typical "no answer" but the person said she escalated it to higher ups. After over a week of no further input from them, I emailed again. And again I got the same type reply without addressing my questions.

I had not asked for a refund since it was beyond the 60 days allowed. And they did not offer or suggest a refund which is ok. I have noticed that the pounding heart I experienced is returning to normal and I am able to control my appetite again. My internal body temp does not escalate.

Anyone that wants to try this, I will give you the two remaining sealed bottles. All I ask is you pay for postal shipping to you. Bottle 4, I am throwing away.

* From the company & affiliate websites they state this, pay close attention to how they phrase it:

How safe is Lion HRT?
The Lion HRT formula is safe and natural. Of all of the consumers that are on record with this product, no one has experienced any side effects. Even the capsules are made entirely of vegetarian ingredients.

Tip for consumers:
If you want to try this product, order only a minimal supply before you opt for more. If you have any side effects like I did, stop using it and request a refund.

Products used:
Lion Heart Supplement, 6 month supply


YES, there are some scammers. But this website truly does try to keep them away. They are constantly reviewing profiles, and if you "report" one they do check it out immediately. Scammers have increased drastically since the virus has hit. The reasons are obvious.

Their rules do not allow multiple profiles from the same person, and if you find that, simply tell them. They will remove it very quickly. I had 5 "women" contact me in one day that ALL were removed that same day. None were Filipinas.

If you are searching for someone to get naughty photos or videos from, you might find some Filipinas that will. But the odds are against it. These women are just as honorable as other women from your home country, so treat them with respect.

Most of the women on this site are Filipinas. Filipinas do not view age like other countries do, so yes, if you are in your 60s or 70s, you will get contacted by very young women, as young as 18 is quite normal. Their education is not very good, so be understandable when talking to them. Their English is not very good, but you can communicate with them. They are physically fit and not overweight unless they have a good income.

Most are very pretty, and believe that men are only interested in sex, so they take photos mostly about that. Most profiles are simply; "I am looking for a soulmate. Good luck to all of us". Most state they are God fearing, and are very religious.

They are like other Asian cultures in that the children do support their parents in retirement. If you marry one, be prepared to support her parents until she gets a job where you are. After she does, she will support them. Almost all are very poor people, and have very little as compared to what is called first world countries.

They really don't know people from other countries, and if you are an American, they only know about you from movies. Most do not read your profile, so be prepared for that. The ones that do read it, may not comprehend what you say.

If you are anywhere above 55 years old and are contacted by a non Filipina woman younger than say 40, understand that the odds of her being a scammer are very high.

I am in my second year of membership, and have met many women on CB as we call it. I have made friends with a few and one in particular we are very close as penpals, sharing things like siblings do every day. She has been a great help in my understanding.

I have learned a lot about scammers, their writing, methods, habits, and such and will most likely author a guide that teaches how to spot them very quickly. I can usually tell from their profiles, and if one gets by that, then at most by the second message.

Net result; This website is a great place to look for a wife, just read what I have shared above and you will save yourself a lot of time and grief. And IF you are a scammer, they will catch you.


This website is the primary electronic link these people have to the outside. You can write an inmate an old fashioned letter and they will get it, but this is both quicker and about the same cost.

YES, these people all need money. Many are victims of an overly aggressive legal system. Most of these are very poor people that had to rely on the "Public Defender" because they nor their family had money for representation.

If your goal is to write someone and give them some peace in a system that exploits them, then understand this. Some will ask you for money or for "stamps" to write back and you should be prepared for this. A very few have been able to make enough money from their labors over the course of time to buy an allowed tablet for writing and music. But it takes a lot of time as their pay is less than minimum wage of the 1960s.

If you are writing to find a love of your life, or wanting naughty photos or naughty talk, you are here for the wrong reason.

You should be writing to them so that they can have some normalcy in their lives and you can help another person. Think of these people as soldiers of past wars that anxiously waited for an email from family and friends

Don't forget that no matter how bad your day was, theirs was lots worse.

I wrote several women strictly as penpals, and yes I bought stamps and telephone time for some. It was not expensive and the telephone time allowed the women to talk to their children and family. One was able to rejoin her children, another found herself a boyfriend and got married while she was inside. A third will never get out, but was a nice person to talk to.

So please write one and say hello, but remember that sooner or later you will need to help financially with stamps or with phone money.


Do not waste your time. This group of sites, which includes Asia.me, is nothing but a scam. It allows you to post a profile, then their "employees" start sending you messages. Yes, everyone of them is a computer generated or copied profile answered by employees.

You must buy "points or credits" to be able to read, write, call, etc. This is the first proof, as any site that doesn't allow even a smile, etc without payment and requires you to buy something other than a membership is a SCAM. Banks don't process payments to them. Do not fall for their scams and waste your time. Simply go somewhere else.


The negative reviews you are reading here are actually pretty rosy compared to the truth. Yes, everything about this website is 100% a scam or fraud if you will operated by the website for profits. I purchased a 3 month membership in December 2019 on a one time debit card.

During my very short time there I have seen so many scammers it is impossible to have a count as there are so many. Since I am very use to their pitch, I simply wait for it as a confirmation.

The website has so many fake profiles of women that finding a real one is serious work. Many of their "Confirmed" female members are just young girls from other countries operating a business through a website called cams.com and listing themselves as geographically close to you. I actually reviewed 2 of them on their photos and AFF removed it initially and when I put it back, AFF just disabled the link to their respective cams.com sites.

Yes there are prostitutes on the site, but many of them are very open in their listing that they expect money.

I have met a few older ladies on the site, but not geographically close enough to date, that have confirmed many things in this post and supplied corroboration info.

There are so many men on the site that what few real women there are, they are overwhelmed with contacts. Some of the women you encounter are mentally ill, and others are "Coyote Ugly" both inside and out.

The website will delete any content that they want and even the scammers appear to have been allowed to delete comments, thus the website must be either in control of those listings or sharing the profits.

I contacted the company by their form and advised them that they were breaching the contracts with paid members, their reply was both a rebuttal and excuse, but very obviously more lies as I pointed out to them that their "confirmed" members that were listed as local were in fact in other countries

My membership is good until March 2020 and if this review site allows contacts between each other, I would gladly turn the gold account over to someone for free just to see what it is like there.

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