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Four months later and still the Center for sight on University has not corrected a botched eye procedure. It is worse then when I went in. The left eye ended up fine 18 months ago, but when I went in for the right eye, I was treated with condescending behavior, an attitude, very long wait times and a terrible blurred right eye. Dr. Hunt was the worst Dr. I've ever seen anywhere. His chip on the shoulder, rushed and condescending attitude was unprofessional. He all but called me a liar when I explained in my follow up appointment that I still have blurred vision after a new lens was inserted. I found out from the tech who prepped me before hand that its left over gel from the lens that was sucked out during Dr. Scocia's procedure. It still has not gotten any better and they could care less about doing the right thing and instead, its all about spending as short a time with as many patients as they can bill out for. When I told him that, Dr. Hunt rushed out of the room to ask the tech what she said. He came back in with a totally different explanation then anything I or the tech talked about. Dr. Hunt was upset because my appointment was taking up his precious time. I paid about $3,200 per eye and the right eye color is better but the blurred vision is worse because of sloppy handling during the replacement procedure. I then made a follow up appointment to get a 2nd opinion. I arrived 5 min early. Just 2 other patients in waiting room. They both went in and three others arrived after me. I waited for 50 minutes and these other three went in before me. WTF. In a phone message, the center said based on Dr. Hunts notes, Dr. Socia agrees with Dr. Hunt the blurriness is from floaters. Dr. Hunt yag zapped all the floaters on the first followup, 22 of them took about 2 minutes. No floaters but still blurry vision. I was being punished for questioning Dr. Hunt by making me wait longer then all the others. I finally got up and walked out. And I still get billed by them for low quality work and I'm stuck with poor vision in right eye 4 months after. I would go somewhere else as this center is just concerned about how much they can milk you for and not about doing great eye care.


I had a sleep study done at Venice Regional Medical Center Sleep Lab at 2020 Cattlemen Rd. South Sarasota. Study went fine. Best results of any study I've been through. Main complaint is that when the Dr's bill you, they don't have a website you can go to and pay your bill. You have to fill out a form the old way with your credit card info and identifiable information and mail it in, (and hope it does not get lost or stolen) or call it in manually over the phone. These Doctors at the clinic really need to get with the 21st century. Also, when they call you back on a 90 day followup, its not the Dr. you first seen via telemed, its and assistant, and their name is not listed on any subsequent billing statements. Other complaint is that when I requested my patient encounter notes under Review of Systems, there was a whole lot of Denies listed that we never discussed. They just assumed them and checked denies on 14 listed items. WTF what ever happened to accuracy. And, because its after the fact, try getting the inaccuracies corrected... They really need better accountability, a way to pay the Doctor's bill on line and much better note taking. If they did, they would get 5 stars.

Tip for consumers:
Ask more questions up front and request a copy of the patient encounter notes.


BEWARE using PennyMac as your servicer
Our mortgage was sold by Veterans United to PennyMac. Worst servicer ever. Your concerns and outcomes depend on who you talk with and can change in the same conversation. Our case is too long to opine here but I'll shorten it up. I've talked with knowledgeable experienced and trained people all the way to those who are so worthless it's hard to believe this company hired them. One CSR rep will tell you a senior rep didn't know what they were doing while another gets a 5 star rating. You really have to watch how they handle your loan as it will change without you even knowing and then you have to spend weeks and many hours arguing with them to get it corrected, if you can. Make sure you hold on the line after you are done with a call as you can then leave a review and then get forwarded to a more senior representative if you are getting know where. Read their FAQ section. The first Q's is: Will my loan terms and conditions change once PennyMac is my servicer? Their answer is emphatically, NO. Make sure you check your terms and conditions if your loan is sold off to this unethical company.
But, when our loan was bought by them, they imposed a 24 month moratorium on us for paying our own taxes and insurance that wasn't on the initial loan. They said, it is their policy, even-though, they could not provide one signed document by us to prove we agreed to anything. Then this clown company denied us our rights and to me a 100% disabled veteran to pay our own taxes and insurance escrows. I am tax exempt in my state and county due to military injuries, and our home owners insurance is paid in full for the next year, yet they screwed things up by sending out a check to our previous insurance company to pay for our next 12 months even though they received all the documents for our new insurance provider. We got that recalled as well but they just keep throwing more at us by not recognizing our new insurance co. This is a mortgage nightmare every home owner should avoid. They only get 2 stars because I have talked with a couple of very experienced people, but then the losers get their hands on things and it gets all messed up. I think they really enjoy making peoples lives miserable as a company. Make sure if you are getting a new mortgage anywhere, to ask them if they are going to sell your bundled mortgage to a new servicer. If they say yes, tell them to avoid PennyMac. If you don't you will surely regret it.

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