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Maybe from the reviews on this website they have reacted?

They have added a tag at the bottom of the website which states -

"ugg" and "ugg boots" are generic terms in Australia describing a pull on sheepskin boot.
DISCLAIMER: We are not affiliated in any way with the Deckers Outdoor Corporation and their "UGG Australia" brand.

The product descriptions are still listing it as Ugg(R) Australia. Still quite dodgy.


Jotform is an online form builder and it's free for less than 100 submissions a month, and $9 if you need more than that.

Jotform has just updated their website and although I don't think too much has changed in what you are able to do, it looks great!

One thing new is that I can know center my forms (they host my forms and I link into there from my own website, it's easier to update more frequently as I need to do in my business).

I have always received information from form submitted, and they allow you to customise and enter text that is in scripts other than roman (such as Chinese/ Japanese) which is great!

I also prefer their service to other form builders also because their name is not something crazy like monkeyforms. As I send people to this website directly (though personalised and branded with our logos) this is important to me.
Thanks jotform :)


So many fake sites selling boots made in China - that might be because the UGG Australia brand makes their boots in China!

This is one of the original Australian made Ugg boots retailers.

Blue Mountain Ugg Boots.

Because the original Ugg boots were from Australia - not an American company ( that trademarked both the generic *Ugg* term, but also added a country to their logo that they have no association with.

To all those buying *fake* boots off the Chinese sites, maybe they are real? As this is where the Ugg Australia brand factory is anyway.

If you want real authenticity, from a company that has been around since before the internet (and this might explain why their website isn't as pretty or optimised in searches) you can buy direct from Australia - from the friendly folks at Blue Mountain Ugg Boots :)


Infix could be for you if you're not a professional designer, this neat software will allow you to edit PDF files with adding, deleting and copying text, changing images, moving tables all without needing the adobe professional programs.

I've been looking for a PDF editor for some time as I get sent files in my company that I need to edit and have been using the paint application + screen shot to be able to forward requests back to our designers. This program lets me do it myself!

Very exciting to be able to do that. I don't need to create the designs myself, but being able to edit the content is extremely useful.

Infix offers a trial, and you don't need your credit card details for this which is always appreciated when trying something out.


I love gmail.

I think it might have changed quite a lot since other users reviewed it in 2007.
I used to have all different email accounts, hotmail, yahoo, excite (way back when) plus local ones from high school and university.
It does NOT have loud adverts taking over your screen! It is pretty on the eyes and also does not send annoying ads at the bottom of your mails.

The way that all your emails are organised into conversations is exactly what apple has done with the iphone text message conversations - it works well, means that you can keep all your messages together for the same topic.
If you want a new conversations all you need to do is change the topic/subject line.

I would recommend Gmail to anyone who needs to correspond by email when not through their work account.


I don't believe wikipedia hasn't been reviewed yet - but it doesn't come up on my site Jabber addon!

I love Wikipedia for general reference, finding the smallest detail, squashing a squabble over something silly and looking up how the latest TV series/ movie you're watching ends or just adding to your general trivial knowledge - Wikipedia has it all.

Just don't reference or quote it.
It's not a reliable source or quotable person!


I have just started using this site. Sometimes things don't load so fast, and there are some challenges getting it to do what I need it to do, but I've found it a very slick and professional site with functions that can be embedded into my own websites and other digital productions.

Their spiel -:
Issuu is the leading digital publishing platform delivering exceptional reading experiences of magazines, books, catalogs, reports, and more. In just a few seconds users can create beautiful digital editions simply by uploading their publications. It's our mission to empower individuals, companies, and institutions to publish their documents across all digital platforms.


This is the site to download NVU from.

NVU is an open source web authoring system with WYSIWYG and HTML modes and site management features derived from Netscape Composer. Designed for Linux and Windows.

Similar to dreamweaver but a freeware open source version.
Should be noted that updates are no longer taking place, nor is there much in the way of support. Tricks can be googled though, and it is pretty straight forward otherwise.

I find it very useful as I have no budget available to purchase other products.


An Open Source vector graphics editor, with capabilities similar to Illustrator, CorelDraw, or Xara X, using the W3C standard Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file format.

Inkscape supports many advanced SVG features (markers, clones, alpha blending, etc.) and great care is taken in designing a streamlined interface. It is very easy to edit nodes, perform complex path operations, trace bitmaps and much more. We also aim to maintain a thriving user and developer community by using open, community-oriented development.

Great application, I'm learning to use it!
Good source to learn more is -
I even ended up ordering the book from Amazon, and have been going through it as a reference book at work. Useful.


Undercover Experience is based out of the UK offering free delivery (and returns) internationally.

They delivered quickly to both the addresses in Asia and Australia I've used, and I had no problems with their return service or general customer service.

They update quickly on any changes to your order and let you know when it is been shipped, ask you if you need things shipped together or separately for faster delivery.
Credit cards are debited once the order has been dispatched, and returns re-credited without fuss.

Products are quality, genuine and usually cheaper than the stores, watching for exchange rate fluctuations.


I have tried several different browsers (internet explore, netscape, crome, sogu) and keep coming back to Firefox.
This is largely due to all the extensions and addons you can, well, add on!

There is even one for site jabber, which I've already found very useful - remind you not to enter you credit card details or paypal anywhere until you check the reviews here!

My favourites are the spell check -
And new favourite googlepedia (search google with wikipedia loading in the search screen on the right, very useful) -


Campaign Monitor is an email marketing software system for designers - and while I'm not really a designer, it has allowed me a whole lot of freedom in what we send out at my company.

I previously used after trialling this and I liked iContact customer service, but their packages weren't quite right, and I could never get my campaigns to look very professional (as I was doing them myself).

CampaignMonitor works just great, they even have a $5 per campaign trial option where they will send the DM email out to their own specially set up accounts across different email providers and operating systems and show you in little screen grabs what the display will look like on each system.
This is really useful as what looks good sent to my Outlook 7 may appear very differently in hotmail, or on an iphone/blackberry.

They are also very affordable for sending low quantity campaigns.
Their service is intended to be re-branded for design companies/ PR companies to set up email campaigns for their own clients, and is sometimes white-labelled as something else.

You can send emails out to 5 addresses before you need to pay to, no credit card details needed here, so easy to try it out too.

They have very good customer service for the small issues I've needed help with also.

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