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Scam site that never pay! Invested $30 in their 8 days plan but never got paid.

When I ask for payment after my investment matures, they took a long time to reply and kept finding excuses. At first they say they'll investigate then they ask me to withdraw using another payment processor, then another processor and then another. On our last conversation, they told me to wait 1 month for their payment to be transferred but I find it fishy. (It would be over the 3 month time frame to call for a refund in Paypal) so I immediately file for a refund.

I was lucky enough to get my money back.

Tip for consumers:
NEVER invest with them!!


I love youtube. There are many wonderful shows, movies and videos on there you can watch.

The only thing I hate about Youtube is the annoying advertisements that runs automatically in the middle of a video... I wish there are less of them!


Love the comics and humour of the site. Great comics, great creativity, great humour and sarcasm, a great site for entertainment!

I was only planning to read a few comics but ended up staying on the site for more than 10 minutes, reading strips after strips.


Have been downloading roms of PSP, DS, Wii from their site and they all work GREAT!

A great site for gamers who doesn't want to pay for games.


I used to play bridge daily on Viwawa but now no one plays bridge there anymore. There are still some games that a handful of people are still playing there like Big 2 and Wahjong but I don't play those so I stopped visiting them.

It used to be a good place for social (multiplayer) games but there are too little people to start a bridge game now. So sad.


I've downloaded many Custom Contents (CC) from hairs to clothes to decorations from the site and they all work great with my game!

There are many and I mean MANY great designs (for all categories) on the site. They're FREE to download with a little "catch" - you do have to wait 10 seconds to view some ads. But its worth the wait!

The community is also great at giving advises and help newbies learn to make their own custom contents (CC) by providing tools and tutorials. You can also post question in the forum to ask for help and you'll get some respond with great tips and suggestions.

Tip for consumers:
This tip is for your game, DO NOT add too many CC or your game will lag and might get corrupted.


There are many great and entertaining comics on the site. There are great variety in the genres and topics so there will be something for everyone.

The people there (readers, writers and artists) are mostly friendly and the forum have some great tips and advises to help you improve your skills.

I've a great time there, maybe because I'm using it as a free user and I do not pay for anything.


I've been an Apple user ever since smartphones were out. Now I'm considering switching over to Android. I wish Apple could be a little "less selfish" and allow more 3rd party devices/apps.


- cheap products
- wide variety
- cheap shipment
- basically MOST sellers are honest and cares about their ratings

- lousy products (depends on your luck)
- fake products
- need to know Chinese (in order to communicate)
- if you live overseas, can forget about exchanging and not every seller is willing to refund
- a negative (or even average) rating MIGHT make you receive a cursing/nasty message from the seller (yes, they're not happy with anything below Excellent rating)

My own experience from buying multiple times from Taobao is that, there are more honest sellers than scammers. And you should always check the rating and comments/reviews before buying from a seller. If they don't have much reviews, you can consider contacting them via the app and see how they respond, that is if you know Chinese.


They seems to have problem keeping website live for too long, even when bandwidth is not out. My website with them is constantly being redirect to a page saying that the site is no longer available.

So often, I lose many visitors because they thought my site is being shut down.

If you're hosting something important, you should get a paid webhost or you really risk losing visitors.


I don; t personally use this site but my partner does and she says the reviews are great and are helpful in selection of products.

She recommends.


People there are friendly and creative. There are many fun things to do there like taking quizzes, participating in challenges, creating polls and of course, writing posts (or "blogs")!

The earning is little but its still a very fun site that is paying.


I'm confused not because the site is messy but because not all reviews goes "live" even when you received notification emails that it did. They just appear in your profile page but nowhere else.

There are a few things I'm puzzled about or find bad:

- sometimes negative reviews doesn't get published
- there are spam "reviews" that doesn't say anything about the site or business
- there are post that seems to want to start a fight (just my opinion)

Other than these, Sitejabber is a good site to look for alternatives opinions about a business/website. I hope they stay true and not turn to another "review-advertising" site. There are enough scams out there already!

I hope I don't get ban for writing a not so positive review.


Very similar experience with many writers here. This website is fishy. They have many despicable ways of not paying by preventing writers from ever reaching the minimum amount.

- dropping trust score
- rejecting reviews
- rejected but still publishing your reviews without paying you (very disgusting!)
- threatening to ban your account if you ever question them

I've very low tolerance for plagiarism and Reviewstream just out right steal my review which they REJECTED and refuse to pay me and put it on their website! Well, if you wanna steal, don't be lazy, at least correct my spelling mistakes! Now, tell me, is this kind of business you can trust?

Did a quick search and found payment proofs that are very old, at least 5-8 years back. Was thinking did anyone still get pay by them or they just make everyone not reach the minimum amount?


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