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This forum is fun but only four stars instead of five because it's not very active. The total amount of posts in this forum is around 211,000 based on my 211 being 0.1% of the forum's total posts. That is less than twice the amount I made on Electric ( over 13 years.

Most of the sub-forums haven't been used in months, though there are a couple that have been used within the past week.

You can get good advice for Final Fantasy games and other Square-Enix titles.

I definitely recommend this forum if you are interested in Final Fantasy and other RPGs. If you're not into RPGs, you won't get much out of it.

Tip for consumers:
Good for Final Fantasy fans.


I requested my number be removed from this site so if that works out I will amend my review. But so far, it's a poor site that allows people to spread lies about others.

The latest lie about my number: "My girlfriend was called by this number and there was a creepy voice at the other end."

This is completely false and the fact that a site like this allows people to lie about me is really frustrating. I guess I have it coming with how I treat others, but I wish this site would go away.

I suppose it can be useful but I do not trust it due to my experience with it.


Every player in this game is put in their own "universe". That means all the other players on your team are computer players randomly generated by the website.

Your only competition with other players is comparing your stats to theirs. And comparing myself to the others, I am not as good as I should be. I didn't manage to make the All-Star team in my first season and the second is not looking promising. Getting MVP is difficult because you have to be voted the game MVP 15 times, so nearly 10% of your games.

I did manage a World Series victory with my team, which was nice.

The game has "stars" in it, meaning you earn so-called "stars" which let you train your player to make him better and hence get more stars, training him further. Every time you put stars in a skill the stars needed to advance it further increase. It gets pretty difficult to push your abilities beyond a certain level.

Overall 4/5, would be better if you could actually play real people as we did in Brushback Baseball.


This site is quite funny. Not quite as good as Dave Barry but similar in nature. The guy really hates hippies and random people such as Helen Hunt.

But the webmaster is a whiner who blocks me any time I follow him on social media.


I randomly get emails from this suspicious "Ella Dawson" character. The pictures she uses appear fake and the jobs offered are either too far away, not appealing, or positions for which I'm not qualified.

I am giving two stars rather than one because it's possible this is legit, but I suspect otherwise.


This site is designed for annoying women to gossip about makeup and hair products.

I want to review snack foods but it's hard to find them and they have strange limits like "line breaks" instead of character limits.

Going to be sexist and assume the designers are women who don't know any HTML5.

Please hire a real programmer to fix your site.

Women are annoying and need to let men use their sites too.

Just because I'm a man I must be wrong though. Especially a white man. We're all evil and need to be banned from all sites.


At least the emails say they're from Monster, so it's truth in advertising. But the only jobs that ever contact me through Monster are sleazy ones.

Avoid them. They're almost as bad as JobVite.


Indeed is a platform that allows employers and employees to contact one another. I have had a positive experience finding my first job I could actually call a career from here, but other than that job, I haven't had as much luck.

There are some questionable jobs out there. The worst are the headhunters, usually for a major company. They are all offering the same job across several networks and claiming varying pay rates.

The assessments are actually fun, though. This is a big step up from Craigslist, and WAY better than Monster. USAJobs could learn a thing or 69 from Indeed.

Indeed-Support S. – Indeed Rep

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback, Jesse, we are glad to hear you had a positive experience. If you come across any jobs that you are concerned about on Indeed feel free to send us more details to, we would be happy to check them out for you!


While this man Jose Alvarez is a talented writer, his disturbing manifestos he writes where he quotes "his mom" shows someone in dire need of forced therapy.

Get over yourself, you are fat and dumb.

He spends most of his time stalking a superior writer on Kiwi Farms.


The Pod Awful Cult claims responsibility for many hacking events.

While most of that is a lie, their leader Jesse Caleb Powell-Stroud born October 3,1986 is a Neo-Nazi.

I will be suing him.


He is a Nazi and will DIE.

Tip for consumers:
don't watch the podcast, call the FBI on him ASAP.

Products used:


Banned words: "Glenn Beck, CuckingFunt, Sperglord"

I run 92 Nations based on me, tomi lahren, and otherz.

Some people are annoying, if you make a region and leave it unguarded it gets "invaded".

Tip for consumers:
make multiple puppets and defend frrom invasion


Kiwifarms is run and used by stereotypical 4chan losers. The forum was once a wiki dedicated to "Chris chan" and now serves as a forum to mock "lolcows" aka people superior to them.

I am biased in favor of the cows because I've been one for more than five years. One of these 4chan types made a thread about me and since I joined and posted in it it never died.

My stalker from college also uses my thread to "update" people with lies about my personal life.

The good part is the forum design. You can mark posts as dumb/agree etc. More variety than most similar systems.

I recommend avoiding this 4chan hole. I sbould have stayed away.


I remember talking to this really pretty girl on here back in 2011. But in 2017 or 2018 someone hacked my account and made it say I was gay.


Yet another of the many anonymous email sending sites out there. People use this to send nasty and cruel emails. You know the sort. Pathetic losers with no lives that don't understand how the world works.


I have a stalker who constantly posts a court case involving me that he found via I have requested a removal to no avail.


I've wasted hundreds of dollars advertising to twitter and I've gotten suspended multiple times. I have reported numerous cases of harassment against myself and they are always ignored.


Make one rude article/blog on a sports site (McCovey Chronicles) and you get banned from Vox and all their subsidiaries like The Verge. I've tried to request access to their sites again but I expect nothing will come of it.

I wish there were more online chat platforms beyond Vox, Facebook, and Disqus.


This website is a good resource for obscure computer games. Most people might not remember old DOS games, but if you want to look them up, MobyGames is a good place to start.


It's a good thing you can't smell a webmaster through the web, because if you did, this site would make you retch.

It could be a good source for econ news but sadly it broke down in June 2016 and is stuck there.

It's kind of like the Drudge Report with shoddier design but less bias.


Hey look they are telling me to review my own site

Why would they let me do that

It's kind of weird
But I like it

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