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This station and site used to be a good site for local news but now they do stories that glorify criminals under arrest and make a tabloid drama of it on Facebook- we are disappointed and will stop patronizing their advertisers and turn them OFF.


Learned the hard way. Do not do business with this company. Managing Director does not respond to inquires and does not respond at all unless it's going to benefit him. Poor communicator and inferior solutions. Bad business practices.


Mixed bag here. The news is is good considering the size of the state. Getting frustrated with the 'Weather ladies' as they seem to focus only on bad weather and take weird pleasure in finding some kind of bad weather or snow somewhere. The guys are more unbiased. Why is that? Getting tired of Jackie and Melissa gleefully announcing snow even when we have a gorgeous day like today. I am getting tired of those two gals and now 'mute' when they come on because they are 'Debby Downers'.


On the outside this company looks like a good resource for washers and dryers but the management is sketchy and unreliable in business matters. Cheapskate, hates to pay people what they are worth and probably over charges customers. Hard to deal with, talks way to fast and interrupts. I would not suggest doing business with them as I have found them to be unreliable.


People are friendly, service is quick and it's easy to get an appointment. But... the waiting room looks and smells like it has not been cleaned for a year! Smells really, really bad and last time I was in the garbage was overflowing! They need to hire a commercial cleaning service to clean that mess up. I couldn't stay as it made me ill. Being Alaska there is no place to wait outside. Also, the bathroom is a yucky porta potty! If they would fix the cleanliness issue and get a real bathroom it would help a lot!


I have been an Amazon Customer for 20 years. I am a Prime Member. Always got good service until recently. My membership states next day shipping.

This week everything I order will not arrive till January. I am upset. Their Customer Service is terrible and unhelpful - This is a Bait and Switch Tactic and I am reporting Amazon as SCAM and reporting Amazon to the Attorney General's office.

Shame on you Amazon.


The BBB used to be a good resource. Not so much anymore. They blow off complaints about Amazon and Walmart, because those companies pay them to look the other way on complaints, apparently. Shame on you BBB!


Avoid this company - unprofessional behavior by one of the Co founders who is trying to learn how to increase business by posting jobs on Freelance sites, interviewing Freelancers, but never hiring anyone, instead asking for 'free' advice and then using it for his own advantage. I wouldn't trust them.


I joined AARP last year and although I only used my discount once, I renewed in October, for 12/21- 12/22. I paid on line and got multiple emails about my new card arriving in the mail. Well, they sent me an expired card! I called to complain and the customer service agent was quite rude and condescending towards me. What a rip off! I filed a BBB Complaint. AARP, ripping seniors off, shame, shame shame


We have been shopping at the Big Lake Store for a year. They have a decent selection for the area and the produce is awesome! However... the employees do not smile or talk to customers. The last few times I have been in the cashier and so called 'manager' have been in conversations with each other and pretty much ignore us. Not a friendly place unless you are a personal friend of theirs.

Additionally, some products run out and never come back in! Bumblebee tuna, for instance. They stopped carrying it and so we have had to shop at Carrs to buy it. Poise pads for women. Another product they suddenly stopped carrying, so we order from Walmart and have it delivered to our door by Fed Ex.

Both Carrs and Walmart have friendly employees. Do not understand why Three Bears in Big Lake is so unfriendly and not customer service oriented. Gossipy employees could also be the reason they have a hard time hiring new people.

On the plus side the janitor does a great job and the store is clean.


I had used the UPS store in Oregon for years for shipping and UPS returns but after moving to Alaska I will never use them again. The store in Meadow Lakes, Alaska is a miserable place to have a mailbox. I rented a mailbox a year ago. The 'owner' tried to charge me $3 a package when I picked up my Amazon packages because it cost her time for the employees to fetch my packages from the back room! This is what I pay for! I had to complain to UPS Store Corporate to get this to stop. I get a lot of packages but so do a lot of other people. The owner and her employees hate customers that make them sort packages. I had missing packages and snooty responses when I asked about them. Had to file multiple complaints with Amazon and the Post Office because UPS Store employees were tampering with my mail. High turn over of employees and the one that remains is totally stressed out and over worked. Have not seen the 'owner' since labor day. The one employee refused to renew my mailbox and the owner who was supposed to call me never did. Instead I got a hand written note on scratch paper saying they would not be renewing my mailbox. What a joke this place is, run by incompetent people with no business sense at all. I tried calling UPS Store corporate but never got thru on the phone. Sent them an email and all they did was email the store owner to please get in touch with me. Store owner never did. I wound up getting a mailbox at the Main Post office where the price for a year is the same as 6 months with the UPS store. No hassles with USPS. UPS Store Corporate does nothing for customers who are treated badly by their incompetent Store 'owners'. The owners of this store in Meadow Lakes are both elderly and in poor health so I cannot envision this scenario will survive the holidays.


These Twins are rude, arrogant actually hung up on me during an exploratory call. I would not sell them a house if they were the last people on earth who would buy it. Immature, rude, have no clue about what they are doing. In speaking to one of them I felt like I was talking to a 14 year old boy. Forget this company and find a real Realtor. With Ethics.


Dr Smith is a very nice man, and for the most part his skill with tooth issues is excellent. BUT. His assistant, Shalona, pretty much orders him around and controls what goes on in there. This is strange and made me uncomfortable. The billing/office staff girls are things nightmares are made of. Oddly, all the females that work there are blondes. They all go on education weekends together. The relationship between the Dentist and his staff is just weird.


This guy is a fast talker, but after speaking with him a couple of times I wouldn't trust him any farther than I could throw him and that would not be far. He is full of himself, full of hot air, poor business ethics, and disappears without a trace. Don't pay him anything or you will never get what you paid for and he will be 'poof', gone!


I have had Safeco Auto and Home Insurance for 20 years. Yesterday I received a notice by mail from Safeco saying they were going to put two individuals on my policies unless I told them not to! I am single and live alone. I had no idea who these two people are.

I called Safeco and got a call center. A young woman told me that they investigated me and found two people living with me. NO WAY. I have been in my home in Alaska for almost a year and have a lease. I am the only one on the lease. No one lives here. I told this woman to take those people off my policy immediately. She made up some lame excuse.

My privacy has been invaded and Safeco hires college students to man call centers. They hack into people's accounts.

I sent them their paperwork back with a big NO on it. I sent them an email expressing my displeasure. I also filed a BBB complaint on Safeco.

I am going to switch companies after 20 years because of this.


This company is scamming their long term customers. More than doubled their transaction fees. Shame on you. We have other choices, like credit cards, direct deposit. Going to stop using Pay Pal very very soon.


This service is seriously overpriced! Owner targets wealthy men ( won't have anything to do with women) that are over the age of 80, to write their 'memoirs' for $150,000.00! Owner doesn't ever write the memoirs himself, hires it out and pockets the difference. Scam City, stay away.


Do not use this company! They will not honor your contract. They do not pick up your garbage weekly and the office woman laughs and sneers at people who call to complain. Everyone in their service area has had trouble with them Read the Google Reviews. They will not stay in business because they don't do what they agree to do. Have more customers than they can service. The owner should be ashamed of himself. Horrible trash service in Wasilla, Alaska. We plan to use the other company or haul it ourselves. We plan to file a chargeback on payment made for upcoming three months for breach of contract on their part.


This company looks ok on line but don't deal with the CEO/Founder. This woman is rude, unstable and will not tell you the truth. If you have any product or customer service issues at all and complain, she will either ignore you or launch off on a tirade about how right she is and how wrong you are. Even if you use paypal for payments and file a claim it will be a fight. Buy from a reputable retailer like Cabela's or similar. Man Gear Alaska has zero customer service training or skills.


Their products and processes are inferior, do not work as promised. Immature management that refuses to address the issues. No customer service at all. Find another company to do business with.

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