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Trusted places was bought out by yell. So instead of going to trusted places you are now re-directed to yell. I am a bit disappointed with this because I wrote a few reviews on trusted places and they had a good community going. All of the reviews I have written have now been moved to yell. If Id wanted to write a review on yell I would have signed up to yell.
Overall - They let me down.


When I was holidaying in Scotland last month I used this site almost exclusively.
I liked the videos and the information on the areas and when I called in the guest houses on the site I was given leaflets and information by the owners.
On the downside its a bit of a cheaply put together site using embedded videos from youtube.
Overall - I found the site very useful.


The official job seeking site of the uk government.
Find jobs anywhere in the UK. Search by postcode, jobtype, full or part time, and how long the job has been available for.
The site is a government based organisation so it is very reliable, far more reliable than using an agency.
One of the downsides of this site is that agencies are allowed to advertise jobs some of these jobs may not exist. It is an agency con to get people onto thier books.
The screens are boring but who cares if youre looking for a job.
Overall - A good job search site.


Probably one of the best free ads websites in the uk.
Find anything you like from a car to a new wife.
Search by area and by category. I have found the site to be OK and have used it many times in the past. Cant say Ive seen any scammers, but Im sure they do exist on a site of this size.
Overall - Its OK.


This site is sometimes refered to as the wayback machine. It allows you to see snapshots of websites as the were before today. Sites you thought had disappeared are still there buried in the realms of snapshotland.
I traced twitter back to 2006 and it was just as potty back then. Nancy - Im thinking of switching from glasses to contacts. Cant get any facebook backpages though due to robots.
Overall - Good fun


Amazon is a great place to buy almost anything.
I must admit that it is mainly books that I buy from them but my wife buys almost anything (curtains, excercise bikes, software, dvds).
It is very easy to use (perhaps to easy) with your shopping being divided into several departments.
As for books. It probably has about 99% of all books available and it is interactive so you can leave a review of any books you buy.
Overall - essential.


Twitter is not my favourite site.
Ive tried using it but its just so clogged up with nonsense that I don't see the point.
Most people I know used it for a while then got bored with it.
I think the idea is to write down your activities and thoughts in less than 140 characters and the publish them for all the world to see.
Tends to get filled up with lots of spam links to websites.
I thought you got locked up if you followed celebities.
Overall - Useless.


This site makes it easy for you to find an alternative site to those you like.
The sites are listed in order of significance. So If you typed in facebook then the closest in significance would be twitter with 76% similarity. Even though they're nothing like each other.
It allows sponsored site links to finish at the top of the results so its not perfect.
Overall - A useful tool.


Flickr is the top for online photo management. It is good for showing off your favourite photos and videos. You can even make photos private so only your family can view them. There are lots of apps to customise your viewing.
On the downside the free account only allows 200 pics.
Overall If you want to upload photos this is the site to use.


I use the British version which is
A good site for checking out all the local businesses.
Just type in your town name or postcode.
You can browse by business type - restaurants seems very popular.
I find it very easy to use but on the downside some of the reviews are businesses self promoting and others are made by people with a grudge.
Overall - give it a try.


Let me start off by saying that this is a trusted site, not only that but a site I would thoroughly recommend people visit.
This man has an amazing amount of talent, having the ability to draw entire cities from memory. He has a well deserved M. B. E. (its nice to know they don't just get handed out to TV personalities). All of this from someone who has lived with autism.
Overall recommended.


Great site for buying cheap rail tickets. You can plan your journey and get the best route suggested to you.
The site will take you directly to the rail company selling the tickets.
On the downside it can be cheaper splitting up the journey into smaller journeys. Make sure you check out this alternative.
Overall - A very good site.


View anywhere in the world easily.
Google maps is the best mapping site on the web by a long way. The results are very reliable and accurate. You can search by town, street name country or just click on the map and go there.
The street view function is superb. Look at your own house, or any street in Britain.
Overall - you can't beat it.


If you're too lazy to walk out of the house. If you're agraphobic or youre glued to the television or computer all day. Maybe youre far too busy or the nearest supermarket is a days drive away.
Whatever youre excuse - you can now do all youre shopping online.
Tesco online is very easy to use and can direct you to all the bargains. There are lots of categories and subcategories making the selection easier.
On the downside you can't check the products to find if they are fresh and if a product is not in stock it might be replaced with another item.
Overall - convienient and useful and fairly reliable.


Lots of celebrity gossip and pictures shown in a cynical manner.
A very simple blog format with up to date celebrity news.
Horrible pink screen. The word puke seems very appropriate.

Overall pretty yuk.


A very reliable site where you can reserve items to pick up at an argos store or have delivered.
Argos have a huge amount of products and almost all offer good value for money.
Argos has over 20,000 products in many different sections.
The only downside - you might find the odd item which is expensive.


This website has an enormous amount of information and is one of the five most visited websites in the whole of the UK. It has a good web community and has a very professional online content. It contains the news, weather, sport, entertainment, cookery recipes and the kitchen sink.
It is entirely safe and can be viewed by all ages.
Not only that but I can't think of anything bad to say about it.
Overall - safe and reliable.


I wouldent say the guardian is the best newspaper that you can buy in Britain(I find it bulky and boring), but their website is certainly one of the best. As well as all the news, sport, politics and money advice, there is also a nice amount of user interaction through comments.
The travel section is very good. Users are allowed to leave tips.
Overall bordering between so-so and good.


Badger badger badger badger badger badger
Arrrrrgh no no please stop.
Overall don't go there. I would recommend this site to people I don't like.


YouTube is the best. It has videos for everybody, on every subject (as long as its not too naughty).
It has millions of people uploading videos and billions watching them.
Here are some of the good points.
Its free, Its fast, a wide range of videos, good search facility, good for all ages, its entertaining, its a good reference source, easy to navigate.

And the bad points
Open to offensive abuse and arguments, copyright issues, some boring videos, your favourite videos can be removed.

Overall - The best.

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