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Got my oil changed at valvoline a while ago, was almost $60.00 which was so over priced and you would think for that amount that they could do a decent job. They didn't tighten the oil filter and over tightened the oil pan plug. Avoid valvoline oil change there has got to be somewhere better. Will go back to doing my own oil changes.

Tip for consumers:
steer clear of valvoline express oil change company

Products used:
drive in oil change

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So filed small claims against this company, called the secretary of state to obtain the process agent for this company (as this is what is supposed to be done prior to filing small claims against a inc company). The name and address that is listed with the secretary of state is some guy in Lexington that never bothered to pick up the notice. So a second time to send out the notice with the sheriff this time and to the office. No one in the company shows up for court and the judge hears my side of it and awards me my deposit and cost associated with filing small claims. I have to wait ten days for Vistaky to pay the court and then they pay me, so I call the small claims to see it they paid (of course they did not). So the next step is to make contact with them. I call and leave a message that they need to pay the judgement or I will have to garnish a bank account or have a lien put on their property, they call back all apologetic, saying they are trying to pay, they have made arrangements to pay on Monday. Will have to see if they really do or just buying time.

Tip for consumers:
would recommend never using this company

Products used:
Rented a house from this company

Double dip
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Rented a property August 2020 when I moved back to the USA. Bought a house and left the lease on July 9th instead of August 31. New tenants moved in the last week in July. I had paid my rent up to July 31 and had the property not rented would have paid the August rent. Being the the property rented and was moved into the last week of July, I should not be held responsible for the August rent. But Vistaky has seen fit to try and keep my deposit plus charge me for additional rent that is the new rent that they are charging the new tenants, and additional $20 above what my rent is supposed to be. After reviewing the laws in Kentucky, it clearly states that there is no double dipping on rent. If a property manager rents a vacated property out then no additional rent due and any days that the new tenants moved in on the old tenants paid rent is refunded to the old tenant. Property was left in better condition that what I received it in and there were no charges for repairs or cleaning at the end of the lease.

Tip for consumers:
when you end a lease call immediately after the final inspection to insure that everyone is on the same page.

Products used:
Rented a house on 12 month lease


Purchased a f150 from this company in June 2021 drove it for a week and now the proud owner of a 5000lb paperweight. Contacted the company and they would like to help if I can get the vehicle to them (nice way to drum up repair work, sell a crap vehicle, knowing you will get it back to work on it at your customers expense). As if I would ever trust this company. Then the plates were to be mailed to me, never received the plates, emailed the company three times only received a response that they would call me and I told them just to send the plates that I did not need a phone call, never heard from them again. Finally called them to have them tell me that I need to file to lost/stolen plates pay the fee and they will reimburse me (anyone taking bets on this happening, HAHA) Overall the company sucks, The sales man that I dealt with was polite and eager (guess we now know why). Steer clear of this car dealer (Ford and Chevy should be ashamed to be associated with them)

Tip for consumers:
Steer Clear of this dealership.
only selling cars that need major repairs

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Initially Homeserve USA gave me a policy for the wrong address, they took 3 months to correct the address and continue to bill me for the incorrect amount. I was renting a property and they put the policy on the rental (which they legally can not do), I then switched to just exterior sewer line only and they continue to bill me for coverage on heater, water heater, sewer, electric, plumbing. Do not use this company, they are inapt, scammers and incapable of credible business. This company is often through your water company and should be avoided and any water company that partners with them should be reviewed by the city council as to their legitimacy. The only thing this company is capable of is raising your blood pressure and stress level.

Tip for consumers:
It would have been helpful to know that they will continue to bill you through your water company and it never stops. And that your water company will give you late charges if you do not pay the bill and then report you as late payments to the credit reporting agencies. If you do pay the bill it will take you months to get even a portion of the payment back once you cancel, but they will continue to bill you even after you cancel.


Made an appointment for 9:30, showed up 10 min early (as I do), waited for an entire hour before I was taken back. Then another 10 min before the actual eye exam. After the eye exam the dr. took me to a lady that gave me a contact, I put the contact in she said without ever looking at me "is the contact in", she then took me to a room to read the eye chart, walked out without saying anything to me, 10 min later I went out and asked if we were done, she replied that the dr. would need to look at the contact another 10 min the dr looks said all good, went out to order contacts and was told that they were on hold with the ins. Company and they suggested that I pay the bill up front and when the ins. Company paid they would reimburse me (fat chance), the entire staff has a bad, condescending attitude. Clearly they think that their time is more valuable than their customers. If your people are so sick and tired of customer service, leave the industry.

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