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oil and gas, jewellery, art, science, family, children

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I wanted to share my experience which I think is beyond all possible limits.
Please all do very careful with Vestiaire Collective as what is going on over there is absolutely not acceptable.

I had issues with my items being refused before but typically I was able to resolve these after some hassling with customer support and making someone more senior to look at my items. They were ALL placed online after a few email exchanges and real people checking my items.

My understanding is that it is either AI or someone junior who is reviewing the items at the initial listing check. So my strategy was to make them "escalate to the expert team" in order for them to actually look at the items and see that they are authentic.

From my last upload, 6 items were refused as Vestiaire Collective "could not determine authenticity".
Fine, I am writing to the customer support, it is escalated to the "expert".

The response of the CS and "expert" is attached to this review as well as the hallmark for the item 16578120.
I always doubt myself in case I missed out on something and who knows, maybe I overlooked something in some items but all items are common models which authenticity is so obvious to me.

The most bizarre issue here that these earrings above were just serviced by Chanel Singapore. Not just serviced, but I dropped them off and collected them personally and I paid for the servicing with my own card.
I have provided super clear photos of the earrings and photos of BOTH receipts: collection slip and receipt with payment for the job, my details, my signatures, item model number on it etc. Even this pic of the slip I took IN CHANEL ITSELF while collecting. Everything was provided.

I am sharing hallmarks for few other items in this review just to show what I am talking about as I have no doubt in my items' authenticity.

The reason I am writing this all here is that there was an actual person from the "expert" team (not the customer support folk who can't even speak English) who actually looked at the items and concluded all of them are fake. Despite hallmarks, super clear photos and documents provided.

This clearly shows not even the level of expertise but its total and absolute absence, stupidity, zero knowledge of the brand and lack of skills to do some research. This is all despite the fact that the items are pretty basic, these are not some rare vintage unknown models - no, there is nothing really special about them.

Still, Vestiaire Collective is unable to recognise authentic pieces despite being provided with the sufficient information to do so and keeps insisting the items are "NOT CONFORM" as they write.
I really wanted to make this public for everyone's awareness. Despite the fact that everyone knows that they do pass fakes but pointing their dirty stupid fingers at authentic items, calling them fakes and placing themselves ABOVE THE ORIGINAL BRAND in terms of expertise - this is not a viable business model.

With the absence of the brand knowledge, I believe they have no right to do any sort of authentication service if the skill literally does not exist. I will also be reaching out to Chanel representatives to raise concerns over Vestiaire Collective selling and "authenticating" Chanel products without any capabilities to do so.

Tip for consumers:
Do not trust their authentication service as they have zero knowledge of the brands.

Vestiaire C. – Vestiaire Collective Rep

Hi Julia, we're so sorry to hear about your experience with our quality and authentication teams.

Our experts have a solid fashion background and are constantly trained to meticulously check and identify the items that go through our warehouse. However, we sometimes have to cancel sales that raise doubts to guarantee 100% safe transactions.

We are always willing to reconsider our expertise, so please, for future sales do not hesitate to provide as much information as possible to avoid any confusion from our side.

We remain available if needed, the Vestiaire Collective team

Buying and selling there
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I am on VC since quite some time and has been buying and selling as well (selling mostly). What I must say:
- make your own judgment carefully before buying the item. VC does not check authenticity of the items which are posted online. I've seen many times fake Van Cleef and Arpels items advertised, for example. VC is supposed to pick these issues up during authentication process but you never know and your time and money will be lost.
- I am not sure about authentication process. Obviously many people complain that fakes and items in bad condition get through to the buyers which is not acceptable on any level. However, in my case I have also seen signs of incompetence from another side where real authentic items were rejected because "authentication team" simply did not know how to verify authenticity. They would ask you for extra documents/receipts etc although this you clearly write in your ad what comes with the item.
This is a second hand/vintage market and obviously receipts are not always available. If I had a full set, I would not need a third party authentication agency taking 25% off my sale to sell my item to the client and for this amount of money making a fuss and not only simply showing their incompetence but also affecting my status as a seller.


I have a lot of experience selling on different websites, including those offering authentication services. But this one was one of my worst experiences especially handling my issue from the customer support side.
One of my items was sold and it was a concern for me since that item was vintage and very rare, so I wrote to the customer support to double check whether it is going to be taken care of properly as otherwise I'd rather cancel my sale even if it affects my rating. I was assured everything would be fine. Ok great.
My item was collected from my place, authenticated and passed to the buyer. After a week, I get a notification of return. I really don't get what sort of return policy this is. Someone basically was USING my very valuable item for a WEEK for free and then just decided to return it. This is not how things are done.
This is not all though. My return was arranged and I stayed at home the whole day waiting for it. No one came and no one contacted me about what's going on. It was Friday. Saturday I tried to call but ooops - you are closed. Atrocious. The earliest anyone came back to me was Monday and without any reasonable explanation (see attached). We did not have your unit number. Really? What do you have my handphone number for?
In fact, they had my full address all the way (see screenshot).
When I received my item back and checked, the case had a stain. I am not quite sure what the quality control guidelines ST has, but reputable concierge services attach labels to the items in such a way that the buyers can't wear them unless they make a final decision and not just bluntly use them for a week or more (14 days return policy). On my item, I only seen a tag which was not attached to anything at all.
Just never again I will sell through this platform.


Massively overpriced jewellery but I happen to own quite a few pieces. Wanted to get some information on the services in other countries where I planned to travel, so I contacted customer support. Very simple questions but this info was not available anywhere on the web. They promised to come back to me soon and no one did. I chased again with the same result. However, they don't forget to send marketing emails and of course can assist you with great pleasure if you are buying. Beyond that - not so fantastic for a company of that level.


I am both seller and buyer. From both ends: buyers are way better protected than the sellers and there is a lot of room for a scam no matter how genuine seller you are. For other buyers: if your item came as not described, you can always start a case with eBay and most likely it will be decided in your favour. So there is no need to leave negative reviews - I guess many people who did that just don't know about these features. If the case is decided in your favour, you will be fully refunded and seller forced to accept return and charged full amount.
However, it does not work the other way round. In general, sellers are way more exposed than buyers - we can't even start a case against dishonest buyer and by default the buyer is always right. I've had few issues already despite being super transparent in my descriptions, posting high res photos of actual items + packaging, sending them exactly as described and my items are not cheap (1000+). And every time I am thinking - what will the buyer complain about this time?
The good thing about eBay is very accessible customer support: you can email, call and chat. However, the outcome really depends on the competency of the person sitting at the other end and they are not always trained to help you solve cases which are even moderately complex. I'd expect better service and better protection for the fees eBay charges you off every sale.
Still they are way better than Etsy and other selling websites although there is a lot of work to be done to make it really safe trading environment.


I've had few good sales on Etsy (as a seller) until I bumped into a scammer. No matter how hard I tried getting on hold with someone senior from Etsy, I did not have any luck. If you try to phone them up, they will tell you they are not authorised to advice. If you send email to support, they will respond with generic answers. I've lost the case despite pointing out all the facts about buyer's and providing proof on my side. Ah yes, when the buyer complained first, of course I offered immediate return+refund etc. But instead it was an immediate case filed. I was forced to do immediate refund + pat for return shipment. Surprise: this was completely not what has been sent to the buyer. When I tried to contact Etsy again, with even more proof (photos+videos of what I was selling against what I've received), my account was simply banned. Nowhere I've seen such a bad attitude to the sellers and so little protection.

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