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I have the feeling Quibids have been monitoring my reviews. There's a bunch of new Colluding Bidders just added. So I've written before how bad Quibids Collusion has been, well it's now excessively worst! All you need do to see this is to go to Recently Sold list on the high auctions. Every bidder on that recently sold list will be one of the bidders listed below. It's now extremely hard to win even the smaller auctions. Quibids have largely expanded their fake bidders to make it almost impossible to come away with a win. On a regular basis they are adding more fake bidders and they expand their current fake bidders by changing or adding a letter to trick you into thinking it's the same bidder. Example: Youwishh, Youwishhh, and Youwishhhh. Whenever a fake bidder runs out of options to bid, Quibids just changes the fake bidder slightly and is able to take start bidding all over.

I've come to the conclusion that almost all the bidders on Quibids are now their own fake colluding bidders. The only way a real bidder can win an auction is when they patiently wait for Quibids to take a short 1/2 hour break.

I'll try to put them in groups again, but it's getting extremely harder and harder to do. Some of these are minor bidders, but Quibds will throw in a major bidder on the same auction to keep you from winning driving the price up high. Here are lists that I have studied and guarantee that if more than one of these colluding fake bidders are bidding, YOU WILL NOT WIN! I've broke them down in groups only to help identify the main bidding at times, but the groups do interchange. I'm only listing one version of the spelling, so if there's another slightly altered version, it's still Quibids colluding. WARNING - This list is HUGE! Make a copy of it and keep it near for bidding.

Group 1: CoupDeGrace100L/ goinggoingGONEE/ JCrow10/ ThisoneisMINEE/ NOTGIVINGUP/ NELLWADE48/ Youcanthavethis/ KillerPlauze/ Babyboomerguy/ missy44tym/ ILLDESTROYURBID/ rbcs4/ pythonsqeeze99x/ takeit66/ dontcareanyway/ JustChecking/ ice124/ WhyMeWhyYou/ GetThereSoon/ TheCryptic/ Icommit/ Notwithstanding/ PanaramicView/ TheSentinel/ HotDigitty/ Jollyrogr/ Buywithme/ Stalemate/ HipHop/ nancybillyd/ Livingwell/ LetsPlayMarathon/ familycreesy/ HipHopHurray/ NewDecorum/ BeGuud/ 21524/ ItCouldBeGone/ Synclitism/ PJADB1954/ youandme/ ductman1979/ Artemis3/ katiez/ LetsDoItRight/ CACAFOGO88/ longhaulbidder/ INFURIATE/ KILLERKAMKAM/ KAZ4thewin/ TightShip/ JBQB46/ WASTINGYOURBIDS/ NEWKIDONTHEBLOCK/ nanayoyo/ GAMEONNN/ GUESSWHOSBAAACK/ youmessimessback/ MAXBEL/ TimeForU2Buy/ Addiktedtobidding/ HEYYYITSMINE/ bid4evr/ BIDDINGCHAMP/ QUEENOFHEARTS/ WINBIGTHISTIME/ KoalaMuncher55/ YOUWISHHH/ LindaDelabar/ drkwalker/ Clarissatakesit/ NeverSayDiee/ RiDomingo08/ LETSGOBOZO/ WellMind/ Imtakingthissss/ Allthewaytobuyin/ Money2Spare/ BuyItAnyway/ Jokesstillonyou/ OhhhIWILLBUY.

Group 2: BigDeal84/ PleaseHelpTY/ LidiajaBoss/ april819/ PartyTime71/ FurgalBurgal/ 10311963/ PJRN53/ mrclipper/ XuYong/ Brenda054/ lauras2439/ leo1962/ jiver2U/ bobcatt13/ Dannybear791.

Group 3: powertrdad/ COINBABA/ CosmicWinner99/ 07999/ WIZ1910/ EqoGrinder44/ BeRelaX/ GreenDeal66/ pjl2U/ moodylake/ JokesterJack/ helboone/ FairPlayForAll/ Iwillneverstop/ DrRob84/ bradm/ TurboTWZ/ winsomelosealot/ Icangoallday/ flowerbill2/ DYNASTY1977/ INEVERSTOPBI/ nrusito/ SCUZZME/ redroselane/ BDCHAMB10/ Honeybee70/ 7thAven/ ugetnextone/ ADOPT1PET/ spartacat7/ take2again/ drspinusa2013/ TheStartTheEnd/ Reallydeally1/ cynd10/ (all) BIDTOBUY (people)/ ITSUP2YOU/ twhmorgan/ meagle99/ klnewman/ OnlyBigItems/ gballs16/ DaBomMom03/

Group 4: mschmidt7165/ mschmidl7167/ igotyou089/ NANAMJSK/ Trish17/ Anelka09/ A1001/ csharris/ jimayers48/ Tennisbum/ bud1021/ simba179/ RayRice/ Idothankyou/ Sandypond1/ willbid2end/ mlee1186/ jtleague/ imtakingU2retail/ yulaj/ michenpryl/ 07robert/ Morgan2071/ fixit08/ janes08/ dogert/ Quiwiquest88/ bobber45/ jazzizt1/ MissV2020.

Group 5: TakeNotesPlease/ IfIBuyWeBuy/ 1clickwonder/ StrategicBids/ UshouldLeave/ debby1228/ Utry2morrow/ OutstandingBid/ Trilogy/ BidsWin09/ dogecoin/ knivesout81/ WallofSilence/ scrimmage/ InMotion1981/ bumblebee1/ baldbab/ Najarian73/ Eileen4me.

The following group I'm not sure if it's ran by Quibids, but a colluding group to watch out for: chichi1447/ chichi447/ samwjones/ clockwyze/ 10bonedad/ Doodlebobwins/ Twins.

Tip for consumers:
READ MY LIST & make a copy of Quibids Colluding Fake Bidders before bidding!

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