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I've been in the mechanical and building repair trades all of my life. I am now retired with both a metalworking and woodworking shop for my hobbies/amusement.


Woodworking, Metalworking, Puzzles, Political issues.

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If you are contemplating buying a Brother cutting machine, DON'T. Impossible to figure out graphics and useless documentation and online support. I have been trying to download some simple rectangular labels for over 5 hours and cannot complete the work. I have the right file types and have been following the scant instructions to the letter. 400.00 dollars of pure frustration.


I was a little disappointed when an order, for parts listed as in-stock, turned out to be not-in-stock. However, they notified me of the error immediately and did ship my order within two days so, all was good.

I have since ordered from them without incident.

Also worthy of note, I am finding their pricing to be consistently better, than the competition, which is why I tried them initially.

Verified purchase

I bought two of the carbacaps about 6 weeks ago. I have yet to find a bottle they fit properly. The website is full of information about the long and boring history of the soft drink bottling industry but NOWHERE does it offer any real help such as "XYZ" is the bottle you need.

The photo shows the carbacap going crooked. The website says this is too tight but it leaks no matter how much, or how little, you tighten it. I've gone from barely finger tight to using pliers and it ALWAYS leaks.

And, FYI, I didn't start by using tools.

I accomplished nothing but make a mess of my kitchen.

Hopeless and useless.


I can wholeheartedly recommend Fastic as a way to lose weight.
I did not expect much, as I have tried many diets with poor, to no, results.
However, Fastic is as dead-simple routine and once you get a day or two behind you it is easier than any other method.
Basically it blocks out a certain amount of time every day in which you fast. During this time, you can have non-caloric drinks such as coffee, tea, infused water, etc.
When the "eating period" begins you can have whatever you want in whatever quantity makes you happy.
No calorie counting, no portion size, no approved foods, however you WILL find yourself wanting less.
I have been on this since December 27 2020 which as of today is exactly 100 days and have lost 25.6 lbs. That's slightly over 1 3/4 lbs. every week.
NOTE: The screenshot shows 95 days as I have taken 5 "Frosties" these are days in which you do not fast.
You can find it on the Apple App store and they also have a site at Fastic.Com


I've been buying all of my pet food from chewy for about 6 months now.

I am always surprised how quickly the packages show up.

The prices are very reasonable too given the high level of service they provide.


Mcmaster-Carr is what you get when you couple top quality products, super fast shipping and, outstanding customer service.

Yes they can be a bit pricey but, I doubt you will ever be disappointed with a purchase.


On September 8th of 2020 I took delivery of a new G4003G "Gunsmith" lathe.
This machine is LOADED with missing and defective parts. They did supply missing change gears within a reasonable amount of time but other defects such as:
Defective cross slide
Unusable steady rest
Unusable tool post
Defective graduated dials on cross slide and tailstock
Defective live center
Defective gears in quick change gear box
Filth and grit in all assemblies
And more, have gone with any resolution. That's now over three months and, at last count 75 email exchanges.


I have been getting my packages late recently and I was fine with that given the challenges of the Covid-19 issue.

However, I just ordered a "Prime" eligible item and was told to expect delivery in 6 days! It used to be, they told you the usual one to two day turnaround and, they did their best to meet that. So, why is it now 6 days?

I went back through the order process and found a new thing called "Prime Preferred Delivery Day" which had been filled in, without anyone notifying me" with Monday being my preferred day.

Without one to two day delivery the whole "Prime" thing is useless to me.


Unbelievable... I was just at this store (Madison WI Nakoosa superstore - April 12,202 5:30 PM) and found no wipes and no hand sanitizer. The cart had some sort of slimy gummy crap on the push bar and, when I was leaving, I asked guy standing in the exit area if he was aware that there was no sanitizer and no wipes. He shrugged and said "probably".



While I will admit that I have been one of Amazon's better customers, lately I am beginning to wonder why I'm so faithful to it.

First, the search function is nothing short of horrible. About half the time I have to stop and wonder what the he** the results have to do with my query.

Second, the "Prime" membership is being eroded away. At one time, whatever I ordered was delivered, in two days, no ifs, ands or, buts. Now however, it seems that as often as not, something will not be delivered when expected and sometime it is because the minimum order wasn't met.

Third, the pricing just doesn't seem to be very competitive these days. Recently I have been able to find better, often much better, prices elsewhere.

So, while I am sad to see this resource become a shadow of it's former self, it's the nature of things, right? Gambles, Sears, K-Mart, Woolworth, were all once in the same position and now are, either dead or, breathing their last.


I am trying to start a home based business and, for that, I use Autodesk Fusion360 which is a cloud based CAD/CAM program.

In order to use it, data must flow both ways freely but the upload speed is between. 00 (yes ZERO) and. 02 Mbps. That is far, far below what I am paying for and makes my expensive computers, CAD/CAM programs and, Internet in general USELESS.

Not only am I stuck at home but, thanks to AT&T, cut off from my work and the outside world.

I tried to upload screen shots showing the ridiculous upload speeds and, could not even do that.


I have had too many purchases in which I had to prove the defect then ask, and wait for, a refund.

All of this wastes time and energy for which you are not compensated and, after all of this effort, you are still without the product you wanted.

Until eBay does something to clean up the many shady vendors that sell there, every purchase will be a complete crap shoot.


One star is too much praise. Purchasing Bobcad software is, without a doubt, the most frustrating on-line experience I have ever had. While still in my trial period I received numerous requests to view live a demo of the software. When I finally accepted the "demo" person used a design that he was thoroughly familiar with to make it look easy and intuitive. Bobcad is anything but intuitive. I tried, for about a month, to get something going with it, and had virtually no luck. After this 30 days of trying, I was unable to create g-code for a single 3-D part. The online help materials seem complete but, they are not separated by version number so, you'll spend a lot of time looking and then not knowing whether or not the "fix" applies to your version. "Customer service" is often off topic and, even when you get an answer, you'll just be brought to a halt by a new issue as soon as you get back to trying to make a part. They also were unable to give me a post-processor that was suitable for my machine even though I supplied them with complete programming manuals. I made several attempts to get a refund and was always given a flat "NO". I taught myself CNC design on an old version of Alpha-Cam and am also proficient with Turbocad all without a minute of paid training so, I don't think my ability is the issue. I finally gave up as I needed to make some progress on my projects. I have now purchased a subscription to Fusion360 and, rarely have to look at the help menu as, it is very intuitive. After just three hours, working in Fusion360, I was able to create g-code for a 3-D part.
One more thing, they advertise that it is designed for CNC Routers which is what I need.


Over half of what I have purchased has been useless. The other half I end up getting refunds for as it is on perpetual backorder.
Save yourself the frustration and buy elsewhere

Katherine L. – Banggood Rep

Dear Kelley S,

Thanks for your recent suggestion on how we can improve.

We appreciate you taking the time to inform us of how we can better serve our customers.

Banggood welcome any of your suggestions, now and in the future. We want you to make the most out of our products and services, and make sure that you are always satisfied. For this reason, we will take in your feedback and ensure that we can work on improving the quality of the products we sell.

If you have any suggestions or require our assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us via these links:
Personal Computer:

We will give you a proper solution within 24-48 hours.

Best regards,

Banggood Team

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