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The Department of Health Region 10, Cagayan de Oro City's HR manager, a chubby big-boned sarcastic female HR is very keen on giving preferential treatment on applicants which she knows. The DOH Region X was hiring AIDS Society of the Philippines Assistant Regional Coordinator (ACR). They gave an exam and interview as if it was a fair hiring process. Even scolded one honest applicant and said that he should not copy the answers of the other applicant. He wasn't copying, he was only facing the direction where the other employee was. And if she could check the answers, it's not the same. Very gok-bu HR. Yoybabz

For a P26,000 net salaried job, that's pretty desperate and cheap to brawl for one job position. Really cheap fattie also. This is a proof that the government is still on the verge of its Political Dynasty-like attitude, which a spice of crab mentality, of course.

Tip for consumers:
Please do not trust this site. This is scam-centric.


Hi, I just wanna review about this dude lesbo from Cagayan de Oro City. She or he keeps on boasting her little car, toyota yaris that she earned it and that people should join. But now that's 5 years, all the promises she/he made are a bluff. Only the seniors get the benefit since they get income from the downlines recruiting. Royale even still has a pending tax evasion case. They boast all their possessions like the little Toyota Yaris cheap cars, little subdivision houses that they got from corruption.

I really don't think these companies are honest because they really would just like you to pay the membership fee and after that, they just don't care. They're the ones benefiting while new members are suffering.

They belittle your job now and boast everything that they bought and will tell you to quit your job and start recruiting everyone in Cagayan de Oro City. I really think this scheme is for stupid only.

It's a pyramiding scam and should not be supported, joined.


I was scammed by this Axa Philippines when I mistakenly thought that the agent that was scamming me was a licensed one, but no. He's just a friend of a real agent, Mr. Joseph Genson Pacatang who Mr. Jaramillo had a share of his incentives. So they had this deal that whoever Mr. Rick Anthony Rosal Jaramillo recruits, he gets a half share of the incentive. Now, when I successfully had my Axa policy and it was approved, I don't know where to go because Mr. Pacatang don't care about my concerns since he only got half of his incentive.

Also, they bought said that I get so many overpromised benefits which I didn't know were all bluff. That they said that the earlier, the better. But the reality is, that it is based on stock units/lots, NAVPU, if you will.

In fairness with Axa, they had a more misleading website, policy, and all that's Axa. For example, that there was a percentage of my premium that would go to my investment, but no, that was a lie as I always check on my account on a deep lie. After a year of paying expensive premium, only a thousand pesos plus (P1,000 plus) is on my investment. Axa is a scam and full of promises which are really misleading, it's company that grows with lies and snatches money from poor people like me.

Stay away from Axa, PruLife UK, Sun Life, and the like. Instead, invest directly from stocks or to bank UTIFs These bundled products are very dangerous.

Tip for consumers:
Please be careful with Axa, Sun Life, Pru Life U.K. and the like. Even networking companies too have the same scheme.

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