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I'm hesitant with this site. It started fabulous. You scan your receipts, get whacky fun surveys, see multiple opportunities for bonus earnings and then the E-mail wall happened. I give the reps 100% props for trying their hardest to appease all of us and maintaining us all those few extra months. I wanted to stay for you all are amazing! I just can't abide by no points for missed email glitches and suspicious fraudulent email activity that I honestly don't think you are all aware of yet. Give this app a whirl for added fun and small funds! Warning though, use an email you do not use for personal information and at your own risk. Eventually this team will work out all the kinks to get CoinOut fabulous again!


Not only do you spend 15-20 minutes on a survey, it'll often loop several times with the same questions before moving forward. Then, it says "complete" only to promptly go to "DANG" you didn't earn anything. The last survey I took was so anti-police and pro-protest that I was horrified! That was my breaking point. I come to these survey sites to earn extra change in challenging times. 99.9% are neutral and screen their surveys to avoid a pull one way of the other. I have never in 10+ years of doing these sites had a survey just take a hard turn like that one. I don't care who/what you support keep it simple and not narrow-minded! We see and hear enough of it on tv! I asked once to be deleted, a very nice woman asked me to stay and give it another try. Well... I did and no, nope, nuh uh, forget it I'm out. You have a looooong way to go with this site. I wish you luck and the best.

Mary G. – Thrifty Pig Rep

Hi Kirstin,

I followed up in a personal email and wanted to close the loop here as well. I sincerely apologize that you didn’t have a better experience on the site. I completely understand that taking surveys can be an escape and stress relief during these challenging times. Our team also agrees that survey topics should not promote a certain political agenda. I feel that the majority of survey programmers are sensitive in their handling of uncomfortable or controversial topics, but we are all human living through a particularly divisive and unusual time in US history, and it sounds like this survey may have crossed a line. I would just emphasize that survey topics on the Thrifty Pig site do not represent the political or personal beliefs of anyone on the Thrifty Pig team.

If any of our panelists have a negative experience on a survey (regardless of what it might be), we encourage them to bring the issue to us immediately so we can resolve it. We pride ourselves on customer service and providing a good experience for our panelists. If you send me information about the surveys you completed but didn’t receive payment on, I would be happy to make it right for you regardless of whether you continue with the panel. This will be our only comment on this thread, but you can reach me at Thank you for your time and feedback.




Scan your receipt, get a few cents. Look into (but you are not required to) their personal recommendations, their 6 in-store offers, online deals/offers, and/or super fun monthly quiz and earn a few more. Sign up for 'opportunities' and get a few bucks. The increments are small and it is slow-paced but for those of us who need it, it makes a difference and I am grateful.


The first few years I used this, it was great. I learned fast to get the 50 points five times a day then move on to other sites to not waste more time... The rewards came fast and there were only a few glitches.

Then... they denied my credibility by claiming my ip address wasn't in the US. I was in a southern state and the US VI for training. They locked my account w/ over $100 at that time and refused to pay me $50 for an at home item review b/c I took it out of my home state. I called a representative after training, he reactivated my account then promptly closed it when I cashed out. I called again, and reactivated it,... they denied my state was a state again and locked me out. After I talked to a person who passed elementary American geography, I was reactivated and have been ok now for 8 months.

Be wary when you get over $75. They go full blown sketchy. And they look at all your answers so don't fib/curse.


Tag the stores you shop at. Hook up your shoppers card to those that let you. Clip the coupons on the main page and it connects them to your stores. Keep in mind, the stores don't all have the same deals. Some stores have FREE items and others have HEY GET $. 10 JUST FOR SHOPPING. Not a big deal to some but it adds up fast for those of us who have to pinch pennies.
Recently the app went all Rakuten so you can even hook up to sites you shop online through. Grocery AND Online


They are limited to the number of "coupons" they give out. I'll clip it in the morning and it's gone by the time I go to scan the receipt in the afternoon. I can't wait to be able to cash out and get rid of this app. I have been sitting on $12 for near a year now and I can't cash out until I hit $20. You would think it's easy peasy but I don't buy the crap nor Uber expensive stuff that's offered/left. I'm also not a scammer who buys to get the money and return the item. So, I guess I'll just wait another year or two.


For some stores, this app honors its cashback/rebates. For me, ShopRite doesn't. Every time (12 times now) I contact customer service, they insist I am not following their requirements (even after I scan the item and it says "MATCH"). I send them an image of my receipt, my card #, a screenshot of THEIR rules and offer, the UPC of the product, ect. Then they send a generic e-mail in response and ignore me. I could've received $58 by now but nope, they give when and if they want. I'll just stick to printing the coupons and not even bothering with their app since they refuse to honor what they claim.


- 'paid inbox dollars' = your e-mail inbox gets SWAMPED with junk/virus-filled e-mails every time you click (it's thus NOT worth the spins - not $ - you get
- 'spins' mysteriously crash and time out after just popping open
- get $ on a spin - nope you didn't; just look at your $ amount up top, it didn't change
- surveys rarely, if ever, pay out what is stated if at all
- cannot cash out until you reach $30 (takes forever to get) and once you request a check they take a $3 'processing fee' - then try to entice you with $5 after (Really dude?!)


Earning and getting ahold of a representative (whom is VERY friendly and professional) is easy!
- It often takes 4 times for a receipt to upload properly.
- Points are very very very inconsistent.
- If this site could hook up to my shoppers club cards, it would be PERFECT and so much more convenient (and pssst Fetch, people couldn't be dishonest b/c you'll have proof)! ** Do this and I'll change this to 5 stars.

UPDATE: Your updates are finally holding on and working well. Thank you.


:) Earn for "to do" lists, browsing, watching, playing, buying, ect... Quick way to get some extra cash! Surveys do take a bit of time; videos sometimes crash; and cookies can swamp your computer down... so just keep an eye on things (ie - clear your cookies and don't run more than one video at a time on laptops or smaller devices).


At first it was eh. After one month, it was harder and harder to "qualify" for a survey. At four months, I tried to cash out my first $5... Then things got really fishy.

- You can spend a half hour on one survey just to: have the survey freeze, have a screen flash calling you "dishonest" for no reason, or earn a mere. O1.
- If you try to cash out for more than 1 gift card, your account is locked for no reason. Getting ahold of a representative is difficult; once you do, they just say, "you were dishonest/ you answered the survey too fast" - eh hem I'M PRETTY CERTAIN I KNOW MY AGE! - yes this is the question it locked on!
- It takes access of your webcam and microphone - keep your virus scan on!


I am still learning all the ins and outs of Coupon Cabin... I didn't get my sign on, nor referral, bonus two years ago so I stopped using it. This is my second chance. I am simply basing this review on my recent Customer Service interactions. They take the time this year to research my questions and concerns. They let me know the steps they take along the way and work hard to resolve issues.

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