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I am posting this review in hopes of warning others of a website that will treat you unfairly, threaten you if necessary and sell you cheap chinese items.

I had originally ordered a galaxy s5 wireless charging cover from them (around $50).
When I recieved the product a month later and opened the package it was a copycat case of the original with a wireless stick-on chip in the back of the case (something I could have easily purchased from ebay for $1).

Imagine my disappointment when I could feel the quality of the case was fake/shiney plastic leather (easily scratched, I know because I had a friend who got the official case). Disappointed but not willing to give up I put my phone in and put it on my wireless charging pad (works with my now new s7 edge). Nothing, I try making sure the chip is in the right place, nothing again.

I email them asking what's wrong. You can imagine my frustration as I'm sitting here trying to get my one and only phone (which runs all my work and emails from) to work after waiting a whole month for it to arrive.
They email me back very quickly with some tech support, at this point I have given up and ordered a new phone so I didn't reply for a while.

When I did I expressed to them my severe disappointment and unhappiness (which I was not rude in) they came back at me with store policy "Sorry this happened. Normally for any defects such as this we'll send a replacement or give an in store credit for the same amount if you don't want a replacement of the same product.".

Given no other option I go on their website to take a look. And what do I see? A phone case I recognise selling for $25 that I saw on ebay for no more than $3 or $4.

It is at this point in the middle of the email back and forth (and me trying to cash in my store credit) that I decide to leave a review here. It was not a nice review and they noticed immediately and emailed me saying "You will have to delete the untruthful Trustpilot review for us to continue any further discussion with you, if not we'll just leave it at that and end communication with you."

I must state at this point that in my original review I had said that I was led to believe the case was an original one only to to find out it wasn't when I received it.

Anyway. Under the duress of this threat of not receiving my money back or any sort of compensation I had to delete my review. After that they refunded me in full.

If I had ordered from ebay or even Amazon I have no doubt I would have recieved a full refund. Beware of their policy on unwilling refunds and questionable 'quality' products. And any of their 'other' websites as well (smartykoo).

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