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I like traveling, cooking, reading, try to do different things myself (DIY), i like browsing in internet.

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I know German, Russian, Ukrainian.If you want improve language, feel free to talk with me in Facebook :)


cooking, reading, traveling

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I'm an educator and also tutor elem subjects. I've been with TutorZ for over 3 years now and received 10+ new students from them. Yes, I've answered many tutoring jobs which did not pan out but I also pay next to nothing. $20 in 3 years...

The screening of students could be better though. I also have become almost friends with John who is my customer service rep.


The Kyiv Post website and news paper is one of the propaganda media of the Ukrainian government. They lie and distort the truth every day. I can tell because I live in Donetsk, the town besieged by Ukrainian government troop. According to KyivPost Donetsk was not supposed to be shelled. Bull$#*!. There is not a single day the Ukrainian government fires in civilians with their rifles, artillery and multiple rocket launchers. We stay every night in the basement and are scared to death.

And what does Kyiv Post say to this? We don't fire at civilians (lie). It's a terrorist cleansing operation. (So I am now a terrorist? Lie).

The one star for doesn't cut it. They deserve a negative rating. They are evil.

Tip for consumers:
be aware of their intent to manipulate you


I love this sharing service! This is great social. Everybody all over the world can comment, like and dislike your posts. Its great tool for people. Who are interested, if their ideas, posts are actually cool or not cool at all. Every day thousands of people view your content and you can find funny, useful and hilarious information. One guy posted his selfie before visiting the dentist with crooked teeth and then with beautiful smile. This is decision in his life he made and Imgur Community was very supportive. This is just amazing, how cool this is. In Instagram (sorry for compering it with Imgur) you can share your own photos and photos of your pets only with your friends. And if your friends are busy, you will not get any feedback :(. In Imgur everybody will see it!


Good website to buy and sell stuff. But be really careful. Do not buy things, that are not so good, because you can not return money you spend on them.


I wanted to rate this website higher. But have reading previous reviews, i just understood, that i missed this point about people can be really rood because of their anonymity. I would say, this website is nice approach for teenagers in love. This so mysterious to get questions from someone, who likes you and then keep in touch and maybe met each other some day. From this point of view the idea is not that bad.


This is a great free advertisement service. I use it to find potential clients and to post ads. It works good for me. For users is nice, that you can create ad without using your personal information. You will be contacted only with Craigslist email service. It helps to avoid spam. Great find.


Cool website. It is fun and easy way to learn languages. I think, it could be also more useful for kids and teenagers, because this service allows you to watch videos, while you can see translation. The goal is to feed your lion, so it is a bit childish :) But i personally like it a lot. English is not my native language and Lingualeo helped me a lot in English learning. I recommended it already to my friends and my mom. Now i would like to recommend this site also to Sitejabbers. Have fun!


I have a negative experience with them. My friend from Turkey wanted to change his flight and they allowed him to do this. He can not paid cash, so i give him my credit card. Turkish airlines charged not only for this flight, but also penalty for changing day flight, witch was not mentioned by them.

Second negative experience is Miles&Smiles business offer. It just don't work with cheap flights, you can collect miles only if you buy expensive flights. And this info you will not find in information brochure! I am disappointed, i spent a lot of time to create Miles&Smiles account and so on.

Service is nice, so i still give Turkish Airlines 3 stars.


I use it. But really i don't know, how to use it for attract more visitors to my website. You need to create a list of customers for them to use your content to send out to your contacts. It is not so useful, as i thought it can be..


This is social website for meeting each other. After some time there they want you to purchase VIP or purchase some features and so on. Design and interface are nice.


I can understand people, who love Instagram. Instagram shows level of love to yourself. Many of my friends have accounts and plenty of photos, selfies in the cafe shop, in the night club and even in the toilette :) Its doesn't work with me. It just not my service. I tried to use it for my business. It is useless. You can not open links in Instagram. Social for fun maybe, but 90% of this its about: Look! How nice i am. Look, how sexy i am. and so on.


I would not recommend this, because it confusing for me. I don't like the idea of this trees structure of my blogs and articles at all. Only for people with a patience it can work out. For lazy and dynamic people, who want keep it simple, it just not the right choice.


I posted constantly many of the ads and nobody has purchased anything, but still this advertisement site has a big potential. It has Page Rank 2 now. Well structured, good categorized. Maybe if they work only in United States and not over the world, it would be easier and better, i suppose..


I am using this bookmarking service over year, it doesn't give me any feedback. But still i hope. That in the future this service can be more useful. I can see now, that interface was changed recently. Not bad at all. Keep improving Delicious. Maybe you will impress me and other your customers some day.


I also like Buzzfeed (five stars)

Great design, not so easy to navigate and create blog. But its doable. Article, which i submit got many views. For articles with great content it is easy to go viral on this website. They have great blog. And i read all tips, how to make my articles go viral. Guys, it works! Even tips, i got their helped me to create interesting content. Let's Buzzzz...


You can create your blog, and for every article you can choose tags. Customers from Blogster can easy find your blog and even visit your original website. However rules are harsh, you can be banned, if you will don't spent a lot of your time on this website viewing and commenting other blogs. Too much effort to get visitors on your site or gain followers :(


I am native Russian, but i don't like this social. is more interesting, has more features, has nice design. My mother uses more often. I think, this social is not for teenagers and young people, but for people under 30-40 years. And its not only my opinion. But this social is useful for those people, who want to find their lost connections.


This site is a social media for everybody. I like this social a lot. I am native Russian and i find even more useful then Facebook. You can listen to music directly on, you can add your music to your board. It has great interface and is well designed. You can move massage box. And in Facebook you can not. You can add gifs. In Facebook you can not. I really want, that Facebook will so comfortable as is now.


I found this service by chance and i really like it. It helps people support each other social media account all over the world. You can spent some time to earn "money" and then you can buy likes in Facebook, re-pins in Pinterest, likes in Instagram and so on. If you doubt register or not. Register :)


I love new tool: you can correct and submit new translation, using your own opinion and experience and it makes Google translate more precise for future costumers.

And also you can type in search and click on the Tab button. Type word you need to translate in the search field. Its easy and useful.

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