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Former police officer and now self employed. I'm from Texas and spend several months a year in Australia.

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I'm good at recognizing scams and shady sites and people. Instincts are still in tact and sharp.


History, Writing, Genealogy, Investigation, Busting scammers but playing with them first!

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This is one of those companies that supposedly is like an insurance policy if you have problems with your internet service and covering all equipment and technician visits, blah, blah, blah. They claim to be affiliated with companies like Verizon and Comcast.

My sister signed up for our cable, internet and phone service and supposedly she opted for this "insurance" in case we have problems. They claim to cover computer tune up, virus removal and all that too. Anyway. I noticed on my sister's account that they billed her credit card twice in one month and I asked them why and they said "Oh, we must have let her skip a month" and she'd never asked for that to happen! So they must have done this several times over the year and had to refund her money. Refund or not this company cannot get their billing straight and they said "Oh, the system does that sometimes" and I said "That's unacceptable! You don't bill customers twice in one month without telling them and any transaction out of the ordinary should be discussed with the customer prior to taking place.

Stay away from this company! I've seen other complaint's on the web about them. Also Comcast told me they don't even know who they are and that the insurance through Comcast is only $2.99.


I ordered an Old Tupton Ware figurine from this company for a birthday gift for a friend in England and the item was delivered directly to her door in perfect condition and much faster than I thought it would be. Excellent company and I highly recommend them to anyone. I found them on and they have a 99% positive rating. I'm very happy with their product and service and will definitely use again.



I was looking for some online recipes using Hillshire Farms Sausage and I clicked on this website and the minute it loaded, it downloaded a TROJAN VIRUS. Luckily, my antivirus software caught it. Stay away from this site!

Also this site is listed in the google search as ( AGAIN DO NOT GO TO THESE SITES!

I've reported the site to google safe browsing.


Another winner of a site which is about information on plane crashes/air disasters but this one even has a section just for fearful flyers just to give those Nervous-Nelly's out there a little boost of confidence when flying makes them want to blow their biscuits or eat a handful of Valium. It's very informative and interesting. Oh, and this one even has a list of blacklisted Airlines in both Europe and the USA. Might be worth a look if you're traveling on an Airline you've never used before or is one you're not familiar with at all.


This is a really interesting website. I was just watching Air Disaster and the featured program was Fedex Flight 705 in which a Fedex employee lost it and tried to kill the pilots and crash the plane. I found the transcript for the flight and the story behind it here on this site. It also has many others in the database there so if you're interested, you'll find this site to your liking.


My boyfriend ordered a boat propeller from them and his order was shipped promptly and received as promised. Quality of product was great, they were there for him when he had questions and the prices were quite fair. He would definitely recommend the site to anyone. ;)


For those of you that live in or around Montgomer County, Texas, the Montgomery County Sheriff's Department has launched a database for anyone that wants to check on someone or just to be made aware of sex offenders registered within the county.

It never hurts to be in the know especially when it comes to our children and their safety.


I'm in the US and this is an Australian company (ordered for someone in Australia) and I had ordered the wrong type of liquor for a birthday gift and even though it was my mistake, by email, they switched it out for me for a brand that totaled a little more than I actually paid to begin with and waived the difference and they did it without any additional restocking charges or anything and the order had already been processed. Now that's great customer service!


I'm LMAO! Gotta coworker who hums, whistles or whines all day and drives you bat-$#*!, lol? This is the place for you! You can air your grievance and send it to them and they won't have a clue who you are if you word it right.

I had a coworker that had such bad B. O. that it used to gag us all! We left him a can of deodorant in his box and no one would sit in his chair at shift changes. Still, he didn't get the hint. I finally had to tell him he smelled like a wet donkey but I hated to have to do it cause he was actually a nice man but it had to be done. Wish this site had been around when he was!


I've used this site for 3 trips to Australia now and have had very good results. They have fairly good rates and everything has always ran very smoothly with my etickets and their customer service was good when I had to make changes to my flight except for one little snag.

Here's a little tip for you. If you have to change your flight, try going through your actual airline to make the changes because you'll find it's a bit cheaper than if you change it through cheaptickets. You'll likely still be hit with some financial punishment but cheaptickets was more expensive to make the necessary adjustments. Usually it'll cost around $250 plus any increase in airfare if there is any. But CT wanted to charge me $450 so I took a chance and called the airline and they took care of it all for me. Just make sure you have your booking number on hand.

Other than that, I've been very happy with this site and their service and I'm going to be booking with them again soon for Australia.


Well, since I'm in the process of making flight arrangements for a trip to Australia, I've utilized the multi airline search engines to find the best deal on my international flights.

I came across this website which boasts of a possible 70% savings over other ticketing/booking companies like etc...

I entered my info and wow! I found a pretty darn good deal that would have saved about $200-$300 over all the other companies.

Great! I was ready to book! Then I got a funny nagging gut feeling of impending doom and gloom so I decided to research them and check out any reviews and most importantly, check them with the Better Business Bureau.

It wasn't pretty! The BBB rated this company with a grade F. (Works like our report card from school, folks. A-F with F being the kind of grade that would get you grounded and in summer school if you'd been sent home to Mom and Dad with it.) So, I checked out even more review sites and only saw maybe 4 reviews that were favorable. However, the BBB showed that in some cases, the company didn't even respond to the BBB complaint/inquiry.

Seems the main problems with this company are hidden charges showing up on your credit card and costing you hundreds more dollars, etickets being improperly issued and not issued in some cases at all and very rude customer service when and if you're able to get someone to talk to you at all! To be fair, I will say I called and a representative answered promptly but still, the negative reviews say that you get the run around and one person was on the phone with them and it took 9 hours to get things straight and that they were hung up on several times.

So, fair warning here. Some people even had to close their bank accounts to stop the unauthorized charges. I'd steer clear of this one. Stick with companies like which I've used 3 times without any problem at all.

Perverted Justice

Heads up parents! If you've seen the show on MSNBC called To Catch A Predator, you'll see some familiar faces on this site.

Here you can read the sleazy emails these predators have sent thinking they're speaking with underage teens and their intent to meet up with them. You can also find out about their convictions and sentences.

It's a fairly simple site with few bells and whistles but they're not there for the look of their site. Most of these offenders were featured on the show. I personally love seeing the word "conviction" under their photos and I think most of you probably feel the same. This site is also good for parents to familiarize themselves with the predatory habits of these perverts and what to look out for when your teenager is online in those chat rooms and the like. Doesn't hurt to give it a little browse. You never know who you might find on there might just be your neighbor. The site has some good links as well to other sites dealing with this issue which could prove quite helpful for some of you in the long run.

Oh, and there emails on there from convicted predators because the people that run the site and volunteers pose as teenagers and they are doing their part to protect the kids out there and to get these pervs locked up. You can also volunteer to help in several ways.


This is a fun site if you're interested in where your money has been or where it's going... literally!

What you do is you can enter the serial number on your bills, all denominations, and if someone has entered this same bill into the site, it'll tell you where it's been. It's a fun tracking system.

I've gotten bills from overseas where military personnel had exchanged it for foreign currency and I got a dollar bill that had traveled all the way from Germany to me in Texas. You can start by entering your own and the site keeps a list of the bills you entered and you can track them and see where they're at whenever you want. I got one from Louisiana today that had traveled 421 miles in 4 days.

Some people order a stamp to stamp their bills with the web address on there to let others know it's been entered but if you're worried about writing on US money, of course, you don't have to. I seriously doubt the Secret Service is going to beat down your door for it but that's up to you. I've written the web address on many asked that they be entered. Some ppl don't write or stamp on it but it still may be in the database anyway.

Anyway, I find it fun and interesting and boy, do I need a life but hey, it'll work until I get one, lol.


I could not believe it when I saw Zoe who apparently either owns this business or works for them was spamming on sites like The Make-a-Wish Foundation and other sites designed in support of our military troops.

She's been spamming all over Facebook in the most inappropriate places. I mean, Make-A-Wish Foundation? A page in support of terminally ill children of all things?

I personally wouldn't buy anything from this site in protest of their inappropriate spamming practices.


I just saw this story on the news about this website. You can go to it prior to taking your vehicle in for repairs or maintenance and type in everything about your car and it's issues and it will give a an estimate that you SHOULD get. (Channel 13 Eyewitness new ran the story and they'll probably have something about it on their website.)

In other words, you will have a little insight or ballpark figure for what your repairs or maintenance should cost and then you can weigh that against the actual estimate to see if your auto repair is trying to stick it to you or not.

They also list repair shops in good standing, sort of a BBB thing. So, before you give into the grease monkey's, check this site out and get an idea of what you should and shouldn't be charged. Forewarned is forearmed!


This is such a cool site! Just about everyone likes M&M's and now you can put just about any picture on one side and your company name, bride and grooms names, kids names, or whatever you want on there.

It costs around $41+ for 3 7oz bags but these are really special and I think worth it. They have gifts you can put them in and send to someone and the like. A lot of people do it for their weddings and to advertise for their businesses. They offer a free bag when you purchase a certain amount. You can go to the website now and upload your photo choices and it will show you a preview. If nothing else, even if you don't order anything, it's kinda fun to play around with it.


I've used this site quite a few times for gifts and I order the gourmet popcorn on occasion. I would order it much more often but I want to keep my weight right where it's at and it's hard to put this stuff down!

I've tried many of their popcorns and I have not been disappointed even once. Their service was wonderful and everything I've ever ordered was delivered promptly and in great condition. This is just an all around great website that's been around for quite some time and the popcorn is sooooo good. They even have a sampler you can order and let me tell you, the chocolate drizzled popcorn is heavenly and even though it sounded a bit weird to me, I tried the peanut butter popcorn and it was really good! It's very easy to get hooked on this site and it's product!


I haven't tried this yet but I had considered it so I did some research on the product and I believe even as much as I hate shaving, I'll stick to my razor.

I read several stories about the products website and it seems that people are getting overcharged and when they call in to question or, they're told there is no information on the account. This apparently happens as well when they call to complain about the product and ask for a refund. One person was even told that there was no supervisor around so they couldn't help them.

I saw that some people loved the product and it worked well but no better than what you can find in the stores while others complained of their skin burning and that it didn't work all that well for them.

So, if you want to try this product, more power to you but I'd wait till it comes out and is sold in the stores being as I could not find one favorable review on the website for Depil Silk at all.


This is a pretty cool site where you can "Give a cop of Joe, to a Joe" meaning that you can join and you can adopt a US soldier and the company will send him a gift cards to purchase coffee, Iced mocha's and things like that being as they are set up over there with them on their bases and that. It's like the military version of Starbucks.

You can send them care packages and things like backpacks for injured soldiers that start at $11 and your soldier is yours until he or she is deployed. In fact some of the soldiers have talked about when they were injured their uniforms were cut off them and they had no toiletries and the like and were grateful that people had sent these back packs in and it was a great comfort to them. It's a great way to show them we've not forgotten them.

Read some of the soldier comments on the site. If you can't afford anything along those lines then you can simply write to them and try to help them through their time away from home. Their motto is "No Soldier should ever feel unloved" and I agree. There are a lot of ways to get involved and if you have a loved one overseas then you can sign them up on this site too.

Show our troops that you still support them and haven't forgotten them. I'm sure they can use the kind words.


It's pretty bad when you go to a link that takes you to a consumer protection site that contains a TROJAN VIRUS and hits you when you open the link.

I was following a link on an intriguing story regarding some kind of web scam and it brought me to the complaints board and immediately my virus softwear caught and quarantined a Trojan virus.

My advice; stick to THIS site if you want information on an online business or just to browse complaints. Even websites can be wolves in sheeps clothing so just stick with the tried and true sitejabber and don't bother with the

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