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I had a PetSafe feeder that broke down after eight years of use, so I ordered another on-line directly from the company to avoid the high prices at PetSmart. I was so thrilled to speak with someone who could speak English as his or her first language. The person gave me free shipping because I could not find anywhere on the site that free shipping was only for on-line orders over 50 dollars and not over the phone, I ordered on Monday and received my item on Saturday. Thank goodness these folks do not use UPS. It went from FedEX to USPS, was not happy the mail person left the box in front of my door without ringing me, and I live in an apartment building full of thieves. Was truly unhappy with the packaging (there was none) thank goodness the company has a 30 return policy which started when I ordered and there is a one year warranty on the product, so far the feeeder works great.


I had a horrible battle with Assurance Wireless for over a year. Every time I applied they would send me a new phone, not one I could use in my apartment (no reception). Why did I have to apply more that once, that is part of the whole ordeal I went through. The customer service over the phone is horrible, these folks know nothing. Going through facebook is a little better.

I sent back every phone they sent me (because I had my own that was approved for the service provider), except one because the package was damaged, called that in and gave the CS person all the information for that phone to be removed from my account. Well that did not happen.

With lifeline service you can only have one, the phone I didn't send back was automatically activated, how stupid is that! So I had 2 phones on my account, and kept getting shut down regularly. But no CS person could tell me why.

I finally contacted the BBB with the sad story (twice I had to do this), amazingly I was contacted by a Sprint CS person. And finally got my account straightened out. It was a fricken nightmare. Assurance is the lesser of all the evils in regards to lifeline service. And I've done a lot of research into what was available in my area, and I really liked my phone that I bought that functioned with the service provider.

Sprint owns Virgin, Virgin is part of Assurance Wireless. I love the BBB!


I bought a big ticket item online from target, and was happy with the product and the service. They do have some really good sales, I used to buy a lot more from this store but have gotten to the point where I have to shop at a store that's going to give me the best price for a product, even if I have to travel for it and it is not at Target.


I just hate the thought of shopping at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart online has an extremely wide variety of products I was just amazed. I just don't care for how they treat their employees, but I'm so poor I've had to resort to shopping at Wal-Mart. I vaguely remember them advertising how important products made in the USA used to be to them, but that no longer seems to be important. I guess that's how the company can offer such low prices on products.


Yelp is kind of annoying, it's only for local businesses and services. I would like to see the reviews for large businesses, like all the reviews for Shopko optical from all over the country. Not just my city!


The only thing these folks care about is money, and not the customers.


This site is just as bad as gamesgames.com and girlsgogame.com (same company), does not care about the customers.


EBay is OK, but I miss the days when I could pay with a certified check, money order, or cashiers check. I know I sound old; I've been paying my bills online in excess of a decade. I just don't trust PayPal; I was part of the first class action suit against PayPal, at the time with online only business. There was no way to take recourse against them, for any discrepancy in a PayPal account. So beware businesses that do business online only, there has been a precedence set; you need a CS ph. Number or snail mail address for customers. And folks always copy done the day, date, and time with confirmation numbers of any transaction.


I know these folks have an online store, the only catch with this is the restrictions on the quantities, and they do not offer everything being sold in the store. I really do love the store and all the products, although I have not ever tried to return anything.


I was subject to forced migration from DSL to Uverse. These folks did not notify me, and one day I just discovered I was cut off from Internet service. I was so angry and who of course can fight AT&T. I contacted the BBB got an immediate response from AT&T, so they gave me credit for being forced to take Uverse without notice. But still there is a problem, I got charged a full month of service for three days on my billing, have tried to correct this issue and have received no response. If you want to get past the first line of operators that don’t know anything or don’t speak English as their first language, ask for the retention department. So why do I use AT&T, because I will never do business with cable companies, and there is nothing else in the area where I live, I’m waiting for Google Fiber.


This site is just as bad as gamesgames.com and agame.com (same company), does not care about the customers.


Hulu is OK, and I'm saying this because my account is free, and sometimes I get to see really excellent things. I got a chance to see the first episode of WayWard Pines before it aired. Yes my account was free at that time. The Hulu site is so much easier to navigate than Netflix. On Hulu if you are having trouble locating movies, type in for example Lionsgate and up will pop all the movies associated with it. These are the movies you will not find on the surface of Hulu but still available through it.


I love the fact that I can order from their web site and have it delivered to my local store. And if I need to return an item I ordered from the website I can take it back to the store. I've also purchased an item from a Lane Bryant outlet store and was able to return it to my local store. Of course they have the best big girl fashions, I just wish more of it was natural fibers.


I love these folks, I have ordered from them many times and have had no problems, good products as well.


Done business with Amazon for many years, will accept returns without a fuss. Makes sure you get all your products as soon as possible. And have a really good product review system in place. I go here to research products. Remember if you buy something from an independent seller through Amazon don't expect manufactures warranties.


Something went wrong with my account I e-mailed these folks, received no return contact, did not receive a refund either. The US has two more game sites run by the same company. They are: girlsgogames.com and agame.com I suggest not doing business with any of them based on my experience, it’s your choice. There is no customer service by phone or by snail mail to contact. The headquarters are in a foreign country the address phone and fax can be found under a search for spilgames.com there is no customer service listed with that information as well.

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